Day 23 of 365 – Is Less More?

It is today!

Day 23 of 365 LoTD Posts

Today I am barely wearing a thing? and why? Because I can… or can not… which one is it? IDK and IDC!   This lovely mesh Bra/Bikini/Shell Appliance is available from PIDIDDLE from the latest round of Zodiac, she comes in two colours and I chose the lovely pink, the other is a yellowy colour!  The shells are just so dainty and girly, and the pearls are a great touch, you can make it bigger and smaller too, so it will cover any size tata!   I’m also wearing under them my Lush Mesh Breasts, complete with Belleza applier!   PXL have now also released appliers for Lush too, weeeee!

Also worn is the gorgeous Ava skin that was recently released by Belleza, Insufferable Dastard Eyes… and I mix and matched those, and a Truth hair.   That’s about it for today, I am SUPER DUPER tired!


Hair: Truth | January | Mocha
Skin: Belleza | Ava | Fair | 5
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | City Lights | Magenta & Violet
Breasts: Lush w/Belleza Appliers
Bikini: PIDIDDLE | Sea Maiden Bra | Sea Princess *Zodiac*
Pose: *Frooti

What is in MY Attic?

Well if you come to my actual attic, a bunch of baby clothes, a pram and random crap I’ve supposed to have gotten rid of but want to keep.. but whats in My Attic in SL? Something entirely different.

New @ My Attic | Luxuria

The store Luxuria have made a reappearance with this lovely lingerie set that you can can wear with or without mesh underbust corset!  The set itself is a lovely plain satin in black with various ways of wearing, and the corset comes in a handful of colours and is the perfect thing for someone to find under their christmas tree this year, no matter WHO unwraps it!   My Attic is full of wonderful goodies, and I shall be bring you some more at a later date but also available are a set of pouty lipsticks from Pididdle!   With a few colours to suit almost anyone (except maybe those that like super dark lips) these are wonderfully pouty and I think they compliment my gorgeous Insufferable Dastard Skin and Eyes just perfectly.

New @ My Attic | Pididdle

Zombie Suicide is a store that has a lot of different things, probably to suit the more… pierced and dark among us, and this new wonderful piercing is available at The Black Market and it’s a beaut!  It has colour change gems, I chose Yellow cos it’s my birthday and I love yellow, but there are a ton to choose from!  Check them out! 😀

New @ Cute Poison for Black Market

Now I’m off to enjoy the rest of my bday incase the world really does end, have a great day everyone, stay safe ❤

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page

An Eventful Time!

There are still an abundance of events going on, hell, when ISN’T there an abundance of events going on!?! But some of the best ones I’ve been to are still rocking, and some of the best I have yet to go to… are almost upon us!

First a look at a few bits that are coming up for The Arcade from Sways and Pididdle!

I CANNOT. CAN.NOT with how gorgeous these items from Sway are. These Clocks might actually be some of the best items I’ve seen in SL, ever. The work that must have gone into them is mindblowing. The texturing on them is simply divine and they are the cutest things EVER!!!! There is something for everyone, I believe, that will fit into the decor of anyones room, and if not.. just get them because they are fookin’ adorbs.

Sways @ The Arcade - Coming Soon

There are 10 to collect, each with their own mini theme, moving pendulums and working time, the land impact of these babies is only 5LI too!  I’ve taken a few close up shots of the main feature of the clocks, and I can’t stop looking at it because it’s THAT pretty!!!    I imagine these will be one of the hottest swap/sought after items at The Arcade this round!

Sways @ The Arcade | Close Ups - Coming Soon

Also coming to The Arcade are these wonderful necklaces from Pididdle, you can see the whole collection here and below are a couple The Review Collective was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at!  You can see Holy Water, Silver Glitter, Some Teeth I Found and Butterfly below… I know I’ll be playing till my lindens are GONE to collect all the others especially Dust Bunnies and Last Years Winter!   They come in a cord style necklace and the jar is finished off with a cute bow as you can see, some fine work here guys.

