TSG – Bunny

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of myself in the new TSG (The Sugar Garden) Bunny Skin!  We have had sneaky peeks with various skins but the proper range is now out.


Shown here in X tone, the skin comes in various natural tones.  Each skin comes with bust/no bust options, teeth/no teeth options and red, brown, black and blonde brows, as well as a no brow option if you want to add your own!  You also get the option of soft or toned tummy.

You can get ALL the appliers at the main store, including Loud Mouth, which I have worn with the skin because I think it’s cute, I chose vamp teeth, RAWR!

If you feel like it, you can also Demo the Bunny shape while you’re there! Visit TSG! ❤

On Safari with The Boutique!

I haven’t been logging in much lately, and I know TLC’s The Boutique has been running a while, but I wanted to show you some of the fabulous Safari themed items available!  I hope you like!

The Liaison Collaborative - Boutique - Safari 1

The first look I put together uses both the gorgeous Rebel Hope dress, and the absolutely stunning necklace from Half Deer (more about that at the bottom of the blog).   The dress comes in various prints/colours and is a stunning little number with a cut out strappy back and a ruched slightly dropped front, it’s absolutely sexy and sweet and is a must have from the event!   I’m also wearing hair from Lamb and the LDF skin from Pink Fuel!

The Liaison Collaborative - Boutique - Safari 2

The second look utilises the peplum dress from Cracked Mirror!  A hint of Safari in this one with just the little ruffle pattern, simple but still stunning.   It comes in various colours, I opted for a lovely orange as it reminded me a bit of a tiger AND it matched my new D!va hair from Collabor88.  The skin is Harley from Pink Fuel with a couple of tattoo layers to match the outfit, and of course slink hands and appliers.

The Liaison Collaborative - Boutique - Safari 3

The third look clothes wise I dragged with me from The Boutique were these tops and skirts from 22769!  Paco and Manu always do so much for their events, and there are other items there, I just fell in love with these.  I love the criss cross top and loose linen style skirt, they come in three tones (except the top comes in light and dark khaki) and I have mix and matched them here, but you can, of course, wear the matching colours together too 😛  Skin again is Harley from Pink Fuel and the hair is one of Truth’s newest releases, a lovely loose bob!

The Liaison Collaborative - Boutique - Safari -  Half Deer

Finally a close up of the Half Deer Savannah necklaces from The Boutique.   The workmanship is top notch, the texturing is superb, and you can see they come in both ebony and wooden versions for all four animals.  A cute cord necklace with beads and animals.. what more could you ask for?!

Go on Safari with The Liaison Collaborative


I know by now you’ve seen the new Pink Fuel Skin – Harley over a billionty and four times, but here I am in it, and that’s unique, RIGHT?! RIGHT!!!

New @ Pink Fuel - Harley - Light Tones


Harley comes in 10 skin tones, with the four lightest being shown here: Porcelain > Ivory > Vanilla > Peach!  So whether you are after a pure milky white or a darker ebony, there is almost definitely a tone for you!   The shading on the body is first class, as with all Pink Fuel products and I couldn’t find a seam in sight!   Each Base Skin for just $L1000 comes with 2-5 brow colours (shown below) including no brow, Freckles: full face, across the nose (lt, med and dark – also shown below), Three lid options (a, b and c), 2 shapes of brows, optional button nose tattoo and blush!  You can then buy makeup addon packs including shimmer shadow, vivid shadow and lipstick, with a bonus additional sheer  gloss lipstick only available in a fatpack (others are available as separates!)  You can also get slink appliers, as you see I am wearing hands and feet in all pictures, which is unusual for me cos i’m TEH LAZY!

New @ Pink Fuel - Harley 1

I have mix and matched ALL makeups above and below, above you see the vivid eyeshadows mixed with the Harley lipsticks and below are the shimmer shadows mixed with the bonus fatpack glosses!   With each eyeshadow you get a regular shadow, a winged shadow and then both versions of those with a monolid option too!   There are tattoos GALOREEEEEEE, wonderful for mixing and matching though.   With each lip tattoo you get a lipstick version and a mouth version, I have mixed and matched those too, so very pretty.   Such a mix of colours from nude peaches to vivid reds and back round to pinks and purples, a mix for all!

