LoTD – 20/12/12

Hallo! Happy Pre-Willis Birthday Day!!!! This mornings post is just a quick LoTD that I fell in love with whilst sorting my inventory (amazeballs what you can find) and just a shout out to the C-Star Platinum Group 31 Days of Christmas giveaway!

LoTD - 20/12/12
>I remember when I tp’d to Ribbon to pick up a rabbit hoodie and I saw this shirt and was like AJSDFLASDJLFASJDF must have!!!! I forgot I had it!  It’s a bit quirky and fun, like me :D.   I do love a good comfy sweater in either life, so this was a perfect purchase.   I decided to pair it with one of my older Wasabi Pills hair, but still a gorgeous one, the spikes detract a bit from the cute.. or do they?!   Also worn are a pair of my IKON Eternal Eyes and a special JeSyLiLo Lazy Sunday skin with a cute little reddish tint to the nose!   She has ruby red lips too, but you can’t see those, soz.  I feel so cute in this, I hope I look it too!

C-Star is one of those stores that is a bit like Marmite, you either like it, or you don’t.  I admit I have been on the fence, I like some, then others I am a bit eeeehhh about, but they have some superb deal and each month they release a special zodiac skin in gacha form with about 75+ tones that you can play for starting at just a low low $L10 a play!  So if you are into fantasy skins or like me you just like to hoard skins, this store is probably for you!  C-Star has a platinum group and it’s $L1k to join, but I decided to do it this morning because I wanted to see what VIP benefits there were, and of course I was immediately greeted with a wall of free VIP skins!  The Un!co Skins are being released for a 31 Days of Christmas Countdown, in a new tone every day, with new eyes, lashes, nails and Unicorn horn.  Here are just 12 of them:

C-Star - Platinum Group Christmas Countdown

They might not be your thing, I am not too keen on the copper/chocolate shades and yes, they are supposed to be a fantasy type skin, not a perfect dark tone before anyone starts going WHAT?  But the lighter, ethereal type skins are just beautiful!  Even if you don’t want to join the VIP group (which I believe is VERY kind to it’s patrons) you can always play the midnight mania or have a go on the gacha.  C-Star also buys back any spare gacha skins from you if you want, or you can rent a small spot in the area and sell them, there are some rare tones out there and I have seen some skins sell for over $L2k!  They fully endorse this, so that’s nice too.

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page

LoTD Credits

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Miu | Pancake
Skin: JeSyLiLo | Lazy Sunday | LightSkin21
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Top: Ribbon | NukuNuku-OneP | Hige Megane
Pose: *Frooti