Here we go again!

Another skin fair post! Yep.  This time I’ll be showcasing Akeruka, Jesylilo and Shine! WEEE!

Akeruka @ SF13

Akeruka is a skin brand I’ve been hoarding for a while now, I love their TDR skins so much!    This is one of their offerings for Skin Fair, with plenty more in their booth!   They provide a good choice of tones, and each tone comes with a range of makeups!   You can see that there is a nice plain looking skip and lip with just a hint of winged liner and then lots of pinky purples and even some oranges!   I love how clean the skin looks on me, the nostrils are love (I have a nostril thing) and the lips are a lovely shape,  I think I look adorable 😀

JeSyLiLo @ SF13

JeSyLiLo has this “Bella” skin at the fair, its only available in this one and with these three makeups.   A nice reddy orangey autumnal feel to this one with the eyemake up and lips!   I really love the plainish lips on these one and again the shape of them, pouty but not too much.   Make sure you swing by the booth and get a demo!

Shine @ SF13

Finally for today we have Shine skins!  Available in four tones shown above and with four makeups, these are my first Shine skins, but I don’t think they’ll be my last.  I am really loving the pale tone, but I do think that I will have to have a fiddle with my shape and sort out the lips, they look very different to my usual look!   I do love how juicy and glossy they look tho, and the deep smokey eyes are gorgeous.

I’m off out now to play in the snow (not really but I am going out) so enjoy the rest of your sunday ❤

Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child…

… Heaven has a plan for you… I love that song! Does heaven have a plan for me? I don’t know, I hope I get there tho.

Don't you worry, don't you worry child...

I doubt i’d get into heaven in a scarlet red sparkly mini dress, but you never know and it’s super cute, so I don’t care.   It’s new from Mon Cheri and you have options galore.  You can buy it in colour packs, and each pack comes with an ombre, a glitter and a plain version (via hud) or you can buy the fatpack that has all versions of all colours! I know which i’d choose.  You can’t see the back of the dress but it’s a gorgeous criss cross spaghetti strap junction back there, very sexy.   I paired it with some Jamman nails, that are now on their V3 release with new styles, new shapes and well, if you don’t own them you are missing out.. and my semi new Gos sandals, I don’t think I quite matched my feet, it looked ok on the screen but now I look at a different angle… I think I spannered up. sorry! 

I’m wearing an Elikatira hair, make sure you check them out before the sale ends, its looming… and a new JeSyLiLo skin, a few new skins out to celebrate Valentines day, this is juts one of them. A very pretty, fresh faced beauty with seductive red lips!

Have a good Thursday ❤


Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Hair: Elikatira | Conclusion | Blonde 02
Skin: JeSyLiLo | LoVe | Light Skin | J1BT
Dress: Mon Cheri | Cowl Neck Mini Dress
Nails: Jamman | Ultra Mesh Fingernail V3
Shoes: Gos Boutique | Grace Sandal | Black Patent
Pose: Adorkable

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if required/available

Day 30 of 365 LoTD

Today, I am dressed for rain.

Day 30 of 365 LoTD

Wellllll… that’s if you ignore the holes in my jeans :D.   These are the new Knotted Jeans from JeSyLiLo! They are so different, I love them!  They come in various different washes too, as well as a couple colours!   Also new for me is this gorgeous trenchcoat from Ricielli!  Yep, we’ve seen a lot of trenches lately, I love how these are textured though.  There are TONS to choose from, I picked my fave out of the whoollllle bunch tho, the Lemon!  It’s more greeny than yellow, but it comes with knitted bits and ugh I just adore it!    I didn’t really want to take off my Gos Mesh Feet just yet, so I kept them on and accesorised with Gos Wellies!!!

I feel kind of adorable, tbh!  More credits below ❤

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page


Hair: Elikatira | Found | Brown 05
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Leather
Skin: Glam Affair | Cassiopea | Artic 04
Coat: Ricielli | Trench Coat | Lemon *NEW*
Jeans: JeSyLiLo | Knotted Jeans | Dirty *NEW*
Hands: Slink | Mesh Hands
Feet: Gos | Barefoot
Wellingtons: Gos | Wellingtons
Pose: Adorkable

Circa for Cold Winter Nights Hunt!

