LoTD – Day 15 of 365 and THEN SOME!

Stuff, I have new stuff!!

Day 15 of 365 LoTD!

A quick LoTD today, one where I wanted to showcase my new top and boots!  The top was part of last weeks FLF and if you didn’t get it, I’m sure it’ll be out full price soon, if it already isn’t!   I picked up UK, USA and Spain, obviously I am wearing the UK one here.   The boots are new for L’Accessories from Lassitude and Ennui and are called “Lazy Boots”!   A flat, slouchy pair of leathery goodness for your peepies!  They come in various colours, but I thought Black would compliment my outfit more.   The necklace I am wearing from MONS is also new for L’Accessories and is a Lions Head, very detailed mesh item that you can have in Bronze, Silver and Gold!   Matching Earrings and Rings available too 😀

Also worn is a new Exile hair, and some H.O.F shorts along with a Glam Affair – Amberly skin, more about the hair below!

Glam Affair have released a bunch of goodies lately, I recently blogged their Zoya Headdress, now it’s the turn for the Mesh Liners! I am not a girl that thinks to accessorize often, because I feel I don’t do it well.  Mesh Liners are one of those things I dread, because I can never get them to look as great as everyone else!   These are super easy to fit though and are a nice addition to your facial unit.  I prefer to think of them as lashes rather than eyeliner, and pretty ones at that!  There are various styles available, with just 8 shown below ranging from gem studded all over, a lil flick of gem in the corner, pearls and actual studs!!  Definitely must check these out, really great for pictures!

Mesh Liner @ Glam Affair

Finally, Exile released three new hairs! Little Talks, Stay the Night and Don’t Wait!   I don’t think I have a fave, because they’re all so lovely!   But I am quite partial to Stay the Night, the way it just lays over your shoulder and is a bit poofy on top, like sexy bedhead… but a lot better looking.   But whether you want a long ponyish style, the tidy bedhead, or a simple long style… you are going to find all you need at Exile!  If you don’t like this release (hi, you will), you are bound to looooove something else there for sure!

New @ Exile

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page 

Credits for LoTD

Hair: Exile *As Above*
Skin: Glam Affair | Amberly | Artic 12
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | City Lights | Green
Necklace: MONS | The Lion King | Silver *L’Accessories*
Top: Miel | Punk Racerback | UK
Shorts: Color.Me.H.O.F | Tailored Shorts | Black
Nails: Izzies | Metallic Nails
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui | Lazy Boots | Black *L’Accessories*
Pose: *Frooti

Happy New Years!

Ok, this is the last post of the year, definitely!

Happy New Years... Eve!

How better to send out the old year and see in the new than with a fancy new dress, a glass of bubbly, a new do and some words of wisdom?!   The wall hanging is from What Next and is the New Years VIP Gift!  It’s so cute and it also comes in monotone too, if you’re not a colourful soul.   The pose and glass is the VIP Group Gift from STATUS Poses and is very cute!  I couldn’t help but whack on a smile and scream BOTTOMS UP!   My new ‘do is from Alice Project and I am normally not sold on Bangless hair but this was too sweet, with cascading curls, it was definitely going to be on my head.   I also put on the gorgeous new dress from NiNight Creations, more about that below tho.  The necklace is from Yummy and is still available at Collabor88, but only for the next few days, so shake that ass and get on over there!  You can get it in three metals and with matching rings and earrings.

Close Up of Happy New Years... Eve!

In the close up you can see I am wearing some wonderfully delicious earrings.  They are the HANDverk items for L’accessories and they are just SO GORGEOUS!   I chose the “toothsome” colour range, which is a bit multicoloured and matched ALL of the outfits I threw on, including my gorgeous eye makeup from the lovely Essences Maria Skin, I do look cute if I say so myself!

Finally here is the dress in all it’s colourful glory!  These gorgeous Butterfly Dresses are stunning and come in so many vibrant colours, it was hard to choose a final colour for my main pic! I really love the bright limey colour, as well as the understated charcoal, a party goers winner, this beauty!  The pose used in this picture is from aDORKable!

New @ NiNight Creations

This is it from me, until 2013 now, so all have a wonderful evening! ❤

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available!


..and there are still so many things to buy!!

The new round of FAIR is almost upon us, peeps and let me tell you there are some FANTASTIC items this time around, as with every other time!  Two of my fave items so far to come out of there have to be this fantastic shelf from Cheeky Pea, and the dress from Geometry.   I can’t get enough of this shelf, srsly.  It’s a bit larger than I expected it to be but if I used my noddle and noticed all the awesome stuff on it, I’d have realised!  More about the shelf below, let’s focus a bit on the dress.  It’s SO pretty! I chose the Coral colour to wear, but it’s available in many more, a really slinky but well covered up piece that leaves the imagination ticking but makes you feel incredibly sexy too!

