Out of your League

Yeah ok that isn’t true lolol, but LEAGUE! GET IT?! Yeah I’ll shut up.

Lelutka Appliers @ LeagueWELL OH WELL OH WELL! League has Lelutka appliers out, can I get a WOOT WOOT! I swung by there and got two out of the four packs available.   Luna and Milla are both stunning in their own right.  I’ve put them on different heads too so you can see them a couple different ways.  You can choose from both freckled and non freckled versions, and you can mix and match the eyes/lips as you see fit, obviously the usual Lelutka HUD works with them for overlay/gloss etc too!   So it means you can also wear these makeups over other skins, so mix and match heaven!   Each skin comes with several brow options and a “clean” skin, so you get a clean and 5 makeups, I am so tempted to go back and get the other 2 packs!  I also picked up the Maitreya Body Appliers whilst I was there, they are also perfect.  GO NENA!
Lelutka Appliers @ League - again!

Hair: Wasabi Pills @ Uber
Eyes: IKON
Ears: Mandala
Heads: Lelutka

LoTD – Where the Wicked Begins

All the wicked starts somewhere…  Maybe the evil ones are really princesses shrouded in darkness.. have you ever thought about that?

LoTD - Where the Wicked Begins

LoTD - Where the Wicked Begins


Hair: Milk | Queen of the Court
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Skylight | Onyx
Skin: The Sugar Garden | Heartless | Witch *Enchantment*
Horns/Veil: The Sugar Garden | Veil Horns | Black *Enchantment*
Corset: a i s l i n g | Elsa *We Love Roleplay*
Pasties: League | Duct Tape
Skirt: Blueberry | Pleated Skirt | Black
Tattoo: (flaunt) | Freedom | Black – Faded
Shoes: SySys | Damita

Slink Hands: Dark Passions | Koffin Nails | Wreck *Debauch Gacha*
Loud Mouth: The Sugar Garden | Heartless | Witch


HopScotch | 100 Years of Sleep *Enchantment*
Books: Lark
Candles: Pixel Mode
House: Trompe Loeil
Fairies: Baiastice

SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, unless linked


Just a mere 2 days left until the end of Shoetopia, so I bring you several pairs of shoes I fell in love with, but I have more! So expect another post before the end arrives!

Stuffs @ Shoetopia!

There were so many shoes, boots, and other goodies available that my little head was on a swivel! Then of course I got pugged up in RL and have been quite SL absent, but you know, they’re cute, cuter than SL, what can I say?!  Anyway above you see three of my fave items.   Boots from League, Shoes from Lassitude & Ennui and Ankle Booties from Tulip!  Each very different, one made for winter, one made for sexy times and one made for cute!

Boots @ Shoetopia!

Three of my top fave boots were from Apple Fall with the Ugg style boots, particularly those with the cat on! My cats aren’t keen on me atm, but I love them anyway so these were perfect.   The Plastik had a wide range on offer in so many styles, but these clunky knee highs screamed my name! I can’t wait to make an outfit around them, and the Ankle Booties with Fur from G-Field are just classy, I needed me some classy boots!

Flats @ Shoetopia!

I loved the flats selections, two of my faves being from Ingenue, and the last from Elysium, a new to me brand but not anymore!   I love the studded tips on the first pair from Ingenue, and the plainess of the second, and on Elysiums the little safety pin detail killed me! ADORABLE!
Heels @ Shoetopia!

There were OODLES of heels, but I felt the need to show you three from Boom, some lovely strappy numbers here, and a chunky wedge with ribbon detailing, something for everyone with these babies, for sure.

I will return with more shoes, boots and goodies before the end, I WILL TRY MY HARDEST, although you’ve seen the feeds, you’ve probably seen it all before, but <3333

Read all about Shoetopia and get the taxi’s over on the official blog!

Pancakes on a Tuesday

Absolutely random title, but if anyone is offering, I’m sure up for some!