I have sooo much Event blogging to catch up on, being back at RL work is kicking my butt… but I have managed to nab a picture to post today!

Circa for Cold Winter Nights Hunt!

There are so many awesome goodies in this hunt, as well a the Four Walls hunt that I blogged about just the other day (more posts coming, promise!) and these are just a couple!   The Lampost and Bench are Circa’s offering to the hunt, and are beautiful.

The bench includes 12 poses, both male, female and couples, all you need to do is take a seat and touch the left or right area of the bench to get the menu to pop up and BAM… change your shiz!   Not only does the bench come with poses, it comes with falling snow option! If you touch the baked on shadow (hidden here because you know, in world shadows) you can turn the particles on and off, you may see one at the front of the picture!  So if you haven’t started the hunt yet, make sure you do!   Circa is near the end, but you can check out the full list and details here, along with SLURLS!

Hair by Exile, Clothing by coldLogic, Boots by Lassitude & Ennui, Skin by JeSyLiLo

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

Winter Fair 2012!

Hello guys!  Winter is officially upon us, we even had Snow in my part of the world today.  The Winter Fair 2012 is almost upon us too, and there are a lot of goodies for you to purchase, some exclusive, some not, but I’m sure there will be at least one thing there you love and take home with you, I have just a handful to show you today:

Intrepid have a whole array of items out for you, in a whole bunch of colours!   The sets come with various items, including everything you see, clothes wise, here!   The belted cardigan is just too cute! With a great knit texture and slim waist belt, it compliments the jeans wonderfully, and each colour comes with a matching long sleeve teeshirt too.   The trenchcoat on your right is also super cute, I believe it’s a template item, as I’ve seen it before, but each one I’ve seen has it’s own spin, this chevron style texture is lovely!

Intrepid @ Winter Fair

Hair by Lamb & Clawtooth

The skin I am wearing above, and the close up below is the Winter Fair Al Vulo skin!  What a beauty!   A porcelain doll with perfect peachy lips, you also get the eyes included too, icy stare ftw!

Al Vulo @ Winter Fair

Hair by Clawtooth

I am wearing the long sleeve top from the Intrepid set with a mesh open cardigan from Dew, and with some UGG style boots from PiCHi!  The cardigan and boots both come in various colours, I just really loved the vivid red and the traditional camel style for the boots.  I wore them with some of my fave jeans ever, the Dingy jeans from!

Dew & Pichi @ Winter Fair

Hair by Magika

JeSyLiLo has at least 2 new skins there, with a gift too!   I really love the one on the left, with the subtle tears and red nose, and I really love the lips on the one on the right!  Both are gorgeous skins, a bit different but gorgeous.  I do love me some JeSyLiLo!!

JeSyLiLo @ Winter Fair

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page!

Monday Monday…

… yep, it’s MONDAY.. BOO HISS etc etc.

A couple new goodies for you today, and a lil preview.

First we have some new jumpers from Reila Skins! Obviously the store doesn’t just do skins, yayy! These are all chunky knit style longer sweaters, perfect for fall/winter and in very vibrant colours!   Wear them as dresses (like me) or pair them with pants, leggings, hell even a skirt and boots… whatever you choose to wear with them, they will make you look comfy and cozy and gorgeous!   I also wore a new JeSyLiLo skin with these, a pouty beauty in a pale porcelain wrapper, yay.   The hair is one of the 2 Collabor88 hairs from Clawtooth, rigged mesh and gorgeous as always, I particularly love the choppy bangs on this baby.

New @ Reila

Next we have the gorgeous Cullotes and Bolero set from R2, also available at Collabor88, it comes in all the painted desert colours and looks absolutely stunning.  The meshwork is amazing and the texturing matches in the amazeballs stakes, definitely some of my favourite pieces from this round, and again with the Clawtooth hair! SO PRETTY!  Also worn is a preview of the new skin from PXL, this one will be available at Around the World and the preview will come in two tones, four makeups each and various tattoo layers.

LoTD | 12/11/12 - Collabor88 Style

I have taken a quick preview snap, the skin reminds me of Kate in many ways, and I wasn’t sure it would suit me when I saw the ad, but it’s amazing what a skin can look like on a different shape, the same with a lot of skins actually, I was the same with the Jesylilo skin, the ad was lovely but not me… I wasn’t convinced it would look good, but it did!   Anyway, this skin is lovely, the shading is perfect, the brows are gorgeous, everything is as you’d expect from a PXL skin, I’m super excited for Around the World and you should be too!