Pididdle @ The Arcade - Coming Soon

Finally a little mini look of the day for you, just to showcase some items from ongoing events, and upcoming ones!   The skin I am wearing is the Essences With Love Hunt 2012 item and she is a beauty!  Saga – With Love ❤ is a pale pink princess, fit for a queen though!   I decided to pair her with the Eku Top from Geometry for UnhingedSL, I Digress Hair from Clawtooth still available at Collabor88 and both the Noodles Hair Clip and BeeHive Antenna from Bees Through the Seasons

Mini LoTD - Events!

I do hope you take a look at the events still going on, you can find details from events i’ve covered on my Store Locations Page along with any SLURL or blog details on them, if available!


Hair: Clawtooth | I Digress | Classic Brunette *Collabor88*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Skin: Essences | Saga Skin | With Love Top: Geometry | Eku Crop | Black *UnghingedSL*
Hair Clip: Noodles | Collect Some Honey Hair Clip | Gold *Bees Through the Seasons*
Antenna: BeeHive | Bees Antenna | Black *Bees Through the Seasons*
Pose: *Frooti


Bees Through the Seasons is a new event that will grace the grid 4 times a year, 1 time for each season! The event will last a month only and each Season a new batch of creators will be busy bees making new items, and there is a slight theme to match the season in the little bee garden.   It’s a smallish event but oh eh GEE, it’s fantastic… if you would like to join the inworld group, here is your taxi!

This is the Bee Garden *DIES OF CUTE*

BTtS - Collage

I am lucky enough to be a blogger, so I get a bit of preview, all I can say is I tp’d, I spent a bunch of lindens, squee’d my pants and left.   I threw together a look of the day with just a few of the items I have!

We have the most GORGEOUS dress from Ingenue, it’s available in an array of gorgeous colours, I chose only 2, but I have a feeling I may be going back for more.  I couldn’t resist the Bow from Pididdle, ESPECIALLY the one with all the tiny lil bees on it!!!  I’m lucky it matches my new gorgeous hair and didn’t need adjusting at all!  The skin I am wearing is one of three available at the event from Glam Affair, the other two have a mix of black/yellow im them, this is a bit more subtle with glorious cat eyes and just the one black stripe.  I’m also wearing some of the most gorgeous jewellery I have EVER seen.. more about that below.

Bees Through the Seasons - LOTD


These to die for items are from OhMai and OH MY… is not even enough to convey the amount of ASLDFJASLFASLDFJASDLFJ that happened when I saw them.  I have taken a few close up shots of both the rings and posts in just four of the textures available.  They are SO detailed and SO beautiful that you will not be able to resist, they are also suppppppppper reasonable, like, stupidly reasonable!!   The workmanship on these pieces is just mindblowing, the amount of detail will leave your mouth hanging wide open, they are so beautiful that I could sit here and just copy/paste the words OH EM GEE, all day… instead I will just drool a little.

OhMai @ Bees Through the Seasons


A lil outtake from my blogging, my new dog.. SAMMY BEE needed a cuddle.  Yes people, it’s a dog dressed as a bee.  You don’t HAVE to dress him as a bee, but why wouldn’t you, is a question I would pose to you.  Of course Sammy is available from the event.


Finally just a lil collage of shots I took at the venue, because it’s simply amazeballs.. or amazebees.

Bees Through the Seasons

SLURL will go live when the location is open!


Skin: Glam Affair | Roza | Honey Bee 02 *Bees Through the Seasons*
Hair: Wasabi Pills | Joy2 | Pancake
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Bow: Pididdle | Bowtastic Hairbow | BeeHive Sp.Ed *Bees Through the Seasons*
Dress: Ingenue | Tulip | Spring Green *Bees Through the Seasons*
Nails: Izzies
Jewellery: !OhMai | Antique Bee Ring/Posts | Rosegold *Bees Through the Seasons*
Dog: Sweet Distractions & Kobold Studios | Sammy Bee *Bees Through the Seasons*
Pose: *Frooti

Wednesday’s Child…

… is full of grace. WELP, that’s not me then *buarts*… that’s a.. well I don’t think I need to explain what it is. I may not be a lady sometimes, but I do try and look like one, upon occasion, this is such an occasion.

