Day 28 of 365 LoTD!

Cuteeeeeeesy look today!

Day 28 of 365 LoTD

My LoTD took me to a new level today! I layered things. LAYERED THINGS! You’d think a veteran like myself (hi, it’s my 9th Rezday soon) I’d have learnt the art of layering and embraced it, but I lack simple skills sometimes, however… I knew what I wanted to wear with this so I branched out. SOMEONE GIVE ME A GOLD STAR.

I saw this COCO Sweater on the feeds and was like MINE MINE MINE, so I went and got it and then accidently wore my Ricielli Bandage Dress from TDR under it, and found it actually looked good!  So I just put on a larger version of the sweater over the dress and the look was born. HUZZAH!

I’m also wearing one of the new My Ugly Dorothy skins – Vivian.   You can see all the makeups below in the Burly tone.   I love how cute MUD Skins look on me, slightly different from my norm, but totally works too.

New @ My Ugly Dorothy

*SLURLS if available, can be found on the Store Locations Page


Hair: Truth | Laurie | Pumpkin *NEW*
Skin: My Ugly Dorothy | Vivian 08 | Burly *NEW*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Leather
Top: COCO | Cropped Sweater & Shirt | BeigeGrey
Dress: Ricielli | Bandage Minidress | Naked *TDR Fusion*
Jewellery: Donna Flora | Pigalle | Onix
Pose: *Frooti

coldLogic keeps us WARM!

So, I have a billionty “LoTD” type outfits saved, and I was going to post one today, but then coldLogic released and I had to try on ALL THE THINGS.  So here.. are ALL THE THINGS!

Before I start, I will say the skin I am wearing in ALL the pictures is the new skin from My Ugly Dorothy, it’s so darn tootin’ cute!! Shown here in the Salmon tone, this skin comes with 8 makeups and each makeup has teeth options too!  Every skin I try from there starts to suit me better and better!  I believe this may be my absolute fav from there thus far! SQUEEE!!

So, there are four pants releases and 10, count em, 10 top releases from coldLogic today, I think I’ve covered them all, but I went a bit cross eyed!  I’ll work from L-R in all the pics!

First we have the Calle Jeans paired with the Barden Top!  I love these denims from cL, the ass on them is great, and let’s face it, who doesn’t like a good looking ass???  They come in a variety of washes and 2 cuffs per wash/size!   The top is a nice, simple layered number with a thin long sleeved tank worn under a short sleeved jumper.  Cute for Autumn!   We then have the Kime Jeans with the Randy top.  Now I can’t lie, as much as I love the Kime Jeans they do seem to leave a large gap in between my thighs, but it might of been the poses I used and I have been futzing with my shape lately, didn’t stop me from donning them and feeling sexy tho!  The Randy top is pretty much the Barden top but sans stripes, and obvs different colours!

New @ coldLogic - 1

Hairs: Action | Exile

Next we have the Calle Jeans again, with the Cook Top! This might be my fav top of the bunch, a cute small ruched sleeved cardi over a super summery cowl neck shirt… easing you into the Fall seasons gently! I likey that idea!  Then we have the Cuoco Jeans with the Farrell Top!  The Cuoco Jeans are just as cute as their sister Calle ones!! Shown here in a darker wash but again available in many!  The Farrell Top is super warm looking, it’s a shirt under a Jumper style and the knit texture is just amazing! I feel and look so warm and cozy!

New @ coldLogic - 2

Hairs: LeLutka | Elikatira

Now you find me in the Calle Jeans again (I did love them!!) and the Hughes top!  This is Farrells sister, in a different pattern and different colours!   The crisp white shirt with a warm and comfy jumper over the top, rolled up sleeves with the shirt cuffs back… looks so cute!  Then we have the Kime Jeans again with the Stein Top!  The Stein is another layered lovely… a more square look to the bottom of this one, with smaller cuffs and no collar with a stripey, wider necked jumper over the top!

New @ coldLogic - 3

Hairs: Lamb | Exile

Now we find the Kime Jeans with the Jansen Top!  This top is a bit longer, infact it’s kind of a dress style top!  V-cut neck with shirt peeking out underneath and ruched around the hips for a realistic feel, it goes perfectly with the Kime Jeans and well.. all the other Jeans!!!  A shorter sleeved number, this is another one easing you into the chilly Autumn months.  I then popped on the Cuoco Jeans with the Perdue top!  This is the sister top to Stein, the shorter shirt underneath and the wider necked jumper on top, this time with fadey type stripes! SQUEE, I am getting excited for Autumn now!

New @ coldLogic - 4

Hairs: Truth | Elikatira

Finally we have the Cuoco Jeans with the Rhodes shirt, a baseball style longer top underneath with a shorter shirt over the top, all in block colours for a striking look!  A casual beauty, this one!  Perhaps one of my fav looks I’ve saved til last, this is the Simmonds Jean paired with the Swanson top!  These Jeans come in various pastel type colours, well.. not pastel but not denim! and are SOOOOO CUTE!!!  The jumper is also cute, but there isn’t much I can say about it except CUTE KNIT CUTE COLOURED BLOCK STRIPEY JUMPER!!!   I do love it though 😀

New @ coldLogic - 5

Hairs: Elikatira | Magika

And… that is all.

TP to coldLogic

Humpday Happiness…

is new skin and new stuff!

L’APH is now open at the Deck with a new collection, in a wide array of colours!

There are dresses, shoes, pants… sooo many goodies with standard sizing in place and oodles of colours! I opted to show the three dresses and the heels… but you can get pants and flats too… that you will have to travel to see, or I might blog them later, I felt GIRLY today tho, so dresses it was!   These are lovely, the texturing is lovely and smooth and the shoes particularly are adorable!  This is Aphrodite Outlanders first all mesh release since coming back to SL and it’s definitely worth a look, demo the goods, then when you fall in love, buy buy buy!!!

