Chestnuts roasting on an open fireeeeee…

JACK FROST NIPPING AT YOUR TOES… no christmas songs yet? ok… but I have an open fire in the post so I think i’ll get away with it just finnnnneee!


This fine Boy Scout Camping set is out from 22769 Bauwerk for The Challenge, this time the theme was Teenage Years! I personally never went camping much, but I wish I had!   The complete set entails of the tent, the stool with several poses, the fire which you can turn on and off and a cute little lantern!   I wasn’t quite sure what to wear for camping, so my look isn’t exactly traditional and there’s a lot more cleavage than boy scouts should ever see, but you know… girls just wanna have fun and all that jazz.

Zee Camping Look

The full credits for the look are below, but I’ll give you a little round up! It’s a very event themed look, so prepare your tping shoes!   First off the poppin pink hair is by LaViere and I chose the pink because it matched my shirt so well!   LaViere has all the colours out over at The Boutique! such a delicious short hottie hair!    My pants are also from The Boutique and are one of several items available from 22769,  really digging these wide legged beauties, they cover my Valiant & Co boots a bit much, but they are so gorgeous and you can find them at the same event! CHERCHING!   My lovely colourful shirt is from Sheep Door and is over at The Seasons Story, I really should have put a vest on but OH WELL!



My skin is from Birdy and may well be the first Birdy skin I own! Well technically I own two.  They are the cheap bargains over at The Chapter Four event, so if you want a cheap, rad skin…. these may suit!   This is the Frosty look with light lips, shimmery light eyes and that pale look.  I think I look ADORABLE!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

Credits in Full:

Hair: LaViere | Eva | CandyLover *The Boutique @ TLC*
Eyes: IKON | Ascension Eyes | Oak
Skin: Birdy | Ingrid | Pure | Frost | Dew *Chapter Four*
Shirt: Sheep Door | Flannel Shirt | Border *The Seasons Story*
Trousers: 22769 | [femme] Marlene Pants | Light Chefron *The Boutique @ TLC*
Boots: [Valiant] | Lexington Boots *The Boutique @ TLC*
Decor: 22769 Bauwerk | Boy Scout Camping Set *The Challenge SL*

Christmas Eve…ning.

Ok so this morning I was kinda cutesy with my look, now I’m kinda elegant, except for the fact I have a stonking great santa hat on 😀

What more do you want for a nice, elegant night out than a gorgeous dress, sensual gloves… and a santa hat?!  This is the kinda thing i’d do in RL, pfft elegant ladies can have fun too! RIGHT?!  This gorgeous dress is from Sakide at the moment and comes complete with the gloves and the santa hat too, so really, it was my duty to wear it all as one, OH YES.

Christmas Eve

I saw on Flickr earlier than Mandala have a few pieces out for a super $L97!  So I ran on over there and picked them all up, amongst them was this Osenbai set!  You can get it in Silver or Gold, I went for Silver as I much prefer Silver over Gold in any life (well platinum really but shhh i’m spoiled).  This is an amazing set for the price and you should definitely pick it up while you can.  Also worn is a demure TSG skin, this is Baby in the XiaXue tone and I think I love it! It’s not a store I’ve been to a lot but I’ve seen it about and just love the cute little faces, so I treated myself a few weeks back, and now I have it on!   You can wear it without the teeth layer, don’t worry 😛

I am wearing IKON eyes and LaViere hair, my santa hat hides the cute little beret it comes with, but it’s still gorgeous!

Christmas @ Mandala


I probably wont’ be able to get on to blog tomorrow, as you know, CHRISTMAS DAY!  So have a wonderful holiday, all ❤

*SLURLS, if availble, are on the Store Locations page

Around the World with Eleonor!

Around the World is STILL happening, and this time I bring you 5 unique looks from 22769!

This wonderfully talented store has out an array of items, both male and female, at around the world, ranging from sexy halter neck dresses, to the slinker side of the dress world, gorgeous handkerchief style tops, to the brighest, prettiest dresses I have seen.  It really does have something for everyone, in various colours and of course in various sizes.

From L-R we have: Achieng, Eryka, Makeda, Olabisi Top/Leather Skirt and Dziko!!  All of them are sooo different and this isn’t even all you can get! I can’t wait to go back and take a closer look, I have a feeling I am going to be VERY poor.  I don’t think I have a fave release, although I am quite partial to the Makeda Dress and the Olabisi/Leather Skirt combo for sure.  I have tried to make a slightly different look with all of them using a range of hairs from Lamb, LaViere (gorgeous Collabor88 hair!), Wasabi Pills, Exile and Elikatira and the skin we will talk about below!

Please visit and support Around the World, and don’t forget 22769 has 22769MILLION reasons to shop!