Lenox @ FaMESHed

My oh MY FaMESHed birthday bash really did bring us so many gorgeous goodies, didn’t it? Best thing is… it’s still going on! This is the offering from Lenox.  The 1991 dress comes in various colours, but I fell in love with this browny colour, despite it being called cream!   The ruffles, the texturing, oh em gee it’s just gorgeousness in dress form, the cute little sculpted bow on the chestual (it’s a word, shut up) area makes it girly, as does the lace look to it, and the ruffles.. but it OOZES sex appeal!    It worked just great with the Video Games Truth hair from The Arcade, of which I didn’t get nearly enough colours of!  The pose is from Adorkable, eyes are from Ikon.. and the skin? well more about that below!

New @ League


This is Aria in Golden from League, one of three special editions release (all different tones) as a pre-release teaser and my oh my… how gorgeous?!   I don’t tend to wear a lot of darker skins, but I really fell in love with these, and it reminds me of an old old old old old Lost skin I used to wear many moons ago, which made me happy!   The lips are so kissable, the nose is perfect, the smokey makeup is divine..  what more can be said except GO FORTH, PURCHASE!!!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available.

Vintage Fair 2012 – Thrice!! and.. FaMESHed.

Hiii, not just VF today you guys, I am also here to say stuff about FaMESHed!!  So let’s start with that, incase I’ve Vintage Fair overloaded you!

These two looks are straight outta FaMESHed, one is from Cracked Mirror (CM) the other is from Geometry!!  The CM Mambo Jeans and Rita top come in an array of colours and all come in various sizes too.  The Rita tops come in three different versions per colour: full block colour, white top/colour bottom, black top/colour bottom!  The colours realllly compliment each other on all the items and I effin LOVE these jeans!!!   The Geometry Rorschach also comes in a great choice of colour options, I chose this understand duo as mine to show case though.  Very pretty and perfect paired with my new Elikatira Studio hair! LOVE LOVE!

FaMESHed - CM and Geometry

Ok, now I turn my hand back to Vintage Fair!  These dresses from Ingenue… are just… unf I can’t even describe, they are floaty, they are poofy and they are just soooo awesomely textured.  I chose just two, but I want the entire lot!  I chose the Lime Dot, and the Songbird.  They really are amazing dresses, and so well executed, I predict these will be HUGE sellers, I know I am going back for more!!!  The Songbird one is my fav, such little pops of colour, subtle but sweet.  I look and feel ADORABLE.

Vintage Fair 2012 - Ingenue

STOP THE PRESS. BEST RELEASE EVER FROM BAIASTICE.  I cannot even explain to you how in LOVE I am with these.    The Corsage Halter Neck and Lian Longuette Skirt come as separates and you can mix and match colours, or have a solid and look like a dress.  These are some of the most stunning pieces I have seen in mesh, and Baiastice amazes me more and more each day.   You can choose from 10 colours in each and they all come in various sizes.   I love that you can mix and match these, or wear as a whole… although i’m not entirely convinced about my Lime and Gold combo, but eh… experimenting.  Also, I have it on good authority (Gus!) that the ass is “sweet” 😛

Vintage Fair 2012 - Baiastice Montage

A gratuitous shot of Coral and Lime because I look SO EFFIN DELICIOUS! (ps there is a flower corsage, but I didn’t see it, because i’m an idiot and didn’t even think about the name of the top)

Vintage Fair 2012 - Baiastice

Have YOU saved enough?!

Quickity Bloggity!

UGGGH YOU GUYSSS, Mr Willis has had the PC all day! I’ve had to do terrible terrible RL things!!!  But it was a fun day and then I come back to hoards of demo pics of Leagues new Isla skin, so naturally I boot him off after he’s finished his “important” business and head STRAIGHT to League!!  So here is Leagues NEWEST skin: Isla!

