Ahoy, Sailor!

Ok, nothing really sailory to see here – but it’s navy so close enough.

Ahoy, Sailor!

A mix of items from events and non event items.. so pretty much, a mish mash.  I am loving all of them hard tho! I haven’t been in SL as much as I would like recently, but I do love putting together a look I wish I could wear in RL! and this is one!

WoW Skins @ Alice in Sexyland

Hair: Truth | Benita
Eyes: ID | Warm Eyes | Gray-Sand Mix
Skin: WoW Skins | Romy | Milk 01CL
Necklace: Salt & Pepper | Vicky Necklace *The Fantasy Collective*
Dress: Plastik | Amora | Steele (Opaque)
Shoes: KC | Alyss Heels
Bag: Arsenal | Treasure Chest Purse | Gray

Av Enhancements
Hands: Slink
Feet: Slink | High
Nail Appliers: Dark Passions | Koffin Nails | A Tale of Wonder *Alice in Sexyland*

Pose by Adorkable

A Little Black Fashion

The Black Fashion Fair is in full swing for the next couple of weeks with oodles of goodies, not all black, as you can see below!   This set of poses are actually from there – but it’s called Little Black Dress – see what they did there!? SMART!  I am particularly in love with the dresses from The Plastik, they are always so well made mesh wish and the texturing is just always amazing, I love this “Lurk” version, as it has tentacles on the back, LOVE.A Little Black Fashion

Wasabi Pills has the gorgeous Rose hair out at The Seasons Story, a lovely simple hair do, but a really good photographic hair if I do say so myself, pair that with a few more bits and I love this look!  My shoes from AlterEgo could REALLY hurt 😛

YS&YS have hopped on the appliers train for the LetLutka heads, and you can see a small selection below of Tone 01 of Ivonne and just a handful of the combos you can achieve with the HUD, they come with three versions of face including natural, smooth and freckles and a variety of lips, shadows and even hairbases!   I absolutely ADORE these on the heads, especially Leda.

YS&YS | Ivonne


Hair: Wasabii Pills | Rose | Ethereal *The Seasons Story*
Eyes: MUDSKIN | My Eyes4 | W2
Skin: YS & YS | Ivonne | Tone 01 *SOON*
Horns: Cubic Cherry Kreations | Kii | Coal *Fantasy Faire – SOON*
Necklace: The Horror | Choke Me Choker | Moon-Blue Raspberry
Dress: Plastik | Phoba | Lurk *Black Fashion Fair*
Boots: Alterego Z| Metal Bitch Stompers | Noir
Tattoo: Common | Jungle Tattoo | Demonic

Av Enhancements
Head: Lelutka | Leda
Hands: Slink

Poses: Helamilo | Little Black Dress *Black Fashion Fair*

La Petite Morte @ Skin Fair 2015

Yes yes, I am here! I went to London Town for the weekend and I came back and I am still blogging skins, HUZZAH!  La Petite Morte is a sponsor of the fair, and has 2 new fresh faces out there!

La Petite Morte @ Skin Fair 15

With my Sadie look I went and got me a new mouth, I am so addicted to new mesh body parts at the minute and I saw that LPM had Loud Mouth appliers, so off I went!   I also wore a few items from We Love Roleplay, the gorgeous and whimsical bra from Noodles and the horns from Plastik.  The Vi Horns come in 30 flavours and you get corded and bare in each!  I do love horns, and I think Vae makes some of the best on the grid.   Uber provided me with the super cute hair from Wasabi Pills too.

La Petite Morte @ Skin Fair 15

With my Maja look I went from mermaid whimsical unicorn colours to staples.   I saw this necklace from ANE on Flickr and knew I had to have it, so off i popped to Uber where I found these rad Antlers from CX!!  I loved my haul for sure.  Sakide provided the lingerie with the delicate bra top, it comes on clothing layers and appliers too.   Also coming up for Kustom9 is this hair from Mina, not a new hair but available in special colours YAY!

