Cupids Calling…

Hallooooo everyone!  It’s Thursday, and in a couple of days some wonderful events open, I am here with a LoTD Sneaky Peek!  Full credits can be found below, and as usual SLURLS are on the store locations page, unless linked.

LoTD - Cupids Calling...

UGH SO MUCH GOOD STUFFS!    Where to start?!  I’ll start from the top and work my way down.   My horns are from Remarkable Oblivion and are for FaMESHed,  oh em gee, they are AMAZE.   Cute little arrows with hearts and all that good stuff, such intricate, wonderful detailing!   Also from FaMESHed is the Jillian Dress from Coquet, a short belted number that looks great on it’s own or pair it with leggings, it comes in a handful of colours and is simply divine!  Luckily the LaRoo Medusa Shoes match it PERFECTLY!   Strappy heels with a criss cross look to them, so sexy, but also cute, remember you can easily match the skin with the HUD system too!

Also worn and shown better in the close up picture below are Mermaid nail appliers from Wicked Peach, these are the rares for the Fantasy Carnival Gacha, stunning!   Amala provides the All Seeing Eye jewellery… I am wearing both the Necklace and the Ring and they come in oodles of options, a triangular gorgeous piece with, of course, an eye!

The Bear! OMG THE BEAR!   This was made by one of my bestest friends in RL and SL.. Laura Leandros (Laur on plurk).   She’s made a marketplace store which is linked in teh credits and this Valentines Bear is her first mesh piece and it’s AMAZING!! Only $50L too, that tart is talented, damn her.

LoTD - Cupids Calling - Up Close and Personal

The trees you can see in the background are from Half Deer and are older items, and the neon wings are from Hate This and are for the upcoming Challenge round that is based around Heaven!  They are lamps that change colour and glow, and come with both right and left versions!   SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

I think that’s it, ramble over, you may leave ❤


Hair: CaTwA | Abi
Eyes: IKON | Ardent | Blossom
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Necklace/Ring: Amala | All Seeing Eye
Dress: Coquet | Jillian | Thistle *FaMESHed*
Bear: .Llama. | Valetine’s Day Bear
Nails: Wicked Peach | Mermaid *Fantasy Carnival Gacha – RARE*
Shoes: LaRoo | Medusa Pumps *FaMESHed*

Vintage Innocence

Rack Poses opened the  doors to it’s new ENTIRE sim very recently and there are tons of goodies both PG and Adult to get, I still need me a man prop but I managed to mix and match two dollarbies to bring you a bit of vintage innocence today.

LoTD - Vintage Innocence

I used the Riding Crop pose with the I’m Waiting Handcuffs and I think it came out pretty darned good!   Two wonderful poses that are dollabires along with a bunch of others and of course some rad non dollarbies too!   I’m wearing the Lulu Vintage Dress from the Secret Store, it comes in a bunch of colours and patterns, all shown below for your viewing pleasure, but I just love how innocent I look in this, then I dangle handcuffs around and it’s a PARTAYYY!  I’m wearing one of the recently blogged new Exile hairs and more about the rest of the look below.

LoTD - Vintage Innocence - Up Close and Personal

My skin is the new Nina skin from Belleza, more about that even further below, and I am wearing some gorgeous Cat Eye nails from The Wicked Peach, a handful of new goodies out from there this week including glitters and animal print, rawr!   The shoes I am wearing are the Emily Wedge Sandals from LaRoo, another great pair of shoes from their Fall release!   I love the intricacy of these with their woven fronts and wedge heels, absolutely loving the skin matching system too, I do love not having to do it by hand anymore!

Nina @ Belleza - SOON!

Nina is the new fresh face from Belleza, released in a couple of days I believe so a bit of a sneaky peek!  She comes in all the usual tones from pale to mocha, shown here in pale!  It comes with a bunch of brow options including a no brow, and you get cleavage and freckle tattoos too!   As usual if you buy the fatpack you get bonus lipsticks on tattoo layers, they aren’t shown here tho, I just went BOOM WHAM BANG and tried them all on and fell in love with each one!    The differences are subtle on some of the skins, a bit of a cat eye flick here, a red lip there, but each skin is so beautiful!   Very striking me thinks.  Keep an eye out for Nina’s release!