I love this headpiece from Pididdle, it was recently set out at a discounted price for My Attic, and I fell in love.  It’s a bit large, it’s a flower, and it’s not terribly Willisesque, but I think it makes a stunning addition to the look I tried to cobble together today!  I don’t know if these are out in the main Pididdle store yet, but I hope they soon will be!   I am also wearing the new Elikatira release: Interrupt!  There is a tale of woe and misery and broken harddrives behind the name, all of which I pined throughout for Elika to come online and get the hair rigged and sorted, and yesterday it happened!

It’s such a beautiful style, a long loose braid, and the back is just as gorgeous with a bit of a bouffant braiding going on, loosely relaxing on the nape of your neck, a really nice detail, I thought.  I paired it with the Wednesday Outfit from Shabby Cat, which is an ode to Wednesday Addams, one assumes!  It is a pretty little mesh number complete with socks, that you can’t see *helpful face*, and finally the new awesome piercing from Cute Poison!  Sae is ROCKING the piercings lately, and always has done, I remember Sae from way back when we were noobs, and she was just as talented then as she is now! I love her piercings as they are colour change, so I made this pretty cross all pink and sparkly, like my massive flower headpiece! TADA!  Look complete.  Well.. as soon as I popped on the Al Vulo skin, that is.  She just tops the look off perfectly.

Wednesdays Child

Also new, and again a little late for the Halloween type centrepiece here… This is the Anne skin from Reila, these are just 7 of the 12 skins available, all in this tone.   The lips on this Reila Skin are a LOT better on me than the previous skin I blogged, and less pouty, although I do think I could work on them some more, but overall I’m pretty happy with how this fit on Willis with no tweaking.  There are various makeups available, from barely there to more flamboyant butterfly eyes or flowers, or my fav, the bloody masterpiece!  You get the eyes I am wearing, a cleaveage/non cleavage skin and teeth tattoo with all purchases too!

New @ Reila Skins - Anne

SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page!

Cinema – Catty and the Beast

So… once upon a time there was a girl, she lived a dark and lonely life… she felt compelled to live in the shadows, for her ghastly face and sorrowful looked scared even the hardiest of men.  She spent her days planning and plotting, invading houses under the cover of the night and stealing jewels, gems and heirlooms… anything that would help her in her quest to find the perfect face, the face she had dreamed of for so long.  Her tears ran red as the anger took over, she didn’t understand what she had done to deserve the face bestowed upon her, why had she been cursed like this, why?

Cinema - Coming Soon 1

Solitude was such a lonely place to dwell, she bowed her head in shame and sorrow, weeping  as he drew the lines on her body, across her chest, down her forehead, he swept his pen across her body and gently cupped her face in his hands “You will be beautiful, my love, even more beautiful and powerful than you can imagine” and gently brushed his lips against hers, her stained lips pressing tight against his (ok don’t wanna go 50 shades of frankensex here)… “thank you” was all she could manage.

Cinema - Coming Soon 1 - Take 2

Just mere weeks later it was time for her to see what had become of her face… was it perfection as promised? was she going to look as she’d always dreamed.  He propped a mirror in front of her and she gasped, she was beautiful, even more so than she’d imagined…  her heart fluttered and her soul danced as she clutched her pearls, the ones she’d taken the very night she’d been cursed, she stood firm and strong, tall and proud as she studied his handiwork… the mask was perfect, it hid her scars whilst allowing her piercing eyes to shine their sparkling yellow against the darkness of the mask… her ruby red hair flowed gently in the breeze.

“You made me the perfect disguise, prettier than the beast I was, but still a mystery to others…. but why the cat?” she smiled at him, purring…. “Beacuse you are a majestic creature, one to behold, to fear, to love, to worship, to respect, you have the stealth and grace that no feline could match” he replied, his smile crooked as he gazed adoringly at his masterpiece… his key to fortune.

This was the beginning of forever, or was it?

Cinema - Coming Soon - 2

Cinema 2012 – Coming SOON!


