Thank FOOK it’s Friday!

YAY FRIDAY, most peoples favourite day, well if you judge by all the TGIF that goes on! I’m busy in RL this weekend so I am here with a little look of the day and some kick ass furniture! HUZZAH!

A Little Look

Perception make some of the lovliest corsets around, and this offering for the Love Donna Flora event is a wasp waisted beaut!   With detailed ribboning on the back and a little splattering of hearts and pink ribbons on the actual corset, this is not only for a good cause, it’s pretty too!  I am wearing it with just one of the new Maxi Gossamer items you can find at the brand new round of FaMESHed! So many goodies there this time, but this gorgeous drop necklace matched my look perfectly, so on it went!   My hair is from Letluka and I wish i’d have got more tones when I was at Hair Fair! I hope they weren’t exclusives, I love the star pin, so cute!  I am still wearing Harley from Pink Fuel, except I added one of Mochi’s Ink lip tattoos from marketplace to the look to make it more striking.  I finished off the look with some gorgeous eyes from Insufferable Dastard!

The Challenge - Black and White - 22769

The Challenge, as you know from my previous posts, and of course everyone elses has a Black and White theme this time!   Above you can see just 3 of the plethora of items available from 22769 Bauwerk!   This is the PG version of the bed, a gorgeous lamp and a stunning twisty twig vase!   The items are all so well made and textured to perfection, as with all 22769 items whether it be homeware or clothing!  The bed comes with various poses and you can also get an adult version.   The quilted headboard matches the Chesterfield Sofa also available but not shown, so really you have a whole room in one!

I am showcasing it in the Hate This Ivory Skybox, you can see a little collage below of the details… the gorgeous bumpy light ceiling mesmerised me! I love it, so bright and beautiful complete with draped windows,  brocade backed shelving and more, this skybox is for those of us that like to live the bright life! I would have loved to see an Ebony version too, for when I want to be darker, maybe in the future we will see one!

The Challenge - Black and White - Hate This

Thats all folks! Happy Friday ❤

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Ram it in!

Yeah.. no, sorry about that title, I was trying to be clever about this post, because it’s mainly about HCE’s Zodiac! A new Aries round is upon us and I am exciiiiited!

LoTD - Aries Style

The Aries round of Zodiac brings us so many gorgeous goodies, I could barely contain myself.  I’ll try and not be TOO super chatty, but give you all the info you need.   Firstly the pose I am using is one from !Bang… they have two pose sets out for this round of Zodiac, both very cute and each with 5 poses.    I’m also wearing a most divine corset from Perception, it’s a really vivid blurple kind of colour with constellations and stars and oh it’s so cute!   It comes in many size options and even comes with additional/optional lace top which gives it that extra bit of sexyness.  Of course I was naked from the waist down but figured you guys didn’t want to see my lady garden, so I popped on a pair of Erratic Leather Pants!    The hair is from Ploom and they look like cute little ram horns, aren’t they ADORABLE?!  The daisies are optional and just give that extra girly look, I wanted to fatpack but I had to slap my hands! More about the other stuff below.

Essences @ Zodiac

The skin is from Essences and is as gorgeous as ever.    You get a choice of 3 makeups in 3 tones and all with additional goodies like appliers, brows etc.   Essences skins are looking so great, I’ve been a fan of the brand for a very long time and Inka does a wonderful job in making such cute and gorgeous skins.   These are all very pure and natural looking and look great with IKON eyes, I find they really bring out the gorgeousness of the skin, but then I may be biased 😀

Adore & Abhor @ Zodiac

ADORE AND ABHOR YOU GUYS… SUPPLIED THESE! AREN’T THEY CUTE?!   They come in gacha form, with the white diamond one in the middle being the rare, they are huggeable little sheeples!   I can’t even with how adorable they are, they come scripted so you automatically hug them and hold them in your arm and they look like they have little cupcakes on their head and omgggg their eyes and their little dangly arms and legs and hooves and things.  You can also get a pack for FLF, those are the four shown below.   Never to be sold again!  GET THEM!

FLF from Adore & Abhor

Finally a couple of annoucements.  This gorgeous picture taken by Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea is a teaser for the upcoming “The Garden” event from The Liaison Collaborative!   The Boutique (which is still going on) has proven to be one of the most lovely events with so many wonderful goodies, I do love a good event and these girls seem to have that in hand.   So just a sneaky peek of the gorgeous build!

Coming Soon to The Liaison Collaborative...

Finally Erratic has moved just across to Le Look and are having a 50% off sale so you make sure you find it!  How awesome is that.  A store full of goodies at half price. WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?!


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Day 24 of 365 LoTD – Do you dress in Haste?

Well, if you don’t, sometimes you should!

Day 24 of 365 LoTD - Should you dress in Haste?

Todays centrepiece of the LoTD is the new Haste Flared Tube Top!   Shown here in the bird motif, it’s available in many ranging from like a sir, birdcage, crosses, trees and more!   It’s a simple mesh tube top that flares out, hence the name, one suspects :P… it goes lovely with pants, shorts or even skirts and I decided i’d whip out my pins for this look and donned my Miel Cargo Skirt, an old FLF item!   It’s so pretty and textured wonderfully.   My shoes I picked up on Marketplace just yesterday when browsing and are from the lovely store COCO!  I am going to head on over there in world shortly and see what else I can nab!     My hair is newish (well at least I only just discovered it) and is from Ploom, she makes such lovely styles that always makes me smile!   So I thought i’d slap a big old smile on my face and cheese for the camera in my pose from Adorkable!

As special mention goes to Perception for making the lovely necklace I am wearing, it’s a gorgeous little water pitcher/vase that is available at the current round of Zodiac!   I didn’t quite know when to wear it, so I figured now was a good a time as any ❤

Perception @ Zodiac

There you have it!

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Hair: Ploom | Fluster | Dipped 1
Skin: Glam Affair | Renee | Princess 01
Necklace: Perception | Aquarius | Silver *Zodiac*
Tattoo: LiQSuM | Nightmare | Light
Top: Haste | Flared Tube Top | Birds *NEW*
Skirt: Miel | Cargo Skirt | Ash
Shoes: COCO | Distressed Leather Sneakers | Two Tone
Pose: Adorkable