Both skins are lovely as you can see, they come in a bunch of tones and all other appliers can be found at the main store!  They are must demos, must try and then buys!

Pic 1 Credits:

Skin: La Petite Morte | Sadie | T1 *Skin Fair 2015*
Mouth: Loud Mouth | Celine
Eyes: Buzzeri | Aura | Nebula *Kawaii Project*
Horns: Plastik | Vi Horns | Unicorn *We Love Roleplay*
Hair: Wasabi Pills | Abby *Uber*
Bra: Noodles | Melody Bra | Mint *We Love Roleplay*

Pic 2 Credits:

Skin: La Petite Morte | Maja | T1 *Skin Fair 2015*
Eyes: Buzzeri | Aura | Nebula *Kawaii Project*
Hair: Mina | Vera *Kustom9*
Horns: CX | Beaded Antlers | Grey *Uber*
Necklace: ANE | Mermaid Skeleton LONG | Silver *Uber*
Top: Sakide | Honey Lingerie | Cream

Little Red

Wimey made such a great gacha machine for Fantasy Gacha Carnival, I had a few spins today and got me a couple of dresses, and a mask! I decided to wear one of the dresses and model a look around it, I also visited Thrift Shop and got the horns from The Plastik there and was stoked that I got the EPIC prize!! I’m never usually so lucky so I was really happy and they are AMAZING.

Little Red

Over at With Love Fair is this new Olga skin from WoW skins, complete with a million appliers availale for ALL sorts, this skin is lovely and soft, and out for a really reasonable price, make sure you demo!

WoW Skins | Olga | With Love Fair


Hair: Truth | Wren
Horns: Plastik | Azre Horns *Thrift Shop 8.0*
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Infected Eyes | GSP | 1
Skin: WoW Skins | Olga | Milk | Nat CL *With Love Fair*
Dress: Wimey | Bloody Wolf Dress *FGC*
Tattoo: Things | Iuturnas | Faded *Fashion Fair 2015*

AV Enhancments

Hands: Slink
Feet: Slink | High
Nails: Dark Passions

Pose: Ploom

Ooh LaLa!

Or Hylala!  Another skin fair post today! HUZZAH!  Astrali is the new skin from The Plastik, she comes in an array of tones, but I have chosen a medium/light one – HyLaLa!

The Plastik - Astrali | HyLaLa @ Skin Fair 2014

I cannot tell you how much I ADORE this skin on me, omg I am so so so so SO in love.  Each base skin comes with 3 versions of  the skin – Basic, Toned Down and Cover-Up (nonips!), make up tattoos, freckles (including body), lips, shadows and 8 eyebrow shapers!.   I have shown a little collection above of some combos, then the makeups below (please click through for a larger picture,  I *may* have accidently snapped some twice, SOZ – I was tired).  You may find some of the eyes look similar, but they are different, the colours are different, the placement of the colours, there are a few with just subtle changes, but they are there nonetheless.

Makeups @ Skin Fair 2014 - Plastik

The skin is so SO beautiful, I may have already made my feelings on that clear! It comes with a huge assed supply of appliers you can buy too, all in one pack!  Bonus if you own all the add-ons, eh? Worth it anyway even if you don’t.   Also available are some gorgeous nail appliers, 10 packs, each with 10 different polishes on! I have picked 2 from each pack below to show you, a lot of them are shiny, glittery affairs with a bit of a spacey theme I think, perfectly matched to the Astrali skin, well.. Astra.. sky… space.. YOU GET ME, G?  Overall Plastik is KICKING it hard at the Skin Fair this year, and you MUST demo, MUST!

Plastik Nails @ The Skin Fair 2014

Hair by ExXeSs, Eyes by Brixley @ OneWord, Lingerie by Baiastice, Shoes by Hucci @ Collabor88, Pose by Adorkable

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page


Just a mere 2 days left until the end of Shoetopia, so I bring you several pairs of shoes I fell in love with, but I have more! So expect another post before the end arrives!