Lulu @ Secret Store

Finally as promised a little contact sheet of all the Lulu colours and patterns, a polka dot here, a stripey bum there… a gorgeous mix of stuffs from pale to brights! LOVE LOVE!

Happy Saturday, all!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

New @ Baiastice

A few new releases for you today! Well, not brand new, a little over a week old, but they are great and lovely and it was time I snapped them!

New @ Baiastice

 There were five releases for fall!  The Fie Blazer, Emy Trousers, Roxie Top, Brit Military Jacket and the Olympia Bag!  I haven’t featured the bag, because my SL was being a dillhole and wouldn’t load everything! I don’t know what it is recently but mesh and me are becoming unfriendly! I can assure you it is great though, and comes in so many matching colours to the clothing items!
Let’s start with the clothing.  I have put together the Brit Jacket and Emy Trousers for a full ensemble, complete with a pair of brand new shoes from LaRoo that fit perfectly under the legs, YAY!   The Jacket comes in 6 fall colours with a double breasted tweed look complete with gold buttons for that little military look.   The Emy Trousers are high waisted so look great under jackets or with tops, which is what you can see on the upper right!  That’s the Roxie Top and you can wear it under the Fie Blazer which is the bottom right.
The Fie Blazer Jacket pinches at the waist to give such lovely props to the waist and it’s available in 3 patterns and 15 colours, it comes in 2 versions too because you can wear the Roxie Top under it.   That top by the way is GORGEOUS!   8 bright colours to choose from with such lovely folds and such a sheen!   A halter style top and perfect for wearing for casual or dressy occasions!
 Baiastice is 100% original mesh that comes in all standard sizes and looks just THE BOMB! YAY!

Sunday Stuffs

Hi all! My RL kidlets have gone away with my parents for a few days so I have been making the most of it today and watching ALL the crappy TV!  I am here tho with a lil LoTD and some cute!

LoTD - Pure Poison Style!

Over at SL Fashion Week Pure Poison has three witches dresses and hats out!  Well technically it’s not a witches dress, it’s the Horroria Dress and it comes in three flavours, this blue beauty has a pumpkin face at the bottom, and it’s sexy and slinky and all things WOO!    I paired it up with one pair of the new LaRoo release, a full post coming about those soon, but I couldn’t resist these Spencer Pumps and the new skin matching system, this Zoul Creations (previously blogged) skin wasn’t in the system but I managed a pretty good match all on my own, go me!  You can suggest skins on the website tho, so that’s alllllll good!

Atooly Pumpkinnnn!

While I was digging about I discovered this Atooly Necklace that’s part of the Willow Street Gacha,  There are 13 to win at $L50 a pop and 5 rares in the mix, however cute are they????  I again wore the Zoul Creations skin, I think my face loves it a lot!  And both hairs worn in the blog are from Truth, eyes from IKON and lashes from Mon Cheri!

GET SHOPPING (slurls are on the Store Locations page)

LoTD – 02/07/13

Hola everyone, a quick post tonight as i’m shattered and I have a Cultural Awareness Course all DAYYYY at work tomorrow, and I wanted to blog something! 😀

LoTD - 02/07/13

As previously mentioned, the new round of FaMESHed is up and running! HUZZAH!  Cracked Mirror brings us clothing and LaRoo Shoes brings us shoes, what more could a girl want?  Well, hair, skin, accessories, money, a pool boy… oh wait getting off track now.  The casual denim skirt and tank are both from Cracked Mirror, available as separates and in various washes/colours!    The tank is a double layered jobby, so you get a duo tones and all compliment each other wonderfully!    The shoes are from LaRoo and come with the knee high socks, and these come in ooooodles of shoe colours, then you get a HUD to change the sock colour into a plethora of colours and even some dotty little numbers, huzzah!   I am really digging these babies and I am not a huge shoe person.