New @ Pink Fuel - Harley 2

Below I am showing the button nose with freckles tattoos in all versions > nose > light > med > dark.  As you can see even the dark freckles aren’t too much, and the lightest is just a mere hint, I really love that.  I do love freckles in SL and they are always a MUST GET if a skin has them, or tattoo versions available, and I love how subtle these ones are.

New @ Pink Fuel ButtonNose/Freckles

These are the brow options, on the side to the left you see the two versions of brow you can get, a sweet version and a slightly more arched version, then to the right you see all the brow options including no brow!  I have also showcased all three lid options (a, b on the left, then c, a, b ,c on the right).  I love that Mochi has put so much detail and effort into all the options you can get, it really is a million skins in one (well almost).  If you haven’t been to check out the demos yet, you MUST.  I know when I get some more cash i will be purchasing some darker tones for pictures, because they are just YUMMY!

New @ Pink Fuel - Brows and Lids

Also out now are these delectable swimsuits from Lark, they are available at the Kollective and the fatpack HUD comes with all the piping/texturing options below.  Cute dots, even cuter strawberries, vibrant pinks and blues or cutesey pinks and whites… something for everyone and you can mix and match your little heart out!   The suits come in Strawberry ,Red Dot, Light Pink Dot, Blue Dot or Cerise Dot, and then the piping comes in green, red, cerise, light pink and white!!  CUTEEEEE!    The hair I am wearing is from Lamb, and was one of the HF2013 hairs, so hopefully out in the main store any time now ❤

New @ The Kollective from Lark

TP to Pink Fuel or The Kollective.. OR BOTH!

Plethora of Pretties!

Hellloooooo!! I am desperately trying to catch up on my blogging, how can someone blog once a day and still feel behind!? Because people release so many wonderful items!  My blog folder is a mile long, so this post is going to be kinda huuuuuge! I’ll keep the wiffle waffle to minimum incase you actually do read the post, and just throw pictures of myself at you 😀

First we will start with a simple Look of the Day!  Sakide have this lovely Frost outfit out, and there is a matching mens set too (sans skirt :P), it’s mesh, it’s pretty and intricate lace, it’s just lovely!  It comes with mittens and scarf and of course with various sizes of mesh skirt/collar etc.   I’m also wearing the gorgeous new PXL VIP Skin!  Faith Old Hollywood is a grey skin with a gorgeous pop of ruby red lips, perfect for your monochrome shots, which I kinda achieved here, except with the lips and hair!  The hair is also new from Lamb, one of two fantastic styles!

Winter @ Sakide

Over at Pixel Mode, now Tya has finished building the Oz sim (blogged just before this post – Strangelings!) she has started releasing again!  I spoke to her last night in world and she said she wanted to get some holiday releases out, and just look!  SO MANY SCARVES.. and Mittens! CUTE MITTENS!   The first picture showcases the colours available in both the mittens and scarves, the basic, no frills colours… just knitted (or suede for the mittens) goodness!

Winter @ Pixel Mode - Scarves

This picture showcases the mittens in all their meshy glory, and the not so plain scarves!  There are stripes, leopard spots and checks in a variety of colours.   I really love these scarves, they are simple but do the job wonderfully, they also come in 5 sizes, which I didn’t realise before I’d shrunk my chest, so if you’re a bigger chested lady, don’t worry, this is the smallest size and my chest was set to around 30, and there are four bigger sizes, yay!  The mittens are just lovely, the texturing is amazing and the colours are so adorable!  I love the pastels. YAY PM!

Winter @ Pixel Mode - Mittens & Scarves

After I begrudingly removed my PXL skin (however creepy does that sound!?) I popped on my new Essences Skin, this will be available at the brand new TDR Fusion and oh em gee, gorgeous!!  I am wearing the other new Lamb hair in this one and a new mesh dress from Phosphenes, shown here in just two of the four colour available, the dress oozes cute and innocent… of course what it’s doing on me, I don’t know, I am guessing I am totally on the naughty list this year!

