Happy Monday

Hello Ratfans, and everybody else! A little LoTD for you today, and a few new things ❤

LoTD - 06/05/13

I couldn’t help but SQUEE when I saw this top from Somnia for the new 100 Block event that is happening soon!  It’s a MOUSTACHE WITH GLASSES, what is not to love?!  A lovely little crop top with 3/4 length sleeves that shows off your perfectly toned belly and it comes in a bunch of colours!  It’s a must have! I paired it one of my fave pairs of Sakide Jeans, these are the ripped version, but they come in other washes and versions too, they sit on the hips just beautifully, not too high, not too low!   My skin is from Leafy and is an older skin that I have blogged before, and the hair, is of course Teeloh from Wasabi Pills!

Lark - Bustier - 2 Sets!

These bustiers are from Lark and are SO GORGEOUS!  There are a few more sets available, and in each set you get each of the standard size bustier, and a HUD to control the texture change.  Now, I wanted to show you ALL the bloody bustiers but SL for some reason wasn’t letting my mesh load quickly or very well at all, and it took me over 45 mins just to get these pics and that was mostly with shadows off, so in the end i thought i’d just bring you two of them and you can go and seek out the rest of yourselves 😀    The HUD controls both the denim wash and the middle texture/picture, so you have five denims in each pack, and five textures, making not endless possibilities but a good few!   Some really lovely ones mixed in all the packs so make sure you do check them out.    Also worn is one of the two new Ploom hairs!  This is Jaden, she’s a long, tousled pony tail that is so whimsical and beautiful looking that I just could not resist popping it on and squeeing!  YAY!

That’s all for now, I must sort more of my inventory, I have a feeling there are things in there that should have been blogged FOREVER ago… damn RL and SL capping! *shakes fist*

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available ❤

Strange Fruit

Yeah, this post has nothing to do with fruit, it’s just a song I was listening too earlier… so you won’t find bananas or apples here, just some good old fashioned mesh.

LaRue is a new brand to the grid, the brain (and love) child of Cracked Mirror and CrashOV Uladstron, and it’s going to be a SHOE SHOP!  You may already of had a taste at The Arcade (I have yet to find the colour I want for sale, or take my luck on the machine again) or you may already of seen them at FaMESHed, I am showcasing the gorgeous ones from FaMESHed in this post.   A little kind of ankle bootie with straps and a tall heel, these are some sexy mamas!  The thing I love most about these, is that you get one pair of shoes (well one in each size) and then a HUD to change the colour and the strap colour, below are just a few combos which you can achieve.  I particularly love the red boot with green straps in a Christmassy look! YAY!

I am excited to see what their opening day brings, its this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled!

New @ LaRue for FaMESHed

Also fairly new to the mesh scene, but not really is Decoy!  Annette has been making some wonderful pieces from clothes to shoes to hair, this dress is actually a recreation of one of her older clothing items and I have to say it’s beautiful.   A knee length halterish style dress with gorgeous glimmering jewels in 8 variations to choose from.  Whether you are a port red kind of girl, or a chocolate brown, I’m sure you will find one colour  of dress that you adore.   (I seem to have snapped the orange stripe twice, I apologise for that, but I’m sure you will enjoy the surprise of finding out the 8th colour combo, right?!).  An absolutely stunning gown perfect for that red carpet affair or just a little dance with a loved one.

I am also wearing one of the new Modish skins available in this picture, a pale beauty with nude lips, she’s perfect for that demure look.

New @ Decoy for FaMESHed

Skin | Modish ** Hair | Wasabi Pills

Also at FaMESHed (I don’t get paid, I swear!! It’s just an awesome Mesh Event) are these two items from Baiastice.  I haven’t shown every colour available, so don’t fret, there will be one for you, I am sure!  These jackets and gloves are SO pretty!  The Jacket comes in two options for each colour, with or without a shirt underneath, and the gloves come in both an open and closed option, as you can see closer up below.   Some really fine texturing work on these, the leather on the gloves looks so realistic with it’s stippled look (on the white at least), and the Jackets ooze class… and if you wear them naked, like me, they ooze sex appeal too!