LoTD Closeup - 02/07/13

The hair I am wearing is also from FaMESHed and is from Wasabi Pills, another style with a forehead showing and a headband, it must be the look de jour!    Either way it’s really pretty with its cascading waves over the shoulder, and again the headband is HUD controlled to change colour.    My skin is from Ploom and was available at My Attic for a steal, it’s probably now in store for less of a steal but still worth every penny!   I actually found red brows that are red more than ginger, so that’s a bonus!     The lovely Necklace I am wearing is part of the Burst Set  from HANDverk, a nice elegant piece but nothing overly fancypants, so you can get away with wearing it with a tank and a skirt, woooo!

My poses are from Adorkable and my eyes are from IKON! ❤

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

Fresh Start LoTD!

Welp! I think it was a tall order, this whole 365 days of LoTD lark… don’t you?

Fresh Start - LoTD

I sat down and thought to myself, Willis? Do you really want to log in for the next year, EVERY DAY, WITHOUT FAIL and do this?  Or do it all in a week then spread posts (I can’t, i’m anal, that would be cheating) and I can honestly say “yes” was not the answer that sprang to mind.   So, I have decided that I did one whole month, the other eleven can just… be forgotten!   I will still be doing my LoTD, and posting regular posts, probably daily!  But being a mum, someones partner, having a job, having a house, having animals, having a real life outside of the PC… I can’t obligate myself and I know, I know! No1currrr but me, but I like to explain these things! Some days I wanna blog all the colours of one item, sometimes I wanna blog a look, sometimes furniture… giving myself this challenge was ridic.

So today is a “Fresh Start” for me on many levels, including RL, SL, FB, online in general etc etc, some aspects of it are explained in my RL blog, and really? the rest of it is easily explained just by saying “I want to find myself, find fun, to feel weight lifted and be me again”… I’m rambling a bit, right? LOL SOZ!   Ok onto the look, as today I took control of my emotions and made positive changes, I decided that I would label myself “Ringleader of My Own Life” and found a suitable look.

The first item I was like YESSSSSS about was this gorgeous mesh ensemble from Epic, which is The Ringleader in Green!  It’s an exclusive for the Bewbapalooza event and it comes in various colours, but green being on of my faves, this seemed like the obvious choice.  Obviously, from the title of the event you can tell that this item comes with appliers, I chose to show it without though, to show you that not EVERYTHING you find at boobie events has to be all garish and huge and hey, you don’t even have to own boobs!   I paired it with the new Elikatira hair Sound, which by the way you should check out as there isn’t long left on the sale now.. and while you’re there, if you like the pose it’s from Frooti (my store hi!!) and that will be going along with Elikatira, so stock up now.

The skin is from Belleza and they kick off the new “Best Buys” promotion, where at the beginning of each month a selection of exlusive skins are released for just $L400 each!  This is just one of 4 womens and 2 mens skins available and as expected from Belleza, it’s gorgeous!   Also new on are the Lizzy T-Strap Pumps from LaRoo, which are out now for a new round of FaMESHed!  I have seen a lot of goodies there that I need to buy, but I try not to break my neck to get in early cos I can’t deal with having to shove people out of the way, but you will want to go for these shoes!!  They with a colour change hud where you can select skin tone, nail colour and colour of the shoe, pretttyyyyy!  I do love me some shoes lately!


Hair: Elikatira | Sound | Blonde 07 *Sale Now On*
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Daniela Eyes | Porcelain
Skin: Belleza | Ava 2 | BB Pale *Special Offer*
Outfit: Epic | The Ringleader | Green *Bewbapalooza*
Shoes:LaRoo | Lizzy T-Strap Pumps *FaMESHed*
Pose: *Frooti

*SLURLS, if not linked here, are probably on the Store Locations page!

Day 11 of 365 & New LaRoo

Wow, I’ve made it nearly 2 weeks without failing or ragequitting! GO ME!