New @ Phosphenes

Here are the three makeups you get with the skin, you also get a variety of blushes too .  I really REALLY love this skin, it’s so smooth and natural looking, even with the makeups, it’s just one of those skins that you feel at home in, ya know?  Inka is coming on in leaps and bounds with her skin work and this shows it.  You get a variety of brows too, only three shown here, and I didn’t wear lashes so you could get a better look! GORGEOUS!

Essences @ TDR Fusion

Finally! Cheeky Pea and HANDverk have these wonderful Yule items out at the new Mens Department! I must admit, I’ve never been before.. I think I’ve been missing out! Not everything is for the boys (sorry guys, we like to muscle in where we can), and I must now go EVERY time!  This mesh Antler Tree is just… the best tree EVER! Isla does such great work, and this is no exception… I feel it will take pride of place in ALL my SLhouses this year.  Also something I fell in love with, the Cardboard Head from HANDverk!  LOOK! ITS SO CUTE!! It comes in traditional cardboard with wreath, of this minimalistic white one with just one bauble, the reflection of the head is in the bauble too! I love little details like that, well done HANDverk!

Winter @ Mens Dept

All poses used are from aDORKable Poses, one of the best posers on the grid, in the loveliest way! ❤

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page ❤

Winter Fair 2012!

Hello guys!  Winter is officially upon us, we even had Snow in my part of the world today.  The Winter Fair 2012 is almost upon us too, and there are a lot of goodies for you to purchase, some exclusive, some not, but I’m sure there will be at least one thing there you love and take home with you, I have just a handful to show you today:

Intrepid have a whole array of items out for you, in a whole bunch of colours!   The sets come with various items, including everything you see, clothes wise, here!   The belted cardigan is just too cute! With a great knit texture and slim waist belt, it compliments the jeans wonderfully, and each colour comes with a matching long sleeve teeshirt too.   The trenchcoat on your right is also super cute, I believe it’s a template item, as I’ve seen it before, but each one I’ve seen has it’s own spin, this chevron style texture is lovely!

Intrepid @ Winter Fair

Hair by Lamb & Clawtooth

The skin I am wearing above, and the close up below is the Winter Fair Al Vulo skin!  What a beauty!   A porcelain doll with perfect peachy lips, you also get the eyes included too, icy stare ftw!

Al Vulo @ Winter Fair

Hair by Clawtooth

I am wearing the long sleeve top from the Intrepid set with a mesh open cardigan from Dew, and with some UGG style boots from PiCHi!  The cardigan and boots both come in various colours, I just really loved the vivid red and the traditional camel style for the boots.  I wore them with some of my fave jeans ever, the Dingy jeans from fri.day!

Dew & Pichi @ Winter Fair

Hair by Magika

JeSyLiLo has at least 2 new skins there, with a gift too!   I really love the one on the left, with the subtle tears and red nose, and I really love the lips on the one on the right!  Both are gorgeous skins, a bit different but gorgeous.  I do love me some JeSyLiLo!!

JeSyLiLo @ Winter Fair

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page!

Around the World with Eleonor!

Around the World is STILL happening, and this time I bring you 5 unique looks from 22769!

This wonderfully talented store has out an array of items, both male and female, at around the world, ranging from sexy halter neck dresses, to the slinker side of the dress world, gorgeous handkerchief style tops, to the brighest, prettiest dresses I have seen.  It really does have something for everyone, in various colours and of course in various sizes.

From L-R we have: Achieng, Eryka, Makeda, Olabisi Top/Leather Skirt and Dziko!!  All of them are sooo different and this isn’t even all you can get! I can’t wait to go back and take a closer look, I have a feeling I am going to be VERY poor.  I don’t think I have a fave release, although I am quite partial to the Makeda Dress and the Olabisi/Leather Skirt combo for sure.  I have tried to make a slightly different look with all of them using a range of hairs from Lamb, LaViere (gorgeous Collabor88 hair!), Wasabi Pills, Exile and Elikatira and the skin we will talk about below!

Please visit and support Around the World, and don’t forget 22769 has 22769MILLION reasons to shop!

