Home is Where the What is?

Most people say heart to that, and it’s true… much like wherever I lay my hat… that’s my home.   I struggle in SL to find my “home”, I am one of those people that cannot landscape after 8yrs in SL, I fail at decorating, I buy a new house every week, I want to change seasons like I change underpants (careful there :P), back in 2004 I had a 512 mainland plot, that was my home and I loved it, it wasn’t much and it had a stripper pole in the middle of it.. SHUT UP, YOU DON’T KNOW HOW DEPRIVED WE WERE BACK THEN!  That was, and always has been my favourite, perhaps because it was my first, or perhaps now because I am always so overwhelmed by the options you have to decorate and landscape and make your home in SL.  Never-the-less, I try… but I don’t have anywhere to call home, I don’t have that one place I keep up and decorate around and I want that, so you will come along for the ride while I decorate a millionty and five houses to try and find my home.  I may only decorate one room, but hey, you’ll live.

This is the Savannah Cottage Home from Kudzu, a brand I have not been familiar with, but they seem to have a fair few homes to choose from.   This is one of the newer, larger homes and I wouldn’t call it a Cottage!  Cottages to me are quaint, with a thatched roof and an inglenook with horseshoes hanging on the walls and a roaring fire, at least that’s what my nans cottage was like, this is more like a mansion!   It’s a large, open home and comes in at 216 prims.  It has 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and a sunroom.  I set it up in my Turnips skydome (now updated with a HUD system, peeps! No need for a billion skyboxes anymore!) I put out my A.D.D Andel Lit Trees and my Sways snowmen and I got stuck in.

Kudzu - Savannah Cottage

It’s a fairly spacious affair, like I said, with an open plan feel.  The one thing I did not dig were the “main” doors, they were kinda see through, unless I just wasn’t loading right and they just didn’t look right with the house, but that could of been my issue, I couldn’t get on another viewer to test. But as you walk in you are hit with a huge open area with a staircase and a tiled area for you to place a kitchen, and in that tiled area is a little walk in cupboard! SO CUTE!   The sunroom is also downstairs and that is the room I decorated. But more about that below.  You go up the stairs and you are met with a fair spacious landing area, plenty of room for your pictures and decor!   There are then 2 fairly medium sized bedrooms and 1 large, along with a good sized bathroom.  It’s a family home, or a home for a couple who want an office and a spare room, or well a singleton that just wants ALL THE SPACE.  It’s very pretty and not overly expensive, you should check it out!

Kudzu - Savannah Cottage - Inside

Welcome to my sunroom, which I turned into my mini Christmas grotto.  I had to rez my What Next Christmas Fireplace, it’s one of my favs!   With a roaring (and sometimes spitting) fire, stockings, pinecones, and frame with christmas cards hanging, it’s just divine!  I also decided to use the What Next Present Pile!  It’s animated with various animations and is a gorgeous photograhy prop, much like a lot of What Next items!    My other favourite thing this year might be the Trompe Loeil Tree!  It’s so minimalistic that it just had to come out.   I wish I had this tree in RL, it would look sparse but be a lot less faff!    I chose the colourful option, but the more refined of you might enjoy the gold/silver version.  The hanging star lights you also see are from Trompe Loeil and come in many colours and 3 lengths of hanging per colour.  I just love them!  They make it all so perfect!  Circa is still going with it’s Advent countdown, and the cookies that I put out for Santa and the cute little shelf with candy cane covered Cacti are just 2 of the wonderful items you can get from there, as well as the lovely vase of roses with red bow on the fireplace.  I am no decor queen, but this does look kinda cosy, I like it.

Beginning to feel a lot like CHRISTMAS


I am not the worlds greatest landscaper, decorator or blogger of homes and gardenware, but I am going to try it a bit more often, please do shout if you see anything I’m doing super wrong, anything you’d like to see blogged, or just with any hints and tips ❤

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available.