The Arrival



What is arriving you may ask!? Well 1st March sees another round of The Arcade begin, crazy elbow shoving, mental rares, grabby hand, feet and sexual organs.  YEP!   CANNOT WAIT!   This is a little sneaky peek of the divine set available from Ispachi.

Ispachi @ The Arcade


The set is aptly called, The Arrival and is 6 common pieces, and 1 rare.  They are ALL gorgeous though, but I know everyone will want the entire set!  The rare is the bear/fox combo with the little beehive and butterfly, other bits, as you can see, include some waddling mallards, wise looking owls, swans, squirrels, frolicking foxes and hopping hares!

These pieces are more ornamental than wildlife type decor, but they could totes get away with it, I decide to take my pictures in my beautiful Scarlet Creative house, but I have seen some gorgeous forest based snaps.

Cannot wait for the event to start and get hooked on that ONE RARE that I just can’t find! YAY!

Let Me Dream

A new round of Collabor88 is upon us and its cram packed with goodies, a few of which are in here, with other stuffs! As usual click through for larger pics on flickr ❤

Let Me Dream

Scarlet Creative and Lark seem like they had their heads togethe rfor this round, although I’m sure they didn’t, but their items fit together like my feet fit into Slink shoes… perfectly.   Of course I wanted a whimsical picture, so I am living on water once again, but I think you’ll agree it looks serene and pretty!  The Bed is from Scarlet Creative and is just divine, in a handful of different colour combinations, this bed comes with single and couples poses and is a stunning four poster addition to your bedroom, hell just MAKE a bedroom to put this in!   I do love me a good bed, and this one is just yummy.   The Lark items are just… UNF.   The amount of detail that has gone into this dressing table set is amazeballs.   You get the little dresser, stool with poses, hat boxes, dress with hanger and the absolutely stunning mirror with petal detailing.   You need to see this in world, as well as the bed, to see how divine the items actually are, but I can assure you, you’ll be purchasing it ALL!

VinCue - Casual Collage!


In my bid to catch up on falling behind over the holidays, I’ve thrown together six casual looks using just three items from VinCue!   I have done this because all the items come in soooooOoooOoo many colours! i wanted to showcase a bunch.     The Molly Jeans are some bad ass low rise Skinny Jeans in Denims and colours as you can see, both pastels and brights!    There are two sweaters shown, the ones with the little pockets are the Dubby’s and the ones with a block colour are the Crossy’s!   The Dubby’s are kinda like baseball sweaters, casual and comfy, and the Crossy’s are called as they are because they have little cross patches on the elbows!! How adorable? A lovely shop that always deliver so much choice in items and colours, yay!

What else am I wearing? Well for a start NEW Tableau Vivant hair!  What an adorable style!  complete with bows and a base with ponytail attachment, you can really wear this hair two ways if you want, reminds me a little of a cosplay style, I dig!    I am also wearing a couple of the new C88 Glam Affair Skins, but I will blog them fully in a couple of days… you will want them tho, and the tones this time around are Europa and Jamaica!

But for now, bai!

*SLURLS are on the store locations page

These Four Walls…

are destined to stay, they say I’m guilty and the guilty must pay….

Four Walls Hunt

Of course if you aren’t into Britpop of the mid 90s, you will have no clue that I just quoted one of my all time favourite songs! So i’ll link the video at the end for your viewing pleasure 😛

The Four Wall Hunt starts verrryyyyy shortly and boy oh boy, are you in for some treats!  With just two of the wonderful items shown here, and many more to be had!   The two I am showcasing today are the gorgeous Pallet Bed from Trompe Loeil and the Modular Shelving Unit from Scarlet Creative!

The Bed itself is.. well.. what it says on the tin! It’s a little bed made up from Pallet’s with a couple of poofy cushions and a blanket, it comes with a plethora of poses and the cushions remind us of what we should all remember… Life is Beautiful!  Another excellently made item from Cory, textures are amazing, poses are spot on and it’s generally just a really nice item, not too fancy, not too shabby… just right!   Of course the colouring on it matches the Modular Shelving from Charlotte just wonderfully!   The shelving comes in different forms, with little bits you can fit together yourself to make something unique, or if you’re like me you just want the job done, so I put out one of the ready made, bigger shelving units.   Perfect for a little nook, or a large cranny and ready for you to fill with wonderous items!

