Baby, it’s cold outside..

.. and what better to warm your cockles than a new round of C88?! I’ve mixed and matched a few items here, so bear with me (I also used the new LL Beta Viewer to try out pics, not convinced yet but who knows, I like being to use ambient occlusion again!)

I found a doorway, was it to Narnia?  It was to MY Narnia, or was that Nirvana? I wish it was THE Nirvana, but ho hum, you can’t work miracles, or can you?

Trompe Loeil - My Door to Narnia

This is my new, and wonderful home, the one the door leads to, or from.. depends on which way you’re going, I suppose.  It’s the new Frostbite Cottage from Trompe Loeil for this months Collabor88 and boy oh boy, it’s a beaut!  It’s mesh (obvs) and CUTE. LOOK AT IT.   It’s not huge inside, more like a hideaway cabin, but I love that it comes with it’s own fresh snow and snow covered pine trees, and inside a beautiful fire to warm you up!   I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of Trompe Loeil, I almost squee’d my pants when I saw this, true story.

Trompe Loeil @ C88

Circa also have a lot of hoilday items out at the minute, including an advent calender too!   This fireside table and comfy looking chair are among my favourite of the larger items, so I positioned them careful so I could stare out of the window, incase there were.. you know.. vampires or wolves about… so I could just get naked and wait.. figure out how to protect myself.

Circa Stuffs

Circa meets Trompe Loeil here!  The other C88 items from the Trompe include chairs, and a loveseat, in various colours to match the palette.  They are comfy, and gorgeous and are definitely something you want in your little loveshack or getaway.  I paired them up with a cute frosted mirror, and a few hanging pine decorations as well as a celestial side table and a noel candle decoration item from Circa!  I couldn’t find my table, so it lives on the floor, you’ll understand, right?   You have to visit both C88 and Circa to get your hands on these babies!

Circa meets Trompe Loeil

Here is a little something I threw together with some close ups of the gorgeous array of Circa going on in my Frostbite Cottage!  You’ll agree it’s all adorable and it’s the little touches that make it worthwhile!

Yule @ Circa
Now onto my other fave thing.. My C88 LoTD!!!  I do love when a new round starts and I can play dress up for a while, especially because I love everything at C88, always, without exception (ok a few times there are exceptions, but not often!).  Fashionably Dead came up with a GREAT item/s this time around!  You get cute lil collared long sleeve dresses and Sweaters that fit over them! LIKE SNUG FIT!! Ugh so in love, you can wear as separates too, but I love that these fit together like a jigsaw, LOVE!   I chose the yellowy colour and paired it with a black sweater, to compliment my Vail boots from Hucci! Shown here in Midnight, also available in Alpine, that is referring to the fur colour!  Also worn is one of the 2 new Wasabi Pills styles.  This is version 2, which comes in a lil pony, version 1 is free flowing down your back! Both very gorgeous.

LoTD - 08/12/12 - C88 Style

Also worn are the gorgeous mesh La Gyo earrings, and of course, one of the new 3 Frostbite Glam Affair Skins! La Gyo have various items out for your perusal, but I love these earrings! So cute and colour change too! YAY!   The skins, as you can imagine, made me fall in love.  You can get the three looks shown below, I don’t know how you’d manage just one tho!  I wouldn’t be able to resist the rosy cheeks, the icey eyes or the kissable gloss on any of the three!

Glam Affair @ C88 - Dec

More to come on Collabor88, but I hope you liked the above items for now! Except this tree, which is so cute it deserves to be here (Circa.. go! NOW!)

Circa Tree

*SLURLS, if available, are on the store locations page 

Inspire Me: Week 1: Wednesday!

So, over on SLBlogger Support, there is a challenge of sorts, it’s called Inspire Me and we are currently on Wednesday of Week 1! I had hoped to make this a daily challenge but I think I will use it for what it was meant for, to inspire you on days where you’re just like.. WHAT DO I DOOOOOOO???

I was sorting my inventory, lost in a sea of UGGGH WHAT IS THIS, WHERE IS IT FROM? WHEN DID I GET IT, WHAT DO I DO WITH IT, and other common inventory sorting woes, and I came across this Trenchcoat from NiNight Designs.  I admit I didn’t know I had it, that is how out of control my inventory has gotten lately, I need some solid time to sit and sort, and I got a fair bit today in a short amount of time, so all is good!  Anyway, I thought this coat would fit in perfectly with today’s inspiration theme:  Favourite Things to Do on a Rainy Day!… one of my all time fav things to do on a rainy day, is put on my coat and just walk, walk in the rain… ok after a while I get fed up of being wet and I might put my umbrella up and eventually I will think WTF I HATE RAIN… but the sound of rain comforts me, it soothes me, and I like to just wander in it, of course it soon gets tiresome, like one day of rain a month is enough to fill up my quota thank you very much, but it’s still one of my fave things to do on a rainy day: go for a stroll, all wrapped up and cosy.

