Yep, Hottie Cooterati’s Zodiac Event has kicked off with a new, and most possibly… the best round yet!!  Sagittarius is this rounds theme and why is it the best? Pfft, of course it’s because I am one! Plus the dude is a centaur.. cmon.  It’s fate that EVERY game I play I have to wear a bow? I don’t think so. ITS IN MY BLOOD!

Anyhooooo, there is a bunch of great goodies for you to pick up, I have picked a mere few for my first post and I will spreading them over the duration of the event, you can get clothes, poses, an array of piercings, artwork and more!

These facial tattoos from White Widow come in two different styles, and each style has 10 options, both with and without shadow, the hints of colour are subtle, but effective, and they make for some stunning additions to any skin, I am still wearing the Glam Affair skin from Bees Through the Seasons, gotta get my hands on the other two yet!!

White Widow @ HCE Zodiac

Also available from Zodiac is an array of jewellery type items, I have a few for you below!  The two bridle sets are from Evies Closet and are soooo gorgeous!  The minuscule detailing, the delicate chains, vines and flowers, all so pretty, and they were the perfect fit without having to faff at all, so they get bonus points.  In the picture on the left I added a bit of grunge to the look with the piercings from LOU LOU & Co, they come with a variation of sets so you can pick and choose what piercings you wear.  I did have to mod my ears to the shape they were supposed to fit because I could not even think about modding them to MY ears, too fiddly, but all that good info comes on a card! YAY!  The final item is the Sugarsmack hair!  A beehive style updo in a huge amount of textures, this hair was perfect for the pictures I wanted to take today, so I’m glad it was there!

Sagittarius @ HCE Zodiac


So don’t delay, vist today! – HCE’s ZODIAC!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page if available