Bodysuit/Tattoo/Nails/Mask – Pididdle | Undead Perfection @ Cinema 2012
Hair – Mina | Kat @ Cinema 2012
Eyes – ID | Alien | Yellow @ Cinema 2012
Skin – MONS | Naamah | Light @ Cinema 2012
Necklace – Carolines | Audrey Pearl Necklace | White/Silver @ Cinema 2012
Poses – aDORKable

The Autumn Bodyguard

So a few weeks ago the delectable Harvest Denzo set a challenge to blog with someone completely new, someone you have never blogged with before, I was a bit shy and was like naaah, noone would want to post with me! They’re all sooo awesome and I am a bit shy anyway, but to my surprise the lovely Katya Valeska asked me to post with her!!!  I was sooo excited and happy to be asked, I might have squeed my pants a lil!  She has a wonderful blog, an eye for style and is one of the most genuine, lovely people I have ever had the pleasure to talk with!   We really only knew each other from plurk, and I am happy to say (and I hope the feeling is mutual) that I class her a friend now and plan on bugging her constantly 😀

Finally we got together and I asked what to wear and Katya simply said “comfy autumn!” so, me, being not one to conform to anything that might actually make an ounce of sense, rocked up with what you see below, to which we discovered I looked more like Katya’s bodyguard than anything else, but we had a giggle and I couldn’t stay online long as I was referring a fight over an iPad between my girls, but I had a lovely time and I’m glad she dragged me out of my skybox!

Anyway, this is my version of the pic, see Katyas post for hers!

Katya & I - Autumnnnnn


Sweater: MIEL – Jersey Top – Natural / Miel Nirvana
Shorts: Erratic – Jessy Studded Shorts – Brown / Erratic Rain
Leggings: Izzie’s – Leggings – Aztec Print / Izzie Button
Boots: J’s – Studded Long Boot – Black / JB Gazov
Skin: Candydoll – Windy / Rebeca Dembo
Shape: MINE! MINE!! (like the Nemo gulls.. harhar)
Hair: Magika [Hair] – Tendancy / Sabina Gully
Nails:  Izzie’s – French Nails / Izzie Button
Eyes: IKON – Sunrise Eyes / Ikon Innovia
Pose: !bang / Luna Jubilee


Sweater:  e! Grace Turtleneck Sweater – Blush (s) / Eclectic Wingtips *FaMESHed*
Jeans: {mon tissu} Denim – Lou Lou – Used 1 / Elie Spot & Anouk Spot
Boots: {mon tissu} Heathrow Boots – Ash / Elie Spot & Anouk Spot
Ring:  PIDIDDLE – Baby Snow Fox Ring / Brutus Martinek
Skin:  Izzie’s – Elena Skin – Natural – RB
Shape: Her own
Hair:  [Elikatira] Garden – Red 05 / Elikapeka Tiramisu
Eyes:  .ID. Reflections / Mesh Eyes / Blue / Audrey Lamede
Eyelashes:  .ploom. lashes 06 / Helyanwe Vindaloo
Eyelashes:  Maitreya Mesh Eyelashes / Onyx LeShelle
Freckles:  Izzie’s – Elena Freckles Natural (body & face) / Izzie Button
Eyeliner:  Izzie’s – Elena Eyeliner / Izzie Button
Nails:  Izzie’s – French Nails / Izzie Button
Pose: *Frooti / Frooti Lemondrop

2 Verrryyyy different looks!

Hallo, Ratfans!

I thought i’d come back tonight with 2 different looks for you!  One entirely made up of Vintage Fair 2012 (well, almost, I still have to go back to get me some SHOOZ) and one made up entirely (again, almost) from Collabor88 which opens it’s doors a midnight SLT! (I think).

A majority of what I’m wearing here is from Bilo!  You have the Betty Blouse paired with the Donna Skirt, I love these! I love how mix and matchable the colours are too.  They are all mesh and come in all the regular sizes and area GREAT fit.  The blouse is a “puffy” style blouse, so you might find some poses don’t work as well arm wise, but it’s a totally adorable shirt, classy but in a sexy way!    The skin is also from Bilo and is the VF12 Exclusive: Leena!  She only comes in one tone/makeup, and the lips are a lil pouty on me, but it’s a lovely skin!   I popped on the Delia hair from Adore & Abhor, which also comes in an array of colours (an ombre shown here), a really cute updo!   Weeeee… I look kinda classy, how odd.