New @ Baiastice for FaMESHed

Skin | Leafy ** Hair | Wasabi Pills

Here you can see the gloves a bit closer, aren’t they exquisite??  The stitching detail, the fingers… ALL SO GREAT!

Baiastice Gloves | Closeup


*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page if available

All poses by aDORKable


I went and did it, I purchased the new mesh boobs from Lolas… TANGO! I already had the other Lolas, and I’ve never worn them, I could never get them to look good, or right, or not ridiculous… so I shoved them to the back of my inventory in a huff, but when I heard the mesh ones suited a lot better, and some of my fav skin makers started making appliers, I took the plunge. I haven’t gone naked in them yet, but I must say I find them a lot more natural looking than the sculpty ones for sure!

LoTD | 25-11-12

Cynful released a few new things and amongst them was this understated turtleneck dress, of course Cynful stuff comes with appliers, and these had Tango ones so it was like it was meant to be! The dress is shown here in RosyBrown but it comes in a variety of colours, a mesh neck piece (which I just realised is missing.. THANKS ATTACHMENT POINTS ASDLFJASLDFJ… sorry, I can’t get back on to SL atm so just pretend I have the piece on DOH) and mesh skirt flaps in varying sizes. It also comes with different length sleeves too!

The hair you can see is the Beehive style from Beetlebones that is currently on sale at the Bees Through the Seasons Event!  It’s a gorgeous mesh style and I am excited to see hair from BB!  Also worn are the new MESH nails from Jamman! I blogged a while back about Jamman nails in great detail.. (see here) but they have now been remade in mesh, obvs.   Below is the ULTRA HUD, it comes, as you can see with a HUGE array of options.  Each tab on the left opens a new colour/pattern selection (the colourful area with all the nails!), so you can just about work out there are over 800 options!  Not only that, there are two new nail “lengths”… they are “cat” and “snake”… so yep, you can now claw peoples eyes out or fork them in the face! YAY!

Jamman | Mesh Nail HUD

That’s it for now, it’s been a struggle as I took the pics, uploaded to flickr and I am currently mobile blogging on my tablet while Mr Willis studies on the PC, so I hope it works as it should!

*SLURLS, if available, can be found on the Store Locations Page


Hair: BBSalon | Beehive Messy Half Do | Rose 2 *Bees Through the Seasons*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Skin: Leafy | Amethyst | Warm | Pure
Dress: Cynful | Vale’s Turtleneck Dress | RosyBrown 3/4 Sleeve *NEW*
Boobs: Lolas | Tango  *NEW*
Nails: Jamman | Ultra Mesh Fingernails  *NEW*
Pose: *Frooti

Saturday Brunch!

Hallo, ratfans! A few more new things for you to peruse today!

We have two new gorgeous hairs at Truth! Nyx and Jade are both 50% off this weekend, so it’s a bargain, grab them while they’re hot AND cheap!  I might actually be in love with both of them this time!  I love the loose braiding around the front of Nyx, I do love me a good bit of braid, and of course Jade is a bit swept to the side, so perfect for pictures, which I love!   I paired them with the Somnia Top available at Zodiac for Sagittarius.  There are two styles, Crooked and Straight Arrow.. and both come in oodles of colours.  I presume they mean that there are two types of Sagittarius… and I think I fit this one to a tee, I am by no means completely wild (except in the be.. nvm) but I am definitely more on the crooked path than the straight, i’m a lil bit of a nutter at times and that suits me fine!  I love to have fun and follow my heart, I love to laugh and smile, but I love to use my intelligence too, I’m a bit of everything Sagittarius are said to be, but that depends on what you read 😉

New @ Truth & Somnia

The skin I wear is the gorgeous new Amethyst from Leafy!  Ok it’s not new new, but it’s not old!   There are 6 tones to choose from, ranging from a smooth china white, to a richer, darker brown… all of the skins come with various eyebrow options, cleavage and the normal things you’d find in the Leafy packs!

Amethyst @ Leafy | Tones

Each pack has 12 makeups, 2 variations on most colours with either shadow, or liner… then a couple of randoms thrown in, like the pure, and the scene style eyes.   Leafy skins are beautiful, I do hope that Kaethe brings out some lipsticks for these skins, as you can see a lot of them are similar, but strikingly beautiful!   I really love how smooth the skin looks, and how well they fit my little face!   The mole you can see is on the skin, so if you’re not a fan of moles/beauty marks, please do demo before you try!

