Nah, not the sexual kind, the Global Kind.  Hottie Cooterati’s new event kicked off and I am here to show you some of the goodies available, as well as some other bits.

Claim Yo Stuff!

Global Domination is an interactive gaming experience where you require a passport, and you need that baby to be stamped!    It isn’s a hunt, it’s a challenge.  There are varying levels of puzzle and lots of goodies to pick up along the way.  You can read more about the ins and outs of it here.  The three “Grand” prizes have already been claimed but there is still so much for you to do, win and have fun along the way.  Above is the pile of goodies that awaits you, with the lovely Kit to congratulate you.  Huzzah!

Global Domination

The entire set above is the prize from Mudhoney.  It’s a Madagascar Themed set of awesomeness!  The Ottoman is only available as an incentive gift, those are what you get if you buy your passport from that particular vendor, so if you love this, make sure you buy yours from there!  Or just buy ALL the passports to get ALL the gifts!   Everything else you see in the picture is included in the prize for a completed passport.  So much wonderfulness (it’s a word, honest).  Things that can work together, or on their own in any room at all.  It’s all meshy goodness too, so your land impact isn’t hammered.

LoTD - 15/02/13

Also worn in the picture, and with a closer look above is the gorgeous new set (but also available individually) from 22769 for The Gallery Gift Shop!  The body scarf comes in black and white, with the same choices for pants, and they are simply gorgeous!  I admit I didn’t try and stuff hair underneath it, but I liked it the way it was.   I paired it with a stunning TSG skin that I’ve had for a while and the Gos Barefeet for a simple, fresh look.

Happy Friday, everyone!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available.

Naked Between Four Walls

Four Walls Hunt is still ongoing, and you are missing out on some treats if you aren’t a part of it!

Naked Between Four Walls

I decided for this post i’d flounce around naked, or more… lounge.   So I donned my new Essences TDR skin and hair from Truth and draped myself over my Mudhoney Four Walls Gift!!!  This beautiful little pouffe… or whatever you’d like to call it comes in the most gorgeous vivid red and with bundles of poses, laying and sitting.  I opted for a laying one because you can’t see my tatas and that means I can go on the feed *troll face*.

Also shown is the wonderful desk from DIGS, a beautiful and classic piece.  It’ comes in an olive type greeny brown and complete with lamp and papers to shuffle, or at least pretend to shuffle!    What Next is also in the hunt with this wall Decor, I have a few of these now and I always love when another comes out!  This one is very pretty with a spring tree and birds, and a ladder which can be used to pose against.   Of course you may look at my picture and think “wtf is she doing with those three items together”… what can I say, I like to be different.  Three awesome items from three awesome stores!

Make sure you get started on the Hunt!!! You can find details on the Four Walls Blog

Home Expo – Third Time Lucky!

Helloooo again!

This is my 3rd and definitely NOT final Home Expo blog post! I still have so much to shoot AND buy, it’s shocking!  Anyhooo, here are a few more bits ❤

First up we have this gorgeous cottage from Thistle Homes! Now, it is supposed to be on stilts, but I kinda wanted to show that it doesn’t *have* to be (original vendor image linky)!  It’s a gorgeous little house that is texture change for an added bonus!   A cute little veranda/balcony at the front with lovely rustic slatted wooden doors, and a little patio at the back.

Thistle Homes Coastal Cottage - Outside - Home Expo

Inside is just as stunning.  Upstairs (top left) you can see the main bedroom with a HUGE window wall, letting in some amazing shadows that would look just awesome in pictures, and a smaller (top right) room, still big enough for a double bed and furniture, or a cute kiddies room!  The bottom (middle picture) opens up from the veranda with the aforementioned slatted doors and leads into a big, open space area with stairs leading up to the rooms up top with a lil room to the side (bottom pic) that would be perfectly utilised as a kitchen/dining area!  My pictures do not do it justice!  It’s the RFL donation item, so well worth taking a look at 😀

Thistle Homes Coastal Cottage - Inside - Home Expo

Now we have a lil mish mash of products!  The prefab these next pics are taken in is the absencen from Scarlet Creative!  A truely unique and wonderful design with a huge open wall of blinded windows and 2 massive walls of bookcases as one feature end, and a tree poking out of the skyhatch at the other!   It’s so pretty and AMAZING for shadow pictures.

The first picture has one of the RFL items from What Next!  The lovely Loungin Chair and a Half Sets and Wall Prints (wall prints not shown) have been designed to coordinate with the other music themed Loungin pieces at Culture Shock!  Which I blogged just a few posts back 😀  All the chair and a half (love that they are called that!!) sets seat two avatars as well as singles and there are friends and a few romantic poses!.  There are also a few poses that require props, and they ave given out to you, like the guitar you see me strumming!  I adore What Next and I need to go back and buy me some more stuff!

What Next & Scarlet Creative - Home Expo

In this set you see just a few of the items that Mudhoney has out!  This is the Laura Sofa (with the lil square pouffes) and the Chevron Pouffe!  The sofa is just delectable and has 12 couples anims and 15 single anims, so plenty to get you going!   I love the look of this, just a cosy sitting area, especially in the prefab I chose!  The Chevron Pouffe is a RFL item, so all money goes to a good cause, and it has 9 animations of it’s very own!  It’s great to see so many designers embracing mesh.

Mudhoney & Scarlet Creative - Home Expo

That’s it for this post! ❤

Thistle Homes @ Home Expo

Scarlet Creative @ Home Expo

What Next @ Home Expo

Mudhoney @ Home Expo