New @ L'Aph

My Ugly Dorothy has 2 new skins out too!  There is a light one, and a darker one.  I particularl fell in love with my face in the lighter skin, even with the teeth!  These teeth have a teeny tiny gap in them, and they come on the actual skin itself but you get both non teeth and teeth skins so thats all good!  They aren’t skins that will suit everyone but I really like how they fit my face just as well as my fav skins do!

My Ugly Dorothy - 1

This i the darker one, and I did find this didn’t fit AS well as the paler skin, the lips are slightly more turned up in a smiley kind of way and for some reason my eyes look HUGEEEE, but it’s still a sweet skin!  The hair worn is from DeLa too, if you were wondering!

My Ugly Dorothy - 2


Friday Night and…

something or other!  I am blogging, not sure if i’ll be around much this weekend, my 4yr old has a “graduation” ceremony at nursery! LOL… so we will be there most of the day! 🙂  Just a few more bits and bobs I snapped today while I had some “me” time!

First up we have a new skin from My Ugly Dorothy! This is Heather.  I’ve shown her in the “Salmon” tone, but you can find two others in store.  I love how fresh these skins look, not over processed, just.. natural, blemishes and all!   They come with both lip and teeth skin options, and I’ve shown a mix of both.  You get tattoo layers for eyebrows too!   A really really nice skin for those of you that like a more natural/hand drawn look to your skins, kinda cutsey/young looking, love it on me, although it’s a bit different… I really do think it’s amazing how different a skin can make you look!


Next we have two new Truth hairs!  Meet Elsa and Soleil!  Elsa is the only mesh style this week, Elsa is just plain ole prims (feels weird saying that!)  Really love the side bun on Elsa, very cute looking!  Soleil is a lovely hair too, although I found it a bit big on me and had to resize a lil, but it still looked heavy on my head!  Really pretty large up do tho, wish I could get my hair to stay like either of these styles all day!!  Top is from Ingenue for FLF and is lovely too!

New Truth Hair

Next we have some Glam Affair goodies!  The new TDR just opened up and this is the skin you can find there this time around, GORGEOUS!  Really natural looking with some heavy blush and all for just $L70 or something insane (I think it’s that, I just click and buy now like a machine!).  The top is also GA, and is available at Collabor88.  I found the sizing a bit odd on me, my hands poked out through the sleeves like my arms needed to be longer, but I fiddled and faffed and made it work, because it’s just TOO pretty!

Glam Affair

Now, Cheeky Pea and Funky Junk for FLF!  I love furniture for FLF, hell, I love anything for FLF!  The Cheeky Pea Memories Mirror is gorgeous, it comes in three different styles, and of course you can add your own pics instead of the ones it comes with, you can see me creeping on Isla in this picture :D.   The Funky Junk Vintage Sideboard is another classic too! As you can see i’m leaning toward the drinks. HICCUP!

50 Linden Friday for the Home!

Finally we have a sneak peak from the Fashion Voodooevent that starts today at 6pm SLT! Belleza is one of the sponsors and has a skin out which is being sold with gorgeous smokey eyes and 5 different lipsticks included as well as smeared mascara on tattoo layers, you get two different mascara tattoos, but I put them together in one of the pics for a more dramatic look, not everything is shown here but a good start!  You get cleavage tats/underwear layers too, 5 skin tones are available and each is $L1200

Belleza for Fashion Voodoo

Also there will be Shabby Cat with these wonderful mesh tanks complete with winged skull, and an array of fantastic items from The Plastik, one of which is this skirt, which fit like a fookin GLOVE and I love… as well as more, but I’ll get back on and show you more of those later ❤

Fashion Voodoo - Belleza | Shabby Cat | Plastik

You can click all the store names to TP to where you can find their items (or the event name!) Happy Friday and have a great weekend, everyone ❤

More Newness!

Hiiii, a couple more bits from Zodiac now it’s open! annnnd a new skin and new hair and other new stuffs!

This gorgeous vest top, the mesh tangled belt and mesh skirt can be found at Zodiac.  Kyoot have the vest top out in various earthy tones, oh they are so lovely! I do love me a bit of Kyoot!  I found the browny coloured one (ok a few are brown) went perfectly with the lovely slit side mesh skirt from Elymode!  That also comes in various colours, and sizes and has lovely summery sunflowers on it.  Cute!  Finally from this post the Aura Knotted Summer belt, available in different combos, and it comes with various sizes, although I had to put the non rigged, mod version on to make it fit my child bearing hips!  It’s a lovely boho hippy style number, cute as a BUTTON.

You might notice the 2 new Truth hairs also!   Milly and Kara!  Milly comes with colour change hud for the pins, and both are rigged mesh.  I think Kara looks a bit… lioness… so fits in nicely with the Leo them of Zodiac!

Hottie Cooterati - Zodiac - Leo - Kyoot | Aura | Elymode

The Plastik is one of those stores that I love, but I never know if I can pull off, I decided to say eff it, and today I trotted to the marketplace and purchased this corset and tank top! Both mesh and both come in various sizes, although with the corset I found L fit me better than my usual M or S but it is a wasp style one, so that might of had some impact.   I love to see what the store is doing with mesh, it just keeps improving imo.. now to go back and get those horns!

Plastik - New Goodies

Finally the new skin from My Ugly Dorothy. Twiggy comes in three tones, the palest of which is shown here.    There is a “base” skin then 8 different makeups each with a teeth layer. A very young/cutesy looking skin, so it won’t suit everyone, but i’m pretty happy with how it looks on me!

My Ugly DorothyPoses from Zodiac by Adorkable and Glitterati!