Day 11 of 365 LotD Posts

This is another LoTD! Day 11, some of it Collabor88 again.   The top and skirt both come from Tee*fy and go perfectly in the same colour, or different colours for a bit of a mix and match!  The top comes in both solid and sheer, this is the sheer version, so obviously you can’t wear with an alpha, so I just adjusted my tatas and voila!  I love the soft look of them, so cute and sexy!  The hair is from Tableau Vivant and is also from Collabor88 like the outfit, shown here in Azure Dip, it’s available in many colours and is unisex too, as it comes in 2 sizes, so men that like longer hair, go forth…. PURCHASE!   The Necklace is from Maxi Gossamer and is also a Collabor88 item, available in both Gold and Silver, and Long and Short versions, this necklace is detailed and intricate, and isn’t the only item MG have out for your perusal!

The skin I am wearing is new from FAKE and is the MIEL skin.  It’s shown here in Pale, which I think for some people would probably equate to Tan.. but that’s what demos are for… It’s a really nice skin that comes with a lot of options including no brows, coloured brows, freckles, no freckles and complete with cleavage tattoo layers!  She is available with 5 makeup choices and an array of tones!     A real beauty and one I will be featuring again in the near future, with more makeup options shown!

Also worn are the new and highly detailed mesh shoes and feet from LaRoo!  The Sparta shoes come complete with mesh foot, so you can paint your toes and change your skin tone and your feet will match perfectly and no more ugly linden toes! I guess that must be a bummer for mesh shoe makers, nobody wants gorgeous mesh peep toes with ugly linden toes! So glad LaRoo hopped on the foot board (ha! hopped! feet.. no? ok).   They are a gorgeous sandal with such amazing detailing.   You need to zoom in close to see it all perfectly, there is a little ruched side detailing, metal studs and rings holding the shoe together and straps and omggg details to the max!   They come with a HUD with all the colours shown below, and you get tons of nail options, including a few patterns!   You can change the tone of your shoe to the preset ones (6 to choose from) and I found that my tan looked almost perfect without even fiddling!  But there is also a colour grid for you to choose and play with too.  GET THEM, THEY ROCK!

New @ LaRoo Shoes

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page for both Events and Stores, if available


Hair: Tableau Vivant | Lythrum | Azure Dye *Collabor88*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Lagoon
Skin: FAKE | Miel Skin | Pale Tone | Freckles/BlondBrows *NEW*
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Erzulie’s Love Charm | Short | Silver *Collabor88*
Top: Tee*fy | Ana Slouchy Satin Tank | Creme *Collabor88*
Skirt: Tee*fy | Emily Mini Flare Skirt | Creme *Collabor88*
Nails: Izzie’s | Spring/Summer 2012 Nails
Shoes: LaRoo | Sparta Pumps *NEW*
Pose: *Frooti

LoTD – 1 of 365

Yep, I set myself a challenge!

Day 1 of 365 LoTD!

I have never done any type of 365 challenge, because my mind is all over the place and i’d probably fail, but this year I am going to try and do 365 LoTD posts!  There may be weeks where I am on vacation that I may come back and post a series of looks over one day, or a few bunched in together to make my 365 up, there may be days where I am unable to get to a PC to do a proper post, but I will do 365 LoTD looks, I SHALL!  OR I SHALL TRY!

I am also going to try a few different stores, the usual stuff I say I’ll do in SL, socialise more etc.. who knows? I will stick to at least one of these things, mmhmmm!  So here is a brief LoTD! 1 of 365!

I donned my Tango’s for todays look (hence the Tango’d in the credits) and put on my new glitter dress from Rotten Defiance! It comes in a range of colours but I liked angelic white, one downfall of the dress, that might put a few people off, is that it’s got a crotch flap, but it’s a really cute little dress!  I made it cuter with my new LaRoo Liberty Boots, out now at the new round of faMESHed!   These come in a huge array of colours again, and they come in various sizes, some really nifty calf boots that aren’t too showy!    To top it all off I wore the Truth Group Gift complete with sparkly and glowy 2013 head topper, I feel like I have welcome the new year in style! HUZZAH!

Catch you all for day 2, tomorrow!


Hair: Truth | January | Seasand *Group Gift*
Skin: Essences | Maria | Vivante Dark | 03
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Dress: Rotten Defiance | My Glitter Dress | Silver *Tango’d*
Boots: LaRoo | Liberty Boots | Black
Pose: aDORKable Poses

*SLURLS can be found, if available, on the Store Locations Page