Of course, I fatpacked it, in Fair.  I told myself I wouldn’t, but ummm, who was I kidding?!  You can see makeup sets A and B grouped together below.. the choices are great, you get black, blonde (wearing) or brown brow options, actual ON skin options, then you get chest C and D options, and you get the usual cleavage, hairbase, nail base, freckles options in the “extras” pack that comes with it. With the fatpack you also get bonus lipstick layers, they are MATTE versions of the lips in the correlating pack!

League Isla Fair - B
League Isla Fair - ATP to League ❤

Also released from Dilly Dolls are some new corsets, well.. textured differently corsets!  DD do some great stuffs, and I have blogged their corsets in the past, these are the Dola Lace ones and come in two options, one full lace, and one without the front being a lace panel option:

Dilly Dolls - Dola Lace Corsets

The corsets come with a HUD so you can change the various parts (laces, trim, front panel, side panel, eyelets etc)… very versatile!

TP to Dilly Dolls

Also yeah.. that’s a sneak peak of a NEW Elikatira Hair… it’s coming soon.. SOON!

Sn@tch and GRABBBB!

More newness from Sn@tch! Not all the newness, but NEWNESS!

Sn@tch - Newness

Click me for a bigger view!




So many different things!  I’ve started.. so i’ll finish:

Star Spangle Tee & Murphy Leather Mini – SO CUTE!! It’s all mesh and comes in all of Ivey’s regular sizes and packs (remember with Sn@tch you get ONE size in ALL colours).  Really cute tee’s with a glittery star and the leather mini? what can I say?!  It’s a lil poofy, a lot of sexy!

Chainlink Dangerous – An outfit for the not faint of heart! It comes with various colours of sexy, slinky Latex style top and a pair of gridline latex capris, and an additional belt.  I love Sn@tch’s latex, it’s got such a realistic look!

Bubbles the Clown Bikini – 7 combos of delicccccious colours for this simple, but sweet and sexy bikini.  What else can you say about a bikini? It’s lovely, it’s low cut, it’s a STEAL… and cmon, it’s called BUBBLES.

Chiara Mini Dress – This isn’t mesh, but it comes with top and bottom sculpt ruffles, and it’s worth it! I was so surprised it was a perfect fit with minimal tweaking!  I love the patterns on these dresses, and in such lovely colours too!

Star Spangle Tee & Payton Plaid Mini – So I flanked these babies at the end, it’s the tee again. THE TEE OF LOVELYNESS!! This time paired with the new plaid mini! It’s the same skirt as the Murphy, except it’s plaid, not leather.  Either way it’s still a great skirt and still a great tee. SO THERE.


Skins – Belleza | Mons | Glam Affair | League

Hairs – Exile | Shag | Elikatira | Truth

Poses – fri.day

One Voice – Looks!


I didn’t sign up to “officially” blog One Voice as this week i’m craaaazzzy busy, but I did go, and I did drop a TON of money and I still have to go back!  I do love a bit of shopping, but I do have to save up for hair fair too, and mentioning hair fair:

Hair Fair Demo Group

The time will soon be upon us *claps hands like a seal* and you can click to join at this location maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Deck/68/188/22 or paste secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about into chat and click in history to join the above group! WHO DOESN’T LOVE KNOWING WHAT THEY WANT TO BUY BEFORE THEY GO?! DO EET!

I have two looks for you from One Voice, this is the first!  The hair is Teeloh from Wasabi Pills, one of my all time fav hairs, a lil bit different!  I have chosen to mix and match the League dress that’s available, I bought both Turquoise and Pink (obvs) and they come in oodles of layers so you can mix and match!  I need to go back and get a third colour, right?! Also shown is the Glam Affair Roza skin!  All of these items are donation items! YAY!

One Voice - Look 1

The second look comprises MOSTLY of Essences!  The Moana skin is one of my favs in SL and it’s available as a special at the event!  But also available is this mesh biker style sleeveless vestjacket, and these shorts.  The shorts are not prim or mesh, just your good old regular clothing layer!   The hair is from Exile and is available in a special colour pack with various naturals!  Kinda love this look, not gunna lie!

