Sakide Spices it Up!

Christmas @ Sakide

HOHOHO, MERRRRY CHRISTMAS!  That’s what it is at Sakide!  A Billionty and four new things out!  This Mrs Christmas Costume is just one of many things.   I chose the darker colours for mine, but you can get it in a nice white too.   It comes with the boots, the hat, the outfit and it’s just SO CUTE!  I also paired it with one set of the gorgeous Antlers that Sakide has out, these are the shorter variation in a dark style, but again you can get them in lighter, the perfect thing for CHRISTMASSSSS.  I am also wearing a Heartsick skin that is currently on promo on the Marketplace! It’s so cute and she’s all festive with her red lips too.  Tatttos are from Rebelstar and I wear various different ones throughout the post.

Sakide also has a special gacha going on, with these wonderful dresses, I do think I missed one or two out but you get the gist of it.  A slip dress with various different seasonal themes to them including candles, stars, snowflakes and a tree along with just zipped versions, these dresses are adorable!  The rare prize is the fatpack too, so well worth playing.    I’m also wearing the longer Antlers available in dark in this picture, I can’t get enough of shoving things on my head this Christmas, oh no.

Gacha @ Sakide

I didn’t want to leave the White Antlers out, so I popped those on, with their little bows and ornaments and cute tinsel ARGH so cute.  I am also donning three of the other new outfits available at Sakide this holiday.   The first is a sexy little mesh slip with garter, I went for a bit of an  innocent look with this one, I think it worked, right?  Then I got a bit cold and decided it was time to jacket it up with this adorable puffa style jacket, sure looks toasty warm and it has the cutest fur hood!   Then it was time to get ready and go out, so this mesh Ornament dress with keyhole peep neck/chest was just perfection!   It’s available at the F R O S T event and is a must own!



New @ Sakide

The skin I am wearing in the above picture is from D’Arc, a store I’ve never heard of before but seems to have clothing AND skins, so that was a nice surprise!

Meet Dahlia, the first skin from D’arc, she’s beautiful!  She comes in various tones, 5 shown below (I think there are six, I was taking so many pictures I lost track).  I really like the lighter tones, I did find that as the tones get darker there is a slightly lighter patch around the jaw area, not that it is overly noticeable, but I preferred the lighter skins anyway.

D'arc Skins - Tones

For the first release Dahlia comes in 9 makeups, and all of them soooo pretty!   You get the lovely bare skin which is the first picture, and then you get to choose from various makeups ranging from a black lipped cat eyed gothy look to a ruby red lipped goddess, a gemmed eye with neutral lip, to a dark eyed purple lipped party animal…  I’m sure there is at least one look for you in the whole lot.  The shading is really nice on the skins, and there are already Tango appliers out if you have mesh boobs!   The skin is really smooth and I didn’t see a seam in sight, and I really squee’d when I didn’t need to change my face to look cute. YAY ME.

D'Arc - Makeups

There are also two specials out for Dahlia if you want a taster, the left is the group gift for this month and the right is the Festive Edition of Dahlia.   So maybe you should check them out!

D'Arc - Special Skins

Throughout the post I am wearing Jamman Mesh Nails, so make sure you swing by and check those out, and I am using both Ploom and aDORKable poses.  Eyes are from IKON, as per usual, hair is from Elikatira and Exile!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page, if available

Going Hell for Leather

That’s a funny saying, isn’t it? How does one go hell for leather?  Well I dunno but I would say Erratic Rain is going hell for leather at making awesome things!

This new Vanity Leather Jacket is just AMUHAZING.   It comes with 2 ways to wear, both open and closed and it is SUCH a wonderful piece of work, the mesh is perfect, the texturing is just out of this world, with the worn look it just smacks of reality.

New @ Erratic - Vanity Leather Jacket

I could not praise this jacket high enough if I tried.   I paired it with jeans and decided to be a hussy and wear it commando style, with only a hint of skin and my Rebelstar Tattoo peeking out.  I do love that you get the option to wear it open or closed, that such a great bonus!  Not only does this awesome jacket come with 2 ways of wearing, look at all the colours you can choose from!  Including the two above there are more than your little fingers can count, ranging from classic black to a more neutral tan, bright pink to smokey brown… the choice is really great.  Well done Erratic, you managed to out do yourself AGAIN!

New @ Erratic - Colours

You may have noticed that I look particularly gorgeous, I put that down to the stunning Elikatira hair, an oldie but a goodie, and the new Kate Skin from Belleza for the F R O S T event currently being held by Depraved Nation.  This special edition skin is pure beauty, almost literally!  With just a hint of sparkle around the eyes, it comes in varying luscious tones and is something to behold.    Pricing is exclusive to the event, so get em cheaper while you can!

Belleza @ Frost | Kate

The poses used in these pictures are part of the 12 Days of Christmas set you can pick up today from Ploom – Naughty!   Make sure to check out everything else while you’re there ❤

*SLURLS are on the store locations page

Monday Monday… so good to me.

The Mamas and Papas must have forseen the future, for this Monday has been very good to me!

Baiastice recently released some of the most gorgeous formal attire!   There is a whole collection, this is just a sneak peak of one of each item, but they all come in an array of gorgeous colours.  I must point out that I am wearing the new Truth hair, or one of them and it ISN’T special, it just didn’t rez correctly, but it worked with just half over my shoulder instead of over both, so I left it.

The three gorgeous dresses you see before you are: Mana, Juliet and Qiobe.  Mana is a gorgeous strapless number available in both stars and glitter, it nips in at the waist and flares out at the bottom, making for a wonderfully classy look.   Juliet is another dress with options, this time you can choose between transparent and opaque for the more lacy bits like the sleeves and hem.  The cutest little party dress that doesn’t show too much skin.  The final dress, Qiobe, might be my fave!  She’s a strappy number with a long straight skirt complete with leather studded belt.  So pretty and the texturing is amazing, but the same could be said for all three!  If you are looking for party wear this season, you have three beauties to choose from here.

New @ Baiastice

Also released were these long velvet gloves.  Yes they are mesh, they finish just above your elbow and come in both open and closed hand versions.   You can wear them with a longer or shorter dress and still look as classy.   They come rigged in standard sizes and with 10 gorgeous colours!  The skin I am wearing is the new group gift from Essences and is absolutely stunning!  Cat-eyed, pinky lipped goddess, she is.  You must join the group!!!

Gloves @ Baiastice

Next we have some items from the Christmas Market that I blogged about just yesterday!  Half-Deer is soon becoming one of my fave new stores, it may not be huge but it’s cute!  These Jackalope Antlers and Ears are just THE CUTEST.  You can buy them separately or you can buy them in three separate fatpacks: Natural, Fantasy and Special!  I have taken two from each fatpack (yeah, I couldn’t help myself) to show you here, but there are many more available!  I pulled out my old Pink Fuel Fawn Skin to top the look and I am wearing Exile hair!

Half-Deer - Christmas Market

Finally a new tattoo store to me, but not new at ALL, I just live under a rock.  Rebelstar Tattoo’s have something for everyone, there is so much available, that this is just a handful of my favourites, and they are all upper body with the one exception of the face tattoo, but you can get leg ones too, I just didn’t want to ruin the aesthetic of my picture.  They are good quality and many of them come with light/dark options, as well as clothing layers as well as tattoo layer options!  If you love tattoo’s you might want to check these out!  I am wearing the MONS TDR Fusion Exclusive Sunny Skin, wich is sooooo gorgeous!!!   You have to check it out, it’s a steal!  Wearing Truth hair too.

Rebelstar Tattoo

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available.