Stuffs @ Shoetopia!

There were so many shoes, boots, and other goodies available that my little head was on a swivel! Then of course I got pugged up in RL and have been quite SL absent, but you know, they’re cute, cuter than SL, what can I say?!  Anyway above you see three of my fave items.   Boots from League, Shoes from Lassitude & Ennui and Ankle Booties from Tulip!  Each very different, one made for winter, one made for sexy times and one made for cute!

Boots @ Shoetopia!

Three of my top fave boots were from Apple Fall with the Ugg style boots, particularly those with the cat on! My cats aren’t keen on me atm, but I love them anyway so these were perfect.   The Plastik had a wide range on offer in so many styles, but these clunky knee highs screamed my name! I can’t wait to make an outfit around them, and the Ankle Booties with Fur from G-Field are just classy, I needed me some classy boots!

Flats @ Shoetopia!

I loved the flats selections, two of my faves being from Ingenue, and the last from Elysium, a new to me brand but not anymore!   I love the studded tips on the first pair from Ingenue, and the plainess of the second, and on Elysiums the little safety pin detail killed me! ADORABLE!
Heels @ Shoetopia!

There were OODLES of heels, but I felt the need to show you three from Boom, some lovely strappy numbers here, and a chunky wedge with ribbon detailing, something for everyone with these babies, for sure.

I will return with more shoes, boots and goodies before the end, I WILL TRY MY HARDEST, although you’ve seen the feeds, you’ve probably seen it all before, but <3333

Read all about Shoetopia and get the taxi’s over on the official blog!

Skin Fair 2013 – Another Look!

I have so many skins… so many pooooooostssss, but I won’t overwhelm you with them all in one go and before the event even opens!  It’s not about showing it all the quickest, after all, is it?!  I’ve picked two more stores to showcase today:  The Plastik & Essences.

Plastik @ SF13

The Plastik is a store that does both “regular” skins and more “fantasy” style skins.  There is a mix of both at the Skin Fair! HUZZAH!    The Astrali skin comes with names all whimsical and planetary like, or you know.. astral (yeah that might be it *looks again at the name*) and as you can see you can get a fair few normal type tones, mixed in with a couple of maybe a bit more fantasy type tones.   I have shown them just plain, out of the box, but you get four different skins, each with a little difference, some have lola blending so your lolas match better and such like!   They also come with freckles that range from face to full body and a handful of tattoos such as a lip stripe, or a “darker lip” which is a bit like a stain that sits between the lips to give them a shaded look, it’s really quite nifty!   The eyes I am wearing in both Plastik pictures are also available and come with the skin, or as a separate entity, but you have plain, prim and mesh options! PHEW!

Plastik @ SF13 - Tattoos

The Soul Ink Reloaded tattoos are gorgeous, I am not usually one to think outside of the box or do fantasy type looks but I really think I want to, and these colourable tattoos will be just perfect.   Whether you want a sutble leafy look over your eyes, or just a hint of swirl at the corner, you will probably find something amongst these to suit you and these aren’t even all of them available!  I don’t know if they’ll all be at SF13, but I’m sure they are in, or will be in The Plastik main store too! HUZZAH!

Essences @ SF13

Finally we have Clover from Essences, I haven’t taken a picture of all the tones, but there are a BUNCH available!  I took my pictures in a newer Essences tone, at least for me, and that is the palest of them all! Or should that be the fairest of them all? I definitely feel the like the fairest :D.   These beautiful skins come with 5 makeups and various eyebrow colours.   The lips are kissable, the eyes are lightly smudged but not overwhelming or too much.   These skins are for the more demure, yet not quite a wallflower amongst us.  So beautiful!

*SLURLS will be made available when the sims open

I’m a Barbie Girl.. at Christmas!