PXL @ Around The World

All SLURL details are on the Store Locations Page!

Shhhh… It’s Sunday

So, here we are again!

We have two looks of the day here, in a bid to catch up on my bloggity blogging!  Both of them use the AWESOME new poses from Ploom that are out for My Attic, complete with Raven (or Crow?) Prop!   First up we have the gorgeous new dress from 22769 that is available for this months FAIR, a gorgeous, silky Mesh number that is strapless and sexayyyy.   Gorgeous.  I thought the colours were really vibrant and matched the Ploom skin available from Cinema perfectly, so I put that on too – It’s called Tragedy and it’s available in both black/red (eyes) and various tones!  Also seen are some ripped stockings that are also available at FAIR from So Many Styles, they come in various colours and on all layers plus tattoo, always a bonus, and one of the 2 gorgeous Clawtooth styles still available from Collabor88!  The gorgeous necklace is from Glow Studio and is available at Cinema too!

New @ FAIR & Stuff

This is my 2nd LoTD for today and is revolving around the Lazy Sunday dress from Evolve!  This Prairie Dress is so cute!  It comes in various colours and as it’s mesh it comes in various sizes too, I loved the Onyx, so that’s what I rolled with!  A cute short but sophisticated number with puffy arms and a cute collar!  I think it looks great with the My Attic Ploom Hair, yep Ploom have been SUPER busy it seems!  This bunches style gives a lil bit of sassy cute to my “I’m so innocent” look, right? RIGHT!  The skin is the Lazy Sunday item for JeSyLiLo and I am in love with it, srsly.  I don’t know if i’ll ever take it off (I will, I’m adding dramatic effect).

Lazy Sunday @ Evolve & New @ Ploom!

Both pictures utilise the Slink Mesh Hands, because they look sooooooo good, it’s hard NOT to wear them now.

**All Store/Event Locations are on the STORE LOCATIONS Page**


Hi everyone!  Happy Sunday! I hope to get a couple posts done today, but here is my target of 1 per day if I don’t manage it! WEEE!

This gorgeous new bed is from FAIR and is a collaboration between Flowey and Art Dummy!  It’s a seriously cute, but simple bed with various poses, all beautiful and with no broken limbs!  It’s only 7li too!  So not only does it look fabulous, it fits in without taking up too much room! A really stunning piece made in the simplest of ways but giving the hugest impression! I love pieces like this!

New @ FAIR | JeSyLiLo | Somnia

Also worn is the new Ploom hair from FAIR “5 More Minutes”.  A pony/bunches sort of updo that kinda looks like when I get up in the morning and I’m tossing up my hair to put my makeup on… and I am muttering to myself “ugh I wish I had 5 more minutes” so this one really hit home with me! Totally adorable and available ONLY at FAIR!  The skin I am wearing is the Lazy Sunday item from JeSyLiLo and is STUNNING for the price! Beautiful ruby red lips!

New @ FAIR | JeSyLiLo | Somnia

The shirt I am wearing is the Pinned Courtesan in Black, an oversized shirt that just fit right in with my “I wanna be in bed” look, from the lovely Sanura of Somnia!  Available in different pinstripes, and also in white, it also comes with underwear on both all layers, including tattoo, to hide your modesty 😛

** All SLURLS to stores and events are on the Store Locations Page found at the top of the blog **

Apologies for my lack of prim feet and ugly system feet in place here, NOTHING would attach to my feet AT ALL 😦

Playing catchup!!!

I have not been on SL for the last few days, so now I am having to play catch up before I get lost in a sea of OMG I WANTED TO BLOG THIS! So you guys get a pic heavy/text light(ish) post!

OK! First we have just a handful of the new tees available from BOOM!  There are 99 in total (YES, NINETY NINE) including countries, solid colours, skulls, motifs.. it’s just BOOM Tee city!  These babies are mesh and come up just under your bust/above your midriff, so they look super cute with jeans, or a skirt, or well.. anything really!  I  chose to show off the new Truth FADES with these in one of his new styles.   Yep, Truth has hopped aboard the fade train, much to everyones delight and as you can see there are a fair few to choose from!