Willow Zander - Vintage Fair 2012 - Bilo | A&A

Now we have some sneaky peeks of some Collabor88 stuffs! The theme this time is Baroque!   This bodysuit from Willow captures it perfectly.   I’m not entirely sure what one is supposed to do with a bodysuit, so I put on some of the Fleurir shades that will be available from Pididdle!   They are mesh but resize scripted, so you can fiddle around with sizes, and they come in a range of colours, as do the bodysuits!   I paired it off with a TB skin and a Lamb hair and pulled a funny face, as you do!  Collabor88 opens SOON and here is your Taxi

Collabor88 - Willow | Pididdle

All poses here are from Adorkable and are available at Vintage fair! There are a good 5 or 6 packs out (my mind escapes just how many) but they range from cute poses to more retro poses, and they all come with mirrors too! Adorkable Poses are SUCH a steal, i’ll do another feature on them another day!

More Culture Shock!!!

Yep, even more and this will be VERY image heavy, because, well.. it’s my blog and I want it to be.  I will try to witter minimally! 😛

First we have one of 3 CS Donation Items from Damned, this GORGEOUS facepaint skin, I am so in love with my face in this, srsly.   I paired that with the Wasabi Pills CS Donation Hair and a wraparound top from Pididdle!  The top is available in TONS of colours, and comes with an attachable bow at the back!!!  HOW CUTE AM I RIGHT THUR?

Damned | Pididdle  - Culture Shock

I visited Aura next and picked up another pair of the fantastic mesh Jeans, Ruffle top and a lil crop top that is made for underboobage!  There are tons of colours of the ruffle top there, and patterns!  And the underboob top (renamed it Tyr, sorry) comes in various colours too!  The jeans have loads of washes and are bloody adorable, although I was sadface my ass had to fit into M!  I’d been on an S run lately lol!  Love love.  The skin i’m wearing in the pic is one of the several donation items from Lara Hurley too ❤

Aura | Lara Hurley - Culture Shock

Next up is a skin from Akeruka – Bianca and just one of a bunch of mesh items from Ricielli!   Love this jumpsuit,  and it comes in so many vibrant and basic colours, lovely choice in the Ricielli stall on goods AND colours to choose from, absolutely love ❤

Akeruka Bianca | Ricielli  - Culture Shock

ILLUSORY SKIN! IS LOVE! LOVE LOVE!!!!!!  I picked it up in one tone, might go bac for another!  I also picked up this tank while I was in the booth, I already have like 5 like it, but I love them, so there you go!   Also worn is Carolines lovely piece in silver, it’s so adorable that I had to take a close up too!

Illusory | Carolines  - Culture Shock

See!! HOW CUTE IS THAT?!? Comes in Silver and Gold and is the donation item ❤

Carolines - Culture Shock

Next we have a skin from Redbird and PurpleMoon Creations Mireya Jumpsuit!   I’m not entirely convinced the skin suits me, but I like to try these things.  I love the jumpsuit, it comes with individual bottoms and tops too, so you can mix and match the sizes which I *really* love!

Redbird Sienna | Purple Moon Mireya  - Culture Shock

I then popped along to YS & YS!  This is the Jenny skin, a bit dark for my usual taste but the face is kinda pretty <3, I paired that with the silver sequin dress from League! Leagues Donation items are makeup, and I have yet to have a proper look!

YS & YS  Jenny | League  - Culture Shock

This is the Roxanne skin from YS & YS paired with the Dakota outfit from Paperdoll, so adorable, both of them!  The skirt is so lovely with the way it fans out and the skin is adorable again, and slightly less tan than the Jenny! ❤

YS  & YS Roxanne | Paperdoll Dakota - Culture Shock

This is my fav YS & YS item, the Sofia skin.  Absolutely flawless looking in the face, I will admit I didn’t look at the body much, I was too taken with the face ❤

YS & YS Sofia - Culture Shock

Finally and I apologise for the quality and I will retake… this is the What Next set paired with a Lisp Umbrella lamp!!  It’s mesh and cute and UGGGGH I love it!!!!   There are many components to the WN set, but for some reason my cushions side textures would NOT rez, sorry for that 😦

What Next | Lisp - Culture Shock