22769 @ Around The World

Al Vulo finally released a full Eleonor release, I knew I had to have it, because.. well, I just knew.  So I didn’t even hesitate, I went, I purchased, I came home, I looked at my linden balance, I cried then I realised it was worth it.  The whole fatpack was around $3k, which I think is a great deal as you get 14 skins and various shapes, addon tattoos and options galore including brows, cleavage and stuff.

I just cannot with how pretty the skin is, maybe it just really suits my shape, I don’t know, but I do know that I am in love.  You get a nice range of makeups ranging from nude lips to dark reds, ruby reds to pale peaches, eyes that are smokey, eyes that are not, eyes like a peacock, nude eyes… I COULD GO ON, but I won’t.  Just go and try them, you won’t be disappointed.

As usual click through to Flickr for larger pics.

New @ Al Vulo


All SLURLS if available are on the Store Locations Page at the top of the blog ❤

Collabor88 LoTD | New Amacci

Another Collabor88 Style LoTD today!   Now, this looks like i’ve thrown it all together in a bit of a mish mash but there IS A REASON… I’m roleplaying this hideous cold I have in RL, and I dunno about you but if i’m just popping to the store and I’m half dead, I tend to just throw on what is nearest and lob on a coat.  Well, I wanted to centre this look around feeling like that.  C88 is full of wonderful items, and I thought these all worked wonderfully together as a casual look.

The hair is one of the 3 hairs from LaViere available and I love this one particularly because it comes in two pieces and you CAN get away with just wearing the headbase as a shorter style, and it looks bloody spiffy too!   I paired that with one of the available Sea Hole items, this gorgeous texture top.  Really love the texturing on this, which goes to show that texture only items can still rock it!   I then pulled on the BOOM Manchester Threadbares and I wasn’t sure what colour to choose so I stuck to sensible Denim, I then pulled on the Ingenue Clodia shoes which are probably the only items that look a lil out of place but I was driving to the store so nobody would notice >.>…. I accessorised with two necklaces, the Santa Fe LaGyo Necklace with it’s beautiful chevron look and a non C88 item from Cute Poison, you can’t see it and I will do a better post about it, but it’s the cutest little atomic bomb there was.   The skin is Glam Affair which I blogged in more detail yesterday, which actually makes me look like I have a cold. SO THERE WE HAVE IT.

LoTD 13/11/12 - Collabor88 Style

Also new are these four styles from Amacci!  Kajsa, Agnes, Mai and Karen!   The first three (from tl to br) are regular releases and the last one is the Womenstuff Hunt item!  All the styles are cute and similar in a way, but all different too, if you know what I mean! Kajsa and Mai are both bun/piggy on the side updos with lovely full bangs, and Agnes is a ponytail with a sharp, blunt fringe, all of them are beautiful in their own right and I do love the vibrance of the Amacci textures!  I really love Karen tho, which is the Hunt item.   It comes in three colours.. The Black shown, Blonde and Red.  The headband is texture change with 12 different ones and each comes with a hairbase, as it’s that kinda hair.  The skin is the Lianne skin from Amacci also!

New @ Amacci


Hair: LaViere | Taylor | BrownRoots *Collabor88*
Eyes: IKON | Sunrise | Pale Arabian Blue
Skin: Glam Affair | Roza | Brr & Etci 01 *Collabor88*
Top: The Sea Hole | Painted Desert Bodysuit | Sunbird *Collabor88*
Necklace 1: LaGyo | Santa Fe | Silver *Collabor88*
Necklace 2: Cute Poison | Atomic Necklace *Collabor88*
Pants: BOOM | Threadbare Manchesters | Denim *Collabor88*
Shoes: Ingenue | Clodia | Noir *Collabor88*


Well HELLLOOOO, it’s the 8th today, which can only mean… NEW COLLABOR88!!!!!

I am overwhelmed and awed by the goodies on offer in this cycle and I have only had a quick peek! I managed to throw together a LoTD like a mofoing princess (Hi, I’m wearing a crown, humour me), so here we are:

I cannot deal with how effin cute the theme and colours are for this month, this might be my fav EVER Collabor88 scheme!!!  How can I resist anything in a Minty Green?? It’s one of the mothership colours to me.  So this U.F.O shirt and cardigan (all in one) was screaming my name from the moment it was uploaded to the grid!! The shirt has Flamingos on it. HI. FLAMINGOS… I, of course, paired it with the Skirt also from U.F.O

I just made myself look cuter with the Fake Plastic Crown from LaViere, the Yummy Charm Necklace – which has a Flamingo, a Gun, a pair of Lips and a Shoe, and the Plume earrings from LaGyo, which coincidently are colour and metal change, so you can pair them up with your fav looks.