..and what better to wear as a Barbie, but some Plastik clothing.. see what I did there? Hurr Hurr!  Well, The Plastik has a TON of Christmas items right now, and of course regular ones too!   There is a wall FULL of Yule goodness, and I have just six to show you, well.. a few more than that, let’s take a look:

The goodies come in a fair few textures, all of them a greeny/red colour, or at least heading that way.  There are peppermint textures, holly textures, swirls, splats.. you name it, it’s probably there.  I picked a handful of my faves to showcase!   Do you want jeans? No problem… want to wear a corset with them? NO PROBS!! Wait, you want a dress? Plastik has that covered, want a tee? That’s cool too.   The Plastik is one of those stores, imo, that is highly underated, the workmanship on these items are great, and the textures are always so crisp and wonderful!  If you want to get dressed this Christmas, in a bit of a different style, this might be the place for you!
Plastik Post - Christmas 1Plastik Post - Christmas 2Plastik Post - Christmas 3

The skin and hair I am wearing are both from this months Collabor88!  The hair is one of two Clawtooth offerings, this is one of the new dip dye textures too, SO yummy!   The skin is Glam Affair, I haven’t taken it off yet!

These are just two of the Shoes that you can get, I love love LOVE the peppermint candy ones!!!    They come with feet attached, and a HUD for you to change skintone, although there are a few presets.  I found it quite easy to match my tone just using the colour panel, so don’t fear about it being a faff!  I love the shape of these too! YAY!

Plastik Post - Shuuuz

It’s not all red, green and candy over at The Plastik, there are normal things too, as I stated!  These Misfit Skirts are just ASLDAF.   They are SO gorgeous, I really can’t praise the texturing highly enough, I took the pics with a bit of a knee tilt, so you could see that although yes, the texture stretches slightly, it still is highly useable and ready to wear and look fabulous!  These are just eight of the many, many textures you can choose from this skirt, that’s one thing about The Plastik that draws me in, everything comes in a billionty and four options!  If you walk away with just one, i’d be surprised.

Plastik Post - Misfit Skirts

Also a few things to note! Sakide is having a SALE!  Yep, read about it below:



And a reminder that Together for Sway starts on the 15th of December, the date is closing in and I just know there are going to be thousands of things you want! Read more about it here.



Sunday Hair Fest!

Okkk so today is lazy dayyy usually but i’ve been out in RL all dayyyyy, so today’s blog post is mainly concentrating on hair, with a few bits thrown around!

Three new hairs from Truth!  2 are non meshified and one is rigged.  This is Briony, Siri and Azrea!  All beautiful hairs in their own right and three very different styles from Mr H, an voluminous updo, a sleek over the shoulder longer style, and a shaggy midlength! I think Azrea might be my fav, despite it being non mesh.. see… we love non mesh too!   The skins I am wearing in the pics are all Glam Affair’s C88 skins! VERY pretty, as usual!  The dress is the Lazy Sunday special from The Plastik, well one of three.  Make sure you check them out.

New @ Truth

Ploom has 2 new gorgeous babies out.  This is Smash and Majiya!  Sometimes I wonder where people come up with these names, LOVE them!!!   Both are rigged mesh and both are stunning!   Smash is a bit more on the chic side, would look perfect casual or smart… Majiya is a bit more on the fun side! Long piggies with poofy bits… I know, my descriptions are awesome.   Hely is another hair maker totally ruling the mesh, gotta have tons of respect for these awesome styles!  The dress worn is the Glam Affair C88 dress!  It comes in all the colours of the palate and it’s beautimus.  I love the spiked grommity things on the top, YES.. PLEASE.. STARE AT MY CHEST AND I SHALL BANG YOUR HEAD INTO IT.. or something.

