Collabor88 for your Home!

Hommeeee post!

Barnesworth Anubis @ Collabor88

So, I logged in SL to do my LoTD and blammo, half my inventory was missing, so in a huff I decided to blog something else entirely… for now at least.   Both Barnesworth Anubis and Scarlet Apple (A collab effort from Scarlet Creative and Apple Fall) have items out at Collabor88 and I’ve mixed them up for you today!  The above picture shows you the gorgeous new skybox from BA, it’s not a huge, spacious affair, but it’s certainly big enough for one or two, and is absolutely stunning, as with all BA items.

It comes with or without a 3D surround, and if you click the picture to go bigger, you can see that outside the windows, I much perfer this to the normal flat surround that skyboxes come with, it makes it come that much more alive!!!   There are two rooms, separated by square arch (squarch.. I created that, you can borrow it) with windows, one end a slightly smaller room, perhaps for a bedroom, and the other end more open and larger with a gorgeous roaring fireplace!   The perfect abode for you and your lady/gentleman friend, or even a room mate, orrrr on your own, or hell stick the kids in it and stuff them 6000m up in the sky! WEEE!

{sa} @ Collabor88This picture shows you a semi decorated corner, with the Scarlet Apple goodies!   The fave bit of it, I think, is the record player on the crate.  So cute and retro.    You can also get an animal shaped rug (by animal I mean like skin.. I just woke up, please ignore my lack of sense), a little slouchy bench with cushions, a caged lamp and wall decor.   All of it is low land impact and textured to the highest standard, as with anything that either Scarlet Creative or Apple Fall make… a collaboration made in heaven? Yessir!

TP to Collabor88!