LoTD - 17/11/12

I wore a couple of accessories from HANDverk with my look, their recent release has been centered around Artists goods, ranging from an Easel to a Clutch, these divine Earrings and now this Necklace!   These works of art are truly just that, works of art.   The earrings are little paintbrushes and are available to match the colours of the other releases, and they are only at FaMESHed at the moment,   the necklace has been released for L’Accessories, and it’s a corded style necklace, with the palatte holding it together.  I chose Autumn colours, but there are few to choose from and I doubt you will be disappointed!

New @ Handverk

Back to the shelf! LOOK AT IT! I put together a small collage of the awesome details you can find there.  A row of poloroids for you to fill in with your own memories, including a cute spare peg, jars sliding towards the end of hte shelf, books galore, a lamp that has a plug attached below the shelf to the wall and of course, in a certain state, horseshoes!  It’s full of wonderful little finds and it’s a great centrepiece/discussions piece for any room of the house! Maybe no the toilet tho.

Cheeky Pea @ Fair

Finally, nine… yes NINE new hairs from Alice Project for Around the World!   A variation of styles from long to short, sleek to a bit more bouffant.  These styles work on the Infinity System but each hair comes with a Mini HUD so you get a great option of colours including solids, two-tones and dipped!  I can’t pinpoint my fave because I love them all!  Alice has gone to a lot of work for these event, and that is clear with these gorgeous styles.   Also worn in the picture is the Haste MicroKini available for Around the World!

Alice Project @ Around the World


All SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page!

LoTD – 18/09/12


Todays post de jour is a LoTD including some new, and awesome items!

The boots are new from Lassitude & Ennui and are this months L’accessories item!  They come in a range of colours and are meshy, yayyy mesh!   I absolutely adore these, Jackal seems to always make stuff that is sexy.. but still chic and stylish.

The top is from Sn@tch and is one of the newer items, it’s not mesh, it’s not sculpt, it’s plain old texture and goes to show that texture can still = sexy!!
LoTD - 18/09/12

The rest of the look is comprised of items that are a bit older.  One of my fav hairs from Wasabi Pills, and it’s an old FLF item and of course one of my FAV EVER jewellery pieces because it contains green and pink in the same place, it’s the Pearl Necklace from HANDverk, and it’s an old L’accessories item.

I got the shorts from Ducknipples Marketplace, they’re mesh and yummy and come with a colour change HUD, although I do find DN mesh to be a bit hit and miss with me, I had to adjust my legs to fit these and the legs STILL look too wide on MY legs, so who knows, I didn’t have time to mess!!

I’m still wearing the new Izzies Faith Skin in Sunkissed, I have to venture and try another tone soon, but for now, I’m digging this one!

That’s about it ❤


Hair:  Wasabi Pills | Brigitte | Vanilla Pudding *Old FLF*
Skin:  Izzies | Faith | Sunkissed *NEW*
Lashes:  Celestial Studios *No Longer Available*
Eyes:  IKON | Sunrise
Top:  Sn@tch | Vicious Sweater | Pink *NEW*
Necklace:  HANDverk | Pearl Necklace | Pink/Silver *Old L’Accessories*
Shorts:  Ducknipple | Cargo Shorts *NEW*
Stockings:  Canimal | Ripped Fishnets | Black *No Longer Available*
Boots:   Lassitude & Ennui | Phoebe | Black *L’Accessories*
Pose:  *Frooti

Happy New Hair Day!

Yesss, it IS the opening day for The Arcade, but I am putting it off until it’s died down a bit, so here I am with some new hurrrr!

Three new from Exile today! Release Me, Heartbeats and Turn the Page!   All long styles this time around with hints of waves and curls!  I am really loving Kavar lately, he’s releasing some stonkingly wonderful ‘dos!  Release Me is a longer style over the shoulders with side swept bangs, perfect for casual or smart!  Heartbeats I have chosen to show from the back, because it’s just so pretty from there as well as the front!  Turn the Page is also gorgeous with it’s full look and blunt cut full bangs!  Three great styles!

New @ Exile

Truth also released 3 new hairs (you boys and your threesomes! :D)  This is Rory, Skai and Winona!   Rory is a rigged ponytail, long and full with some long, side swept bangs for you and the other side tucked neatly behind the ear, cute!  Skai is my fav and is just a big old BOW style hair do, perhaps not totally doable in RL, at least not for MY hair, but this non rigged beauty is a must for a cute cute CUTE look!  Winona is also non rigged and is a loose and messy chignon style bun!  Again, three gorgeous styles from Truth!

New @ Truth

The skin and dress you see in the above pics are the TDRb offerings from MONS!   They are the shop of the collection this time around and the dress can be found at TDRb and the Shane skin at the MONS main store!  I love MONS skins, they are always so bright and beautiful and make me look sexy and cute at the same time!

Finally, new from Glam Affair for L’accessories is this collar! It’s available in 8 different colors, I have shown Taupe!  Each pack comes in two versions, with silver and with gold studs, only just under $L200 each!  Very pretty and perfect for dressing up, or just wandering about naked looking chic.  Guess which one I did 😀

Glam Affair @ L'Accessories

That’s all for now ❤