New @ Ploom

Magika had a new style out, and I still hadn’t blogged the last one!  This is Tendancy and Awkward.  I’ve seen a lot of hype about Tendancy, people fell in love with it, and I can see why.  It’s a perfect hair, with some oomph! Sometimes hair can look a bit… flat.. Magika hairs always have that bit of bounce about them! YAY!   I love Awkward just as much with it’s long ponytail falling down the back and I can never get enough of the textures, they are scrumptious!  I always buy set 03 with the fades/pretty mixes.. I just.. want them all!    The tops you see here are new from Shabby Cat!  There is the long sleeved slouch, which let me tells you looks perfect with jeans, and there is the Cropped Sweater w.Tank! The great thing about the Cropped Sweater is that it comes with and WITHOUT the tank!!!  Both tops come in a multitude of colours for your perusal 😀  The skins in the above pic and below are the IZZIES VIP Group skins for this month, if you aren’t a member, you effin well should be! GO GET.. it costs $L250 to join and you get both skins for this months gift and gifts are always awesome!

New @ Magika

Last, but by no means last new EXILE! Meet Fade Into You, Believe Again and Already Gone!  All mesh, all gorgeous.  Fade Into You is one of those styles I believe are great for pictures, a bit of a windswept look, but sexy with it!  I wore one of the new textures in all of the hairs, as I am in LOVE. LOVE!  I know, I know, I love everything, sue me.   Believe Again is a stacked up hiiiiiigh high high updo, sometimes I wear my hair like this in RL, except it never looks this good, Kavar, come fix that? Thanks!   Already Gone is another classic longer length style with a hint of wavy curls, it looks stunning in the new textures, or the old ones… so pretty much just stunning.  The dress seen here is from Tutti Frutti and is the Savannah Mesh Neck Dress!  It’s so bright and beautiful with just a hint of colour, and one of my fav colours at that!  Make sure you check it out. Skin is the skin I featured yesterdays C88 post from Auxiliary, just in a darker tone ❤

New @ Exile

That’s pretty much it. BYE.


YAYY! I am free from work (like paid work, not mummy/house related work, sadly) for TWO WEEKS!!!   I won’t be around next week, as I am away on my Hols!  But I have a couple of things for you now 😀

First up we have some new track pants from Etam! I reviewed one of their hoodies a while back, and it was fabuuuulous, because it was colour change via hud and just.. unf, I loved it!  I am loving these track pants now!  They come in 4 styles: rolled up, right rolled up, left rolled up, and rolled down.  You can change the colour of each stripe on the leg (3 of them) individually, cuffs, beads and grommets by clicking the individual parts on the HUD you get.   There 5 colours of pant: Black, Red, Blue, Green and Grey and the colour change “bits” come in a variety of colours!

Etam - Track Pants

** Hair | CaTwA ** Top | Plastik ** Poses | Frooti **

Next up we have a new dress and two new hairs!  This is the Gambit – Wilde dress by The Plastik and is available at the Fashion Voodoo event!  It’s a beautiful mesh dress that fits snug as a bug in a rug, and I love the texturing on it, a lil bit different, not quite camo, not splotches, not animal print.. unique!  The hair I am wearing is one of CaTwA’s new mesh releases and I am in LOVE!  This Bella, she’s a windswept beauty!   The thing I love love LOVE about this is that packs come roughly in about 5 shades, each with roots and every style (well ok both of these) get a HUD with ALL the colours, both rooted and normal, and parts of the hair you can change to these colours! I chose to make mine a tad lighter in this picture, its only a few strands at the front, but it makes a lovely difference!

CaTwA! - New

Below is Erika, another new CaTwA meshy!   This also has the same HUD as Bella, but this time I opted NOT to change it, as it changed the front quiff bit and the strands by the ears, and I prefer this one all one colour. Each pack is around $L250, some come with more colours, like the colour/punks pack and the blacks/whites are together in a pack too!  Nice to see another hair maker switching to mesh, I am excited to see more!

CaTwA! - New!


I got my hairs on the Marketplace, so here is your link to that: CaTwA Marketplace.