Amethyst @ Leafy


*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page if available

Lil bit of this…

lil bit of that… I have fallen behind with my blogging, damn rl! Anyway…

Tomorrow marks the new round of FAIR!  This gorgeous hat/hair combo will be available from Monso, along with this coffee bean necklace you can see!  The necklace is from Izzies and it comes as a set, there are bracelets included and a different necklace too, one more “Classy” affair, this is the casual!  They are really adorable, both the items.  The hat/hair is a SQUEEE point with me cos the top looks a lil like cat ears and I love quirky things like that! The workmanship on the necklace is also amazing, as it is on the rest of the set too! You’ll love them.

Coming to FAIR...

Leafy has this stunning set of Marionette skins out!  Aren’t they just the most BEAUTIFUL!?  You can get each of the four with different brows and a browless option, and I think I am in LOVE.  I have to get a look put together for these so I can use them again and again and AGAIN!   I love that two of them come with the different coloured eyes, then the blue eyes then the gorgeous smokey eyes! Just adorable, the lips on leafy skins look so great too and the NOSE… oh I love this nose.

New @ Leafy

Eyes | .ID. ** Hair | Ploom

Finally Digs has a new set out, this is the Rae Living Set, not all the pieces are shown, just a showcase of some of them! I must say I am rather taken with the lamps! I did rez them all and think… where are the lampshadesssss? then I realised they were SUPPOSED to be shadeless!  I LOVE THEMMMMM! Oh god I do.   I have the set out in “Fawn” but you can get it in various colours to compliment your living area.

You can get the rose picture you see, the end table, the trio of lamps, the room divider, the ottoman, the lounger (packed FULL of singles and couples anims, including some with props!), the coffee table and a gothic mirror (not shown).  All are high quality pieces that are super duper low prim so you can cram as much awesome in as possible! YAYYYYUH!

New @ Digs

All SLURLS are on the Store Locations page… if you notice any errors or want your store or any of your favs adding, please do feel free to comment or hollah at me! ❤

Manic Monday

Yeah, just another one of those. A handful of new goodies for you, I am catching up!!  I have sooo much to blog and sooo little time in world lately, it’s literally nip on, buy all the things, snap all the things, log out!

First up some new goodies from Candydoll for Cinema 2012! There are two new skins and two new sets of undercrackers! Here I am wearing the Shyla skin in Caramel (I needed a tone change to match my Slink hands!!)  and the Mushu Underwear Set in Giraffe!!  These came with “appliers” from prim breasts and I even went as far as to purchase some, but I could NOT make them look good on me, so you get normal boobs :P. Also worn is one of Truth’s new hairs! There were three beauties this week, yay!

New @ Cinema & Truth

Next we have another new Truth hair, a longer, sleeker style with gorgeous bangs, then we have the Stoya skin from Candydoll, this is a bit more striking with dark brows and ruby red lips, again in the Caramel tone because I had matched my wrists and hands from Slink!   The Lacely top is also from Candydoll for Cinema and again comes with appliers but shown regularly here.

New @ Cinema & Truth

Leafy has a new Halloween themed skin out!  This is Amethyst – Crow Skin!  She’s hauntingly beautiful and was inspired by Miss Lovett from Sweeney Todd!  I love this, she’s so smooth and beautiful.. and.. the only word I want to use is haunting!  I popped on one of the new Wasabi Pills Cinema hairs in a white shade and I was away, the ID eyes from Cinema make it extra striking.

New @ Leafy

Finally, a new round of The Outlet Sales Room starts today, and there is a ton of lovely stuff awaiting you, from clothes to furniture!   This Alma Boyfriend Shirt from Kamouraska is just one of the things you can find, I paired it with the Evolve Bloody Jeans from Cinema and a Ploom hair and I felt ready for my day!

New @ Outlet Room (Kamouraska) & Cinema

All poses used are by aDORKable Poses!

