Day 24 of 365 LoTD – Do you dress in Haste?

Well, if you don’t, sometimes you should!

Day 24 of 365 LoTD - Should you dress in Haste?

Todays centrepiece of the LoTD is the new Haste Flared Tube Top!   Shown here in the bird motif, it’s available in many ranging from like a sir, birdcage, crosses, trees and more!   It’s a simple mesh tube top that flares out, hence the name, one suspects :P… it goes lovely with pants, shorts or even skirts and I decided i’d whip out my pins for this look and donned my Miel Cargo Skirt, an old FLF item!   It’s so pretty and textured wonderfully.   My shoes I picked up on Marketplace just yesterday when browsing and are from the lovely store COCO!  I am going to head on over there in world shortly and see what else I can nab!     My hair is newish (well at least I only just discovered it) and is from Ploom, she makes such lovely styles that always makes me smile!   So I thought i’d slap a big old smile on my face and cheese for the camera in my pose from Adorkable!

As special mention goes to Perception for making the lovely necklace I am wearing, it’s a gorgeous little water pitcher/vase that is available at the current round of Zodiac!   I didn’t quite know when to wear it, so I figured now was a good a time as any ❤

Perception @ Zodiac

There you have it!

*SLURLS are found on the Store Locations page for Events and Stores, if available



Hair: Ploom | Fluster | Dipped 1
Skin: Glam Affair | Renee | Princess 01
Necklace: Perception | Aquarius | Silver *Zodiac*
Tattoo: LiQSuM | Nightmare | Light
Top: Haste | Flared Tube Top | Birds *NEW*
Skirt: Miel | Cargo Skirt | Ash
Shoes: COCO | Distressed Leather Sneakers | Two Tone
Pose: Adorkable

LoTD – Day 15 of 365 and THEN SOME!

Stuff, I have new stuff!!

Day 15 of 365 LoTD!

A quick LoTD today, one where I wanted to showcase my new top and boots!  The top was part of last weeks FLF and if you didn’t get it, I’m sure it’ll be out full price soon, if it already isn’t!   I picked up UK, USA and Spain, obviously I am wearing the UK one here.   The boots are new for L’Accessories from Lassitude and Ennui and are called “Lazy Boots”!   A flat, slouchy pair of leathery goodness for your peepies!  They come in various colours, but I thought Black would compliment my outfit more.   The necklace I am wearing from MONS is also new for L’Accessories and is a Lions Head, very detailed mesh item that you can have in Bronze, Silver and Gold!   Matching Earrings and Rings available too 😀

Also worn is a new Exile hair, and some H.O.F shorts along with a Glam Affair – Amberly skin, more about the hair below!

Glam Affair have released a bunch of goodies lately, I recently blogged their Zoya Headdress, now it’s the turn for the Mesh Liners! I am not a girl that thinks to accessorize often, because I feel I don’t do it well.  Mesh Liners are one of those things I dread, because I can never get them to look as great as everyone else!   These are super easy to fit though and are a nice addition to your facial unit.  I prefer to think of them as lashes rather than eyeliner, and pretty ones at that!  There are various styles available, with just 8 shown below ranging from gem studded all over, a lil flick of gem in the corner, pearls and actual studs!!  Definitely must check these out, really great for pictures!

Mesh Liner @ Glam Affair

Finally, Exile released three new hairs! Little Talks, Stay the Night and Don’t Wait!   I don’t think I have a fave, because they’re all so lovely!   But I am quite partial to Stay the Night, the way it just lays over your shoulder and is a bit poofy on top, like sexy bedhead… but a lot better looking.   But whether you want a long ponyish style, the tidy bedhead, or a simple long style… you are going to find all you need at Exile!  If you don’t like this release (hi, you will), you are bound to looooove something else there for sure!

New @ Exile

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page 

Credits for LoTD

Hair: Exile *As Above*
Skin: Glam Affair | Amberly | Artic 12
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | City Lights | Green
Necklace: MONS | The Lion King | Silver *L’Accessories*
Top: Miel | Punk Racerback | UK
Shorts: Color.Me.H.O.F | Tailored Shorts | Black
Nails: Izzies | Metallic Nails
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui | Lazy Boots | Black *L’Accessories*
Pose: *Frooti

The Autumn Bodyguard

So a few weeks ago the delectable Harvest Denzo set a challenge to blog with someone completely new, someone you have never blogged with before, I was a bit shy and was like naaah, noone would want to post with me! They’re all sooo awesome and I am a bit shy anyway, but to my surprise the lovely Katya Valeska asked me to post with her!!!  I was sooo excited and happy to be asked, I might have squeed my pants a lil!  She has a wonderful blog, an eye for style and is one of the most genuine, lovely people I have ever had the pleasure to talk with!   We really only knew each other from plurk, and I am happy to say (and I hope the feeling is mutual) that I class her a friend now and plan on bugging her constantly 😀

Finally we got together and I asked what to wear and Katya simply said “comfy autumn!” so, me, being not one to conform to anything that might actually make an ounce of sense, rocked up with what you see below, to which we discovered I looked more like Katya’s bodyguard than anything else, but we had a giggle and I couldn’t stay online long as I was referring a fight over an iPad between my girls, but I had a lovely time and I’m glad she dragged me out of my skybox!

Anyway, this is my version of the pic, see Katyas post for hers!

Katya & I - Autumnnnnn


Sweater: MIEL – Jersey Top – Natural / Miel Nirvana
Shorts: Erratic – Jessy Studded Shorts – Brown / Erratic Rain
Leggings: Izzie’s – Leggings – Aztec Print / Izzie Button
Boots: J’s – Studded Long Boot – Black / JB Gazov
Skin: Candydoll – Windy / Rebeca Dembo
Shape: MINE! MINE!! (like the Nemo gulls.. harhar)
Hair: Magika [Hair] – Tendancy / Sabina Gully
Nails:  Izzie’s – French Nails / Izzie Button
Eyes: IKON – Sunrise Eyes / Ikon Innovia
Pose: !bang / Luna Jubilee


Sweater:  e! Grace Turtleneck Sweater – Blush (s) / Eclectic Wingtips *FaMESHed*
Jeans: {mon tissu} Denim – Lou Lou – Used 1 / Elie Spot & Anouk Spot
Boots: {mon tissu} Heathrow Boots – Ash / Elie Spot & Anouk Spot
Ring:  PIDIDDLE – Baby Snow Fox Ring / Brutus Martinek
Skin:  Izzie’s – Elena Skin – Natural – RB
Shape: Her own
Hair:  [Elikatira] Garden – Red 05 / Elikapeka Tiramisu
Eyes:  .ID. Reflections / Mesh Eyes / Blue / Audrey Lamede
Eyelashes:  .ploom. lashes 06 / Helyanwe Vindaloo
Eyelashes:  Maitreya Mesh Eyelashes / Onyx LeShelle
Freckles:  Izzie’s – Elena Freckles Natural (body & face) / Izzie Button
Eyeliner:  Izzie’s – Elena Eyeliner / Izzie Button
Nails:  Izzie’s – French Nails / Izzie Button
Pose: *Frooti / Frooti Lemondrop