22769 @ Around The World

Al Vulo finally released a full Eleonor release, I knew I had to have it, because.. well, I just knew.  So I didn’t even hesitate, I went, I purchased, I came home, I looked at my linden balance, I cried then I realised it was worth it.  The whole fatpack was around $3k, which I think is a great deal as you get 14 skins and various shapes, addon tattoos and options galore including brows, cleavage and stuff.

I just cannot with how pretty the skin is, maybe it just really suits my shape, I don’t know, but I do know that I am in love.  You get a nice range of makeups ranging from nude lips to dark reds, ruby reds to pale peaches, eyes that are smokey, eyes that are not, eyes like a peacock, nude eyes… I COULD GO ON, but I won’t.  Just go and try them, you won’t be disappointed.

As usual click through to Flickr for larger pics.

New @ Al Vulo


All SLURLS if available are on the Store Locations Page at the top of the blog ❤

coldLogic keeps us WARM!

So, I have a billionty “LoTD” type outfits saved, and I was going to post one today, but then coldLogic released and I had to try on ALL THE THINGS.  So here.. are ALL THE THINGS!

Before I start, I will say the skin I am wearing in ALL the pictures is the new skin from My Ugly Dorothy, it’s so darn tootin’ cute!! Shown here in the Salmon tone, this skin comes with 8 makeups and each makeup has teeth options too!  Every skin I try from there starts to suit me better and better!  I believe this may be my absolute fav from there thus far! SQUEEE!!

So, there are four pants releases and 10, count em, 10 top releases from coldLogic today, I think I’ve covered them all, but I went a bit cross eyed!  I’ll work from L-R in all the pics!

First we have the Calle Jeans paired with the Barden Top!  I love these denims from cL, the ass on them is great, and let’s face it, who doesn’t like a good looking ass???  They come in a variety of washes and 2 cuffs per wash/size!   The top is a nice, simple layered number with a thin long sleeved tank worn under a short sleeved jumper.  Cute for Autumn!   We then have the Kime Jeans with the Randy top.  Now I can’t lie, as much as I love the Kime Jeans they do seem to leave a large gap in between my thighs, but it might of been the poses I used and I have been futzing with my shape lately, didn’t stop me from donning them and feeling sexy tho!  The Randy top is pretty much the Barden top but sans stripes, and obvs different colours!

New @ coldLogic - 1

Hairs: Action | Exile

Next we have the Calle Jeans again, with the Cook Top! This might be my fav top of the bunch, a cute small ruched sleeved cardi over a super summery cowl neck shirt… easing you into the Fall seasons gently! I likey that idea!  Then we have the Cuoco Jeans with the Farrell Top!  The Cuoco Jeans are just as cute as their sister Calle ones!! Shown here in a darker wash but again available in many!  The Farrell Top is super warm looking, it’s a shirt under a Jumper style and the knit texture is just amazing! I feel and look so warm and cozy!

New @ coldLogic - 2

Hairs: LeLutka | Elikatira

Now you find me in the Calle Jeans again (I did love them!!) and the Hughes top!  This is Farrells sister, in a different pattern and different colours!   The crisp white shirt with a warm and comfy jumper over the top, rolled up sleeves with the shirt cuffs back… looks so cute!  Then we have the Kime Jeans again with the Stein Top!  The Stein is another layered lovely… a more square look to the bottom of this one, with smaller cuffs and no collar with a stripey, wider necked jumper over the top!

New @ coldLogic - 3

Hairs: Lamb | Exile

Now we find the Kime Jeans with the Jansen Top!  This top is a bit longer, infact it’s kind of a dress style top!  V-cut neck with shirt peeking out underneath and ruched around the hips for a realistic feel, it goes perfectly with the Kime Jeans and well.. all the other Jeans!!!  A shorter sleeved number, this is another one easing you into the chilly Autumn months.  I then popped on the Cuoco Jeans with the Perdue top!  This is the sister top to Stein, the shorter shirt underneath and the wider necked jumper on top, this time with fadey type stripes! SQUEE, I am getting excited for Autumn now!