One Voice - Look 2


Tp to One Voice

LoTD – 08/06/12


Two days on the trot so far, praise be, I might actually keep this up:

LoTD - 08/06/12

Had to pop on this gorgeous dress I found whilst sorting my inventory, along with some killer spiked heels and the gorgeous new skin from Glam Affair for C88!  So you have a cute dress, mixed with killer heels, a sweet bow ring and a ravens head necklace… do I scream chic homicidal maniac or what?

Hair: Exile | Violetta | Raven (Kavar Cleanslate) (old TDR)
Eyes: Mayfly | Deep Sky Mesh Eye | Spring Field (Arkesh Baral)
Skin: Glam Affair | Mia Natural | DiscoB (Aida Ewing) (Collabor88 – NEW)
Dress: MichaMi | Kima | Black (Milla Michinaga) (old TDR)
Necklace: League | Raven Necklace | Silver | Cream Ribbon (Nena Janus)
Ring: Maxi Gossamar | Gigi Shimmer Bow | Large (Maxi Gossamer)
Shoes: Ingenue | Khan Heels | Soot (Betty Doyle)
Pose: *Frooti | Biscuit | 4 (Frooti Lemondrop)

Skin Addictions Showcase!

Finaaaaaally, my lovely sissles, Wizzlit has posted a fair few skins from it, I, however, have only just got around to it!   Here we are tho 😀 YAY!

First we have Isla from League.  Nena is one of my fav skin makers, she makes things look so…. divine.   I chose Isla in the Pale tone, although not terribly pale if you compare to other pales, but my kinda pale nonetheless.  It comes in just this one, smokey gorgeous face but you do get various tattoo options, as you can see with the freckles and muted, matte lips on the lower facial picture.   It also comes with a handful of cleavage sizes and enhancers/dehancers on tattoo layers! GORGEOUS!

Skin Addiction Showcase - League | Isla | Pale

Next we have Sapphire from Leafy!  I own a few Leafy skins, this one is just… so sweet and innocent.   It comes in various tones, I chose the palest.   With it you get various options including teeth/no teeth etc.   The body is just wonderful on her, very well toned but not overly musclar, and not a seam in sight, well not that I clocked eyes on anyway 😀  You get two makeups, only a very subtle difference in eyeliner, but one pure, one.. not so pure.

Skin Addiction Showcase - Leafy | Sapphire

Not only do you get the “Vanilla” skintones for Sapphire, there is also a Sapphire Fantasy Collection in the whimsical colours below.  These come with two makeups also.  I love the lips on these, pursed but cute.. and of course, as above the bodywork is lovely.

Skin Addiction Showcase - Leafy | Sapphire | Fantasy

Finally for now we have the Shine skin, Escher!   This comes in various tones, and I’m SURE there were 5, but I only had 4 pics… so I might be leading you astray here. SORRY.   I love the pale tone, the darker tones, imo, are too dark, at least for my taste and it’s *so* hard to get a nice dark skin just right!   I’m also a bit ehhhh about the collarbones on these, they really do stand out, but the gorgeous face soon makes up for that.

Skin Addiction Showcase - Shine | Escher | Tones

These are the makeups in the fatpack.   A couple of really light, muted ones and the rest are quite extravagant! Maybe not for everyone, but I kinda dig them.  The pure face is really innocent looking with just a hint of lipgloss, then you get a more deeper eyeliner, then you get to the yellows and reds and pinks!  Soooo very cute!

Skin Addiction Showcase - Shine | Escher | Makeups

You also get various tattoo layers.  You get freckles on their own, teeth on their own, and then the two combined.   The slight difference in the teeth is one is called “sexy” and one is called “cute”.. cute has a slight gap between the teeth, as you can see below you can barely make it out.   Still for those that like options some nice choices here!  The freckles are some of my fav freckles i’ve seen so far too! CUTE!

Skin Addiction Showcase - Shine | Escher | Addons

The SA Showcase runs through til June 10th – MAKE SURE YOU GO