So! Are you ready to hunt? You should be!

*Clothing worn by Sakide, Skin by Glam Affair, Hair by Elikatira and Mesh Hands and Feet by Slink… ❤

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page

Collabor88 for your Home!

Hommeeee post!

Barnesworth Anubis @ Collabor88

So, I logged in SL to do my LoTD and blammo, half my inventory was missing, so in a huff I decided to blog something else entirely… for now at least.   Both Barnesworth Anubis and Scarlet Apple (A collab effort from Scarlet Creative and Apple Fall) have items out at Collabor88 and I’ve mixed them up for you today!  The above picture shows you the gorgeous new skybox from BA, it’s not a huge, spacious affair, but it’s certainly big enough for one or two, and is absolutely stunning, as with all BA items.

It comes with or without a 3D surround, and if you click the picture to go bigger, you can see that outside the windows, I much perfer this to the normal flat surround that skyboxes come with, it makes it come that much more alive!!!   There are two rooms, separated by square arch (squarch.. I created that, you can borrow it) with windows, one end a slightly smaller room, perhaps for a bedroom, and the other end more open and larger with a gorgeous roaring fireplace!   The perfect abode for you and your lady/gentleman friend, or even a room mate, orrrr on your own, or hell stick the kids in it and stuff them 6000m up in the sky! WEEE!

{sa} @ Collabor88This picture shows you a semi decorated corner, with the Scarlet Apple goodies!   The fave bit of it, I think, is the record player on the crate.  So cute and retro.    You can also get an animal shaped rug (by animal I mean like skin.. I just woke up, please ignore my lack of sense), a little slouchy bench with cushions, a caged lamp and wall decor.   All of it is low land impact and textured to the highest standard, as with anything that either Scarlet Creative or Apple Fall make… a collaboration made in heaven? Yessir!

TP to Collabor88!

Take the Goat by the Ears…

Or something…  I am a Sagittarius and I am PROUD (yeah, it’s my bday on the 21st, end of the world yadda yadda, I’ll accept gifts early :D), and Hottie Cooterati’s Zodiac – Sagittarius Round is still going strong!

HopScotch do some wonderful poses and props, and this round saw a few “Archer” type sets!  I have shown both the female “Huntress” Versions below, in a collage of WOOOO!  There are Male versions too.   I really love these poses and the props are just divine, so smooth, so realistic!   I decided to wear them with the gorgeous new, and on offer (red only) set from Severed Garden! I love that store, everything is so gorgeous and pretty and REASONABLE!   The set comes with everything you see clothes/shoes wise and is a steal!  Also wearing last weeks FLF offering from Clawtooth for a bit of a dip dye change! (the items used in the background are from an old Funky Junk item!)

Hopscotch @ Zodiac

Also released for this round were these Warrior Hoops from Indrya Originals.   I am not normally a fan of huge jewellery, either in RL or SL, but these were too pretty to pass up.   They come in the colours shown and with two versions, these are, believe it or not, the small!  You can also wear a larger version too.  The one downfall of these, in my opinion is that they only come in gold, unless I am dumb!   I would of really loved to see them in Silver, hopefully maybe for another release?! Such vibrant, gorgeous items.. I’d love to wear them more often, but sadly I do not tend to do Gold in world or out!

Indyra Originals @ Zodiac

Of course I had to take a headshot of me in them, because I’m also wearing one of the two awesome Izzie Frostbite skins from this months Collabor88 and the brand new TDR Fusion special hair from LoQ!     Don’t I look ADORABLE?   My fringe is currently this long in RL too, I’ll go boss eyed soon… apparently, that’s what my mother tells me.     My piercings are from Cute Poison.