New @ Boom | Truth

The skin I am wearing above, and shown here below is the new Gabriela Skin from JeSyLiLo, i’m not convinced it looks all that wonderful on me, but it’s a very unique skin imo, it isn’t babyfaced, it isn’t totally mature, it’s just… different!  It comes with the makeups shown below in both freckles and non freckled versions and you get some makeup layers (like the black lipstick above) and teeth etc to really make the look your own!

New @ JeSyLiLo - Gabriela

Also new from the skin world are these PXL Gacha skins.  Available in an array of fantasy themes/colours, these skins are really very sweet.  The top right reminds me of the Kate Vampire skin a bit, and the bright red one reminds me of a skin I wore about 7 years ago in SL from Nomine! I was red for quite some time!!!  Fantasy skins aren’t really something I have a lot of, but I am finding more and more useful as I try and branch out of my comfort zone a bit! at $L99 a play, can you afford not to grab a few?

New @ PXL Gacha

The Dead Cool Hunt starts today, and these are available from Cracked Mirror, 4 mesh motif tee’s, thankfully there was no spider one, or I might have had to punch cracked on the nose (with love).  I am particularly taken with the Zombie one! HE’S LOOKING AT YOUUUUUU!!!   I decided to cute it up a bit with the Ambrosia hair from LOQ that is availabe at TDRb.  The hair comes with lace bunny ears, NEED I SAY MORE??!!?!?  It’s not mesh though, so the ponytail might poke through your shoulder in certain poses (we have become spoilt, right?) but HI. LACE BUNNY EARS.  The skin is also from TDRb and is from Atomic!

New @ Cracked Mirror & TDRb

FINALLY!  The Mons dress from TDRb paired with the new Ploom hair!   2 new hairs from Hely today, two big and beautiful styles in all the usual colour combinations!  Both are mesh and both are super cute.  I find that Ploom always tends to satisfy my “not quite regular big but a bit bigger than big” hair woes, kinda fantasy big hair if you will! LOVE THEM!!!   The dress is super cute from MONS and comes in standard sizes and you will be just as dotty (har har) about it as I am!   I decided to finish off the look with the new Baiastice Bootie!

New @ Mons | Ploom

The Amina Platform Boot comes in both rigged and unrigged versions and in various colours, and four prints!  The detailing is gorgeous, the booties are amazing, and they will be on my feet a lot in the upcoming winter months!

New @ Baiastice

As usual, ALL Slurls are on the Store Locations page you can find at the top of my blog ❤



LoTD – Erratic Style!

Just a quick LoTD before I get my lil one off for her first afternoon of school! EEP!!! WHERE DOES TIME GO!?

Erratic have a new dress out and boy oh BOY it is a stunner.  The Abby Cowl Neck Dress comes in various colours and two options, you can have a glitter option, or a not glitter option but who DOESN’T love glitter? The texturing on this baby is AMUHAZING… Erratic has really nailed the whole sequined look to an absolute perfect tea, and I didn’t show you the ass on it but whoaaa mama, it’s makes your butt noticable, for sure… in allll the right ways.  I haven’t shown all the colours this time, but I plan on working this into as many pics as possible, because it’s just THAT good.

LoTD - Erratic Style - 13/09/12

The skin I am wearing is a lil different for me, but I like to try new things!  It’s the new Nana skin from JeSyLiLo!   It’s a superbly smooth looking skin and you get various addons like eyeliner and a few lipsticks with it, I think it makes me look more mature than usual, which of course isn’t true, BUMS AND WILLIES.. or something >.>

Hair is from Exile and is one of the newer styles, love this one… soooo gorgeously and subtley windswept.. perfect!   I also opted to wear the Seahorse Ring from Maxi Gossamer because it’s just TOO CUTE!!! and it matched my background.  I have grown to love prim nails and rarely take them off now!  I chose the metallics from Izzies for this picture!


Hair: Exile | Fade Into You | Autumn
Skin: JeSyLiLo | Nana | Lightskin J1 *with eyeliner black no1 & lips creem addons*
Eyes: IKON | Sunrise
Nails: Izzies | Metallic Nails
Dress: Erratic | Abby | Cowl Neck Dress | Silver Glitter
Ring: Maxi Gossamer | Seahorse Ring | Silver