**As usual all SLURLS are on the Store Locations page (events found at the top!) <3**

Leafy Love

Today I’m showing a bit of leafy love, I even got up and out of bed early to do a post, like the trooper I am! (or idiot, you decide)

Leafy is a store I do have skins from, and I love dearly, I don’t know why I don’t wear them more often, but I think after seeing myself in these gorgeous fantasy skins, I will be doing so!  Sapphire Midnight and Dusk are flanking the VIP group gift Amethyst – Paled Blue in the picture below, three very different, and very gorgeous fantasy coloured skins, the shading on the body is lovely, and isn’t lost on the darker tones, and as you can see from the middle skin compared to the outside ones, there is a cleavage option too!

The bikini I am wearing is also from Solange for Zodiac – Libra this month, it’s a really stunning lil number with prim corsages, perfect for this fantasy look, all hair show is NEW Ploom, there were four styles out just a couple days ago and all of them beautiful, mesh numbers, choose from a high pony to a short updo, or 2 versions of a longer style!

New @ Leafy 1

This pretty lil number below is Opal! She comes with 2 tones, light/dark/nobrow options and cleavage options too, there are various makeups and each makeup variation of the blue and green have options with or without the lip line, I’ve just shown a few combos below of what you can get

New @ Leafy 2

I’ve decided over on the Cute Life SL blog I am trying to go and be more “fantasy” than “regular”,  so the shopping starts here, people!


Hair: Ploom *ALL NEW*
Skin: Leafy *ALL NEW*
Bikini: Solange *Zodiac*
Poses: *Frooti

Slurls on Store Locations Page ❤

Skin Addictions Showcase!

Finaaaaaally, my lovely sissles, Wizzlit has posted a fair few skins from it, I, however, have only just got around to it!   Here we are tho 😀 YAY!

First we have Isla from League.  Nena is one of my fav skin makers, she makes things look so…. divine.   I chose Isla in the Pale tone, although not terribly pale if you compare to other pales, but my kinda pale nonetheless.  It comes in just this one, smokey gorgeous face but you do get various tattoo options, as you can see with the freckles and muted, matte lips on the lower facial picture.   It also comes with a handful of cleavage sizes and enhancers/dehancers on tattoo layers! GORGEOUS!

Skin Addiction Showcase - League | Isla | Pale

Next we have Sapphire from Leafy!  I own a few Leafy skins, this one is just… so sweet and innocent.   It comes in various tones, I chose the palest.   With it you get various options including teeth/no teeth etc.   The body is just wonderful on her, very well toned but not overly musclar, and not a seam in sight, well not that I clocked eyes on anyway 😀  You get two makeups, only a very subtle difference in eyeliner, but one pure, one.. not so pure.

Skin Addiction Showcase - Leafy | Sapphire

Not only do you get the “Vanilla” skintones for Sapphire, there is also a Sapphire Fantasy Collection in the whimsical colours below.  These come with two makeups also.  I love the lips on these, pursed but cute.. and of course, as above the bodywork is lovely.

Skin Addiction Showcase - Leafy | Sapphire | Fantasy

Finally for now we have the Shine skin, Escher!   This comes in various tones, and I’m SURE there were 5, but I only had 4 pics… so I might be leading you astray here. SORRY.   I love the pale tone, the darker tones, imo, are too dark, at least for my taste and it’s *so* hard to get a nice dark skin just right!   I’m also a bit ehhhh about the collarbones on these, they really do stand out, but the gorgeous face soon makes up for that.

Skin Addiction Showcase - Shine | Escher | Tones

These are the makeups in the fatpack.   A couple of really light, muted ones and the rest are quite extravagant! Maybe not for everyone, but I kinda dig them.  The pure face is really innocent looking with just a hint of lipgloss, then you get a more deeper eyeliner, then you get to the yellows and reds and pinks!  Soooo very cute!

Skin Addiction Showcase - Shine | Escher | Makeups

You also get various tattoo layers.  You get freckles on their own, teeth on their own, and then the two combined.   The slight difference in the teeth is one is called “sexy” and one is called “cute”.. cute has a slight gap between the teeth, as you can see below you can barely make it out.   Still for those that like options some nice choices here!  The freckles are some of my fav freckles i’ve seen so far too! CUTE!

Skin Addiction Showcase - Shine | Escher | Addons

The SA Showcase runs through til June 10th – MAKE SURE YOU GO