Inspire Me: Week 1: Wednesday

Also seen in this picture are the TDR items from both La Gyo and YS & YS!  The skin is a pale beauty and comes with half body freckles, which I put on to give me a slightly more innocent look, the pearl necklace is a beaut! A timeless classic.   The hair you can see is the Alice Project Grace Hair, it’s a HUNT gift and is situated in the main store and comes with two colour huds!! Do love me a gorgeous freebie hair, especially Alice Project ones with all the HUDs I own! YAY!

So there you go, this was my inspiration for today, thanks SL Blogger Support for a wonderful idea! ❤

Any SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page

C88 – Take TWO!

I am BAAAAAAAAAAAACK, this time mainly with a focus on some of the awesome C88 Jewellery you can find!  It’s not all of it, I haven’t rounded everything up yet but oh boyyyy, there are some goodies you are going to love!

These three items are available from Maxi Gossamer. OH GOSH, I CANNOT EVEN.   They all come in three different sizes/lengths and are some of the best prim work I have seen, ever… except for the other stuff I am blogging and other MG stuff… you get the picture.  They are just, look at them!!!  There is a set of angel wings, an owl and a butterfly.  So finely detailed, so *beautiful* that I actually went :O when I saw them.  I love the options of the length of chain too, all these are short options

Collabor88 - Maxi Gossamer

Next we have some items from La Gyo!  The flowery goodness is adorable, you get a necklace and a ring!  They are colour change on click too!  There is also a matching headpiece.  The chain links on these pieces may be a bit too big for my liking, but the workman ship is just fantastic!!  The Cherub set is my fav tho, the ring makes my day!  You can also get earrings too!  It’s *so* realistic looking it’s scary!

Collabor88 - La Gyo

Finally we have Carolines.  Always classic, always timeless, always fantastic.   These sets (there are earrings) come in three colours, I think my fav has to be the Gothic black/red look, but the pink one is cute too!  Hell, it’s ALL cute!   These are stunning pieces with intricate detailing and work and they will make a perfect addition to a fancypants outfit, or if you fancy greeting your man/woman with nothing but a smile.. make it a smile and one of these ❤

Collabor88 - Carolines

TP to Collabor88

Baroque Madness!

HALLO.  C88 has now opened its doors and the place is bursting at the SEAMS with goodies.  I bring you just a few.. for now.  I’ve had so much fun playing dress up!

First off two new hairs from Elikatira! WEEEE!  This is Thrive and might be my most fav hair ever (this week).  It’s a very Jessica Rabbit style hair (sorry), very sultry, very sexy… totallyyyyyy gorgeous!  It’s mesh, it’s great, it’s only $L88 while at C88!!!!

Elikatira - Thrive - C88!

I also found, Found! arf arf.  This is the 2nd style, and it’s a gorgeous messy updo/twist/thinger… I dunno how to describe it other than BEAUTIFUL.  I always say non banged styles make me look a bit odd, and they do, but I will sacrifice it all for love.  Totally adore this style!!

Elikatira - Found - C88!

This is a collection of some of the stuff you can get in one awesome look!   The hair is from D!va and unnnfff, I can’t get enough of ALL THE C88 HAIR!!!  This style is lovely, and it comes with the headband, but the headband ALSO comes with jewels on, I hid them.. because you can!  But it has gems and pearls on it, if you want, that are colour change.  You can also hide the band as well as the gems!    The dress if from U.F.O and is absolutely gorgeous, I did find all the sizes came up a bit.. odd on me, but that didn’t stop me from whacking one on, but please DO demo.  I also put on two of the LaGyo offerings, the Cherub ring and earrings. Oh my gosh, the amount of awesome in these pieces I cannot convey, I haven’t done a close up because I plan to do a feature on them but the detail? Stunning.  I have no words.  Skin is from Glam Affair on all the pics, btw!

C88 - Baroque - D!va | U.F.O | LaGyo

Finally we have a look at the skybox from Barnesworth Anubis!  Very lush and grand, totally not Willis at all, there are no pants over the floor… yet, I didn’t want to de-class the place so soon!  Everything you see is bloody amazing, including working lights and animated chairs etc.   It’s a beauty to behold, probably a bit upmarket for the likes of myself, but it’s so stunning, so much detail and work for such a reasonable price! I CAN’T EVEN PROCESS.

C88 - Baroque - Barnesworth Anubis

TP to Collabor88
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