The hair is one of two hairs available at C88 from LaViere, who is becoming one of my FAV stores, and the skin is an older skin from Al Vulo, infact I think it was the Curio Fundraiser skin? I could be wrong, but I am cute, so wrong is therefore voided. *foldy arms*

C88 - October 2012 - Look 1

I took a not very artistic, but useable close up collage of the smaller bits of the outfit for you to see how fookin’ lovely everything is! WEEEE!

C88Look1 - Closeups


Hair – LaViere | Miki | Brown Roots @ Collabor88
Skin – Al Vulo | Georgie | Black Blonde Custard
Eyes – IKON | Sunrise
Crown – LaViere | Fake Plastic Crown | Silver @ Collabor88
Top – U.F.O | Flamingos Day | Mintaholic @ Collabor88
Skirt – U.F.O | Flamingos Panskirts | Grey @ Collabor88
Necklace – Yummy | Plastic Charm Necklace @ Collabor88
Earrings – LaGyo | Plumes @ Collabor88
Piercings – Cute Poison | Tipsy @ SWAGFEST
Pose – *Frooti


Nobody tell Gus, but I seem to have grown.. a BUMP!  As you can see by my face, the bump seems to suggest I won’t have time to blog! DO NOT PANIC, THIS IS NOT AN EMERGENCY, just a goofy post, I don’t REALLY have a bump but this gorgeous maternity dress from Geometry kinda makes me want one!!!  It comes in 3 trimester stages and can be found at FaMESHed!!

Also at FaMESHed is this gorgeous hair from LaViere!   I chose the tipped pack, kinda wish I’d gotten more now but HO HUM, still time to go back! It come with normal version and “hat” version, as they have a Beret out for sale too! OOER!


The cute table and blogger office accessories you can see are from What Next! The blogger theme runs through the memo board, the small print on the desk and the pad/pen!  Really cute idea, I do love What Next and the stuff you can get from there!   The two cute piggies you can see are going to be Sway’s items for the Arcade Gacha (3 days left to gooooo guys!) and let me tell you, you will want them ALLLLLL!!!  There are broken piggies and non broken piggies, but the broken are my favs.   They are only 1li and and AND come with tip jar script too!!!  That’s right, everyone over to mine to tip me, the bump and I will need it!

Finally, the skin is from Essences and is one of the new Gacha skins you can find at the main store.  It’s only $L150 per play and there are 6 skins to win! WWWEEEEE!!!


HAIR FAIR 2012 – Third time’s a CHARM!

Ok, this is my final post today, I promise (it’s bedtime, I swear!) and I am out of town tomorrow for the day, so I might not get a chance to post/shop again before the hoards are unleashed.. so please enjoy this post before madness and stabbity sets in ❤

Leverocci debuts (I believe) in Hair Fair this year with some FABULOUS fookin mesh.  I can’t tell you how much I love these hairs, but I can tell you that they didn’t mesh well with my mesh top BUT LIKE THAT STOPPED ME.  The bottom right is the freeb/dollarbie too!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Now.. if only those mesh heads would come out. YAYUH!

Leverocci - HF 2012

Skin by PXL | Clothing by coldLogic

LaViere is also new to the hair scene (I think.. I am a noob, srsly… 8yrs and a noob).  I adored these two styles and I LOVE the dip dyed pack more than life!  Totes adorable, right?

LaViere  - HF 2012

Skin by Essences | Clothing by coldLogic

Illusory makes a HF comeback and these are three of the styles available, two are half your head shaved style, but they come with four different colours of bases for you to choose from! Again, dip dye FTW!!!  Adore these!

Illusory  - HF 2012

Skin by Illusory | Clothing by coldLogic

FD has hair and some of it is mesh, WEEEEE! I can’t get enough of the style on the right!  Please excuse the angry eyebrows tho 😀

FD  - HF 2012

Skin by Tres Blah | Clothing by coldLogic

OH HAI EPOQUE HAIR, GET ON MY HEAD.  Just two of the styles available and the style on the right comes with two bang styles too!  Styliiiiish and unique! Both of them.

Epoque  - HF 2012

Skin by Sorry Asia | Clothing by coldLogic

D!va is becoming a “must visit” store for me, it might not be mesh all the time (the left is mesh tho!) but they have some gorgeous, floofy styles!  Both the middle and right come with two styles of bangs too :))

d!va  - HF 2012

Skin by Lara Hurley | Clothing by coldLogic

Last, but not least a Lil Clawtooth with a mesh long braid, and Entente with a cute pony style!!  Men… you will want to check out HF this year, trust me!

Clawtooth | Entente  - HF 2012

Skin by LAQ & Curio | Clothing by coldLogic