Mini LoTD - Headshot

Finally, I am really enjoying doing homey type posts, the sim I live on, I share with others so I can’t just fanny around changing seasons on a whim, so my plan is to set up a skydome for each season! We’ll see, I have zero landscaping skills so don’t hold your breath.   This house though, the Gorgeous Writing Home from Scarlet Creative deserves a dome all of it’s own.  It’s SO damn pretty.   It’s pretty large, so make sure you can furnish it, I haven’t even started yet!   It also comes with two versions, one with shadows baked on incase you can’t utilise shadows in SL and want the effect, and without.   Charlotte does such amazing work, so detailed and gorgeous, no picture could ever do it justice.

Scarlet Creative - Gorgeous Writing Home

I took a few pictures of the inside, you can click through to see them larger, and I do apologise, I did take more but I forgot to save them (DAMN YOU DIFFERENT VIEWER) and I didn’t have time to go back in and take more.  I’m pretty sure you will love what you DO see though!  You get various rooms, all spacious and with lovely windows, perfect for the view.   There are a couple of fireplaces for you to decorate and plenty of little hallways for your nick nack wall hangings and pictures.   The textures on this house blow you away, the insides are just gorgeous and you will fall in love.  Plenty of space for you, and the family, with a cute little attic room to keep the lil ones, or your other half out of mischief, or a getaway for yourself, you really must see this in world, it’s really quite out of it.. the world that is.

Scarlet Creative - Gorgeous Writing Home - Inside

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page!

Home Expo – Third Time Lucky!

Helloooo again!

This is my 3rd and definitely NOT final Home Expo blog post! I still have so much to shoot AND buy, it’s shocking!  Anyhooo, here are a few more bits ❤

First up we have this gorgeous cottage from Thistle Homes! Now, it is supposed to be on stilts, but I kinda wanted to show that it doesn’t *have* to be (original vendor image linky)!  It’s a gorgeous little house that is texture change for an added bonus!   A cute little veranda/balcony at the front with lovely rustic slatted wooden doors, and a little patio at the back.

Thistle Homes Coastal Cottage - Outside - Home Expo

Inside is just as stunning.  Upstairs (top left) you can see the main bedroom with a HUGE window wall, letting in some amazing shadows that would look just awesome in pictures, and a smaller (top right) room, still big enough for a double bed and furniture, or a cute kiddies room!  The bottom (middle picture) opens up from the veranda with the aforementioned slatted doors and leads into a big, open space area with stairs leading up to the rooms up top with a lil room to the side (bottom pic) that would be perfectly utilised as a kitchen/dining area!  My pictures do not do it justice!  It’s the RFL donation item, so well worth taking a look at 😀

Thistle Homes Coastal Cottage - Inside - Home Expo

Now we have a lil mish mash of products!  The prefab these next pics are taken in is the absencen from Scarlet Creative!  A truely unique and wonderful design with a huge open wall of blinded windows and 2 massive walls of bookcases as one feature end, and a tree poking out of the skyhatch at the other!   It’s so pretty and AMAZING for shadow pictures.

The first picture has one of the RFL items from What Next!  The lovely Loungin Chair and a Half Sets and Wall Prints (wall prints not shown) have been designed to coordinate with the other music themed Loungin pieces at Culture Shock!  Which I blogged just a few posts back 😀  All the chair and a half (love that they are called that!!) sets seat two avatars as well as singles and there are friends and a few romantic poses!.  There are also a few poses that require props, and they ave given out to you, like the guitar you see me strumming!  I adore What Next and I need to go back and buy me some more stuff!

What Next & Scarlet Creative - Home Expo

In this set you see just a few of the items that Mudhoney has out!  This is the Laura Sofa (with the lil square pouffes) and the Chevron Pouffe!  The sofa is just delectable and has 12 couples anims and 15 single anims, so plenty to get you going!   I love the look of this, just a cosy sitting area, especially in the prefab I chose!  The Chevron Pouffe is a RFL item, so all money goes to a good cause, and it has 9 animations of it’s very own!  It’s great to see so many designers embracing mesh.

Mudhoney & Scarlet Creative - Home Expo

That’s it for this post! ❤

Thistle Homes @ Home Expo

Scarlet Creative @ Home Expo

What Next @ Home Expo

Mudhoney @ Home Expo