New @ coldLogic - 4

Hairs: Truth | Elikatira

Finally we have the Cuoco Jeans with the Rhodes shirt, a baseball style longer top underneath with a shorter shirt over the top, all in block colours for a striking look!  A casual beauty, this one!  Perhaps one of my fav looks I’ve saved til last, this is the Simmonds Jean paired with the Swanson top!  These Jeans come in various pastel type colours, well.. not pastel but not denim! and are SOOOOO CUTE!!!  The jumper is also cute, but there isn’t much I can say about it except CUTE KNIT CUTE COLOURED BLOCK STRIPEY JUMPER!!!   I do love it though 😀

New @ coldLogic - 5

Hairs: Elikatira | Magika

And… that is all.

TP to coldLogic

Meshy Things!

A few new meshy things for you guys today.  I wanted to do a LoTD but Mon through Weds are my busiest RL days and I can only snatch bits of time here and there sooo you are stuck with a couple of pics of new things instead 😀

Mons recently released 2 “Back to School” Mesh items!  First we have this BtS Dress.  It’s soooooo freaking CUTE!!!  It’s not normally something I’d look at, because it’s fully covering up my bits (hohoho, literally?) but omg, I adore it! It’s soooooooo cute!   It comes in 5 colours and is only $L200!!

New @ Mons - 1

This is the BtS Coat!  Again it comes in 5 colours and is only $L200.  Again this is adorable!!!   It’s a wrap around coat with bow, as you can see, and I am naked underneath it.. I mean that is TMI but I am!  I think both of these items are SO worth the money and come in such gorgeous colours that you will need them all! Of course I paired them with a Lamb hair and the new Kumi skin, which helps me look even more awesome, right?!

New @ Mons - 2

Now we have a gorgeous new corset from The Plastik! The Mechanika Corset comes in various colours/patterns, I chose a love deep red one, you really do need to see these in world as the darkness of it kinda takes away the awesome detailing in the picture I took,  they come in standard sizing and come with matching rigged pocketwatch that comes with a HUD with over 20 metals, clock faces and rope colour picker!

A lil bit steampunk, a lot of sexy!

New @ The Plastik

Other Credits

Skin – Pink Fuel | Kumi | Vanilla
Hair – Lamb & Elikatira
Pose – *Frooti

2 Verrryyyy different looks!

Hallo, Ratfans!

I thought i’d come back tonight with 2 different looks for you!  One entirely made up of Vintage Fair 2012 (well, almost, I still have to go back to get me some SHOOZ) and one made up entirely (again, almost) from Collabor88 which opens it’s doors a midnight SLT! (I think).

A majority of what I’m wearing here is from Bilo!  You have the Betty Blouse paired with the Donna Skirt, I love these! I love how mix and matchable the colours are too.  They are all mesh and come in all the regular sizes and area GREAT fit.  The blouse is a “puffy” style blouse, so you might find some poses don’t work as well arm wise, but it’s a totally adorable shirt, classy but in a sexy way!    The skin is also from Bilo and is the VF12 Exclusive: Leena!  She only comes in one tone/makeup, and the lips are a lil pouty on me, but it’s a lovely skin!   I popped on the Delia hair from Adore & Abhor, which also comes in an array of colours (an ombre shown here), a really cute updo!   Weeeee… I look kinda classy, how odd.

Willow Zander - Vintage Fair 2012 - Bilo | A&A

Now we have some sneaky peeks of some Collabor88 stuffs! The theme this time is Baroque!   This bodysuit from Willow captures it perfectly.   I’m not entirely sure what one is supposed to do with a bodysuit, so I put on some of the Fleurir shades that will be available from Pididdle!   They are mesh but resize scripted, so you can fiddle around with sizes, and they come in a range of colours, as do the bodysuits!   I paired it off with a TB skin and a Lamb hair and pulled a funny face, as you do!  Collabor88 opens SOON and here is your Taxi

Collabor88 - Willow | Pididdle

All poses here are from Adorkable and are available at Vintage fair! There are a good 5 or 6 packs out (my mind escapes just how many) but they range from cute poses to more retro poses, and they all come with mirrors too! Adorkable Poses are SUCH a steal, i’ll do another feature on them another day!