These Ethereal Bones

What is UP with me getting all naked lately? IDK, but I like it!

These Ethereal Bones

A kinda LoTD in a half bodied way here for a few events and some bits and bobs just because!  This mask from Axix is AMUHZASINGINGAGSING!  It’s soooooo well done and textured, I worked my “look” around that.  So I went for a dreamy/nightmare scary ethereal kinda look, idk, I just did it and here we are.   The hands from Schadenfreude are also fab, they are at the Nightmare Event, and they come in ALL sorts of attachment points!

Zoul Creations are giving this skin away almost free! It’s being sold at a discount price of $L300 per 2 skintone package with extras available for just $L50!!

Everything else is listed below ❤


Hair: Exile | The Countess @ The Fantasy Collective
Eyes: ID | Autumn Eyes | Blue Sunburst/Gray-Blue
Skin: Zoul Creations | Becca | SK1 | Lt Brows | ChA @ The Makeover Room
Mask: Axix | Wukong Mask @ The Gathering
Collar: Salt & Pepper | Avery @ Romp
Skeleton Hands: Schadenfreude | Skeletal Grip @ The Nightmare Event

Body/Hands: Maitreya | Lara
Ears: Mandala | Steking Series 5

Pose: !bang

Space Cadet

My heads a bit all over atm, and I’m being a bit of a space cadet, so why not dress up like one?! Well.. sorta…

LoTD - Space Cadet

This months theme at Collabor88 is just delicious, I only just managed to get over there and pick me up some stuffs, but I am glad I did.   Full credits are below but i’ll waffle on a little 😀   The planets are from MishMash and double as lights! Yep you can see the little star projections, and they move too, so yay, so cute, so wow!

I am pretty much in love with my look as a Space Cadet though, hugely consisting of goodies from Schadenfreude, because of course the top, skirt and boots are all from there, they come in female and male sizes and in tons of colours, I opted for the Orbit pattern though, I wish I could get them all! Well I could.. I suppose *thinky face*.. I don’t often fatpack but I do wish I’d have fatpacked these babies, SO AWESOMEEEE!  Several ways to wear too, which is great.    My necklace is from Maxi Gossamer is quite hidden, but it’s very cute, you can see that in the pic below better.  It’s a little heart with deer horns and ears 😀

LoTD - Space Cadet - Up Close and Personal

My skin is the Atomic offering at the event, and she’s a BEAUT, I wore the optional lips with them for an extra spacey look, available in all tones and of course appliers are available in store.   My ears are the VN item from both Ivy and Tyr and they are also UNF, they come with a HUD to change all the little bits and bobs and make them your own, of course within the theme colours… but they are something to behold for sure.    For added effect I popped on a TSG bow, isn’t it cute!? They come in oodles of colours and each with a HUD to fiddle about with and side/top of the head options! YAY  i love the jewels and little crown, I AM a princess space cadet after all!

My eyes are from Chop Shop and are new and really vivid!  Love them, they also come in a few options, but the green really popped out to me.  Finally my hair is new from Tameless, this time worn with the Fantasy Hud and with the streaks on.


Full Credits

Hair: Tameless | Yasmin | Fantasy
Bow: TSG | Crowned Jewel Hairbow | Hot Pink | Side
Horns: VN | Celestial Horns *C88*
Eyes: Chop Shop | The Orchids | Green
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Skin: Atomic | Muse | Sugar | Supernova w/Lip 1 *C88*
Top: Schadenfreude | Orbit (bra & jacket) *C88*
Skirt: Schadenfreude | Orbit *C88*
Boots: Schadenfreude | Astro Antigrav Boots *C88*
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | My Deer Heart *C88*
Pose: *Frooti
Decor Planets: Mish Mash | Planets *C88*

The Magical Loft

So.. further to my post earlier, I decided to do a little decorating INSIDE… I took myself up to the attic of my cute and creepy little cottage and did it up, magical style with lots of goodies from The Wizarding Faire!

The Magical Loft

So up I toddled to the loft of my cottage and I thought what could I put here? What better to put in there but magical stuffs?!    A little room of goodness all magical and OoooooOoooooOoo!     The main piece of the room is the dorm bed from Cheeky Pea, available in a variety of colours or “houses” this bed comes as single or family and is just simply delicious!   I wanted to make an actual dorm but figured i’d not be greedy this time around.   On my lovely bed are two of the Schadenfreude books which come with a variety of pictures and stuffs, you can even use them posed, but being the studious Willis I am, I was reading in bed, of course!

Under my cute little window I have the Collage shelf complete with little cauldron, broom and MORE books, and it’s also home to two of my MiaMai pets, which wobble and are the cutest little animals EVAH!   And my Auxiliary Satchel hangs off the end all casual and nonchalant, well as nonchalant as a satchel gets.    We then have my gooooorgeous shelf complete with yep… more books and my delicate little hat from Olive, which sits next to my Eleventh Hour cube robot fortune machine!!!  I tell you, that thing is not kind to me.  To make it a little more homely I set out my MEOW scroll and hung it from the wall, yep! THATS ME DONE!

The Magical Loft - Up Close and Personal

Rain or Shinnneee on a Friday

Two posts in one day, what is going on?!!? I am busy at the weekend and I wanted to blog this awesomeness, that’s what’s going on!

Schadenfreude - Rain or Shine!

This round of Collabor88 is nearly over, so I needed to blog what the talented little store called Scadenfreude have on offer!  Do I look pretty or do I look effin’ pretty?!   This is the Rain or Shine Dress available, and the matching parasol.    It comes in an array of colours but I had to take this picture in the Yellow, because it’s one of my fave colours and it’s really bright and cheerful.   The details on the dress are so cute and amazing, little rain clouds and things and stuff, oh it’s just THE BEST.   With a cute lacy overlay and strapless look, it’s the perfect summer dress!   The parasol comes in all matching colours and various different hold positions, so you can save yourself from rain… or shine!

I’m also wearing a new Mina hair, it will be available at the Covert Affairs Numerology event and this is one of my fave Mina hairs ever!  It comes in 2 different types – smooth and natural and the textures on both differ slightly, or they look different, either way!   It comes with colour HUDS for you to change the textures, so you don’t have to have a billion hairs clogging up your inventory too.  You can wear it dresses, jeans, underwear… the choice is yours because it’s one of those versatile styles that will never age, and always be appropriate! YAY! THE BEST KIND!

That’s about it for now, hope you love it and go and buy alllll the things ❤

Skin by Glam Affair, Jewellery by Artilleri


…nearly.. I vowed not to do much christmassy on my blog until at LEAST December, we’re almost there and I have caved.

TROMPE LOEIL! WHAT IN THE WORLD… this is gorgeous!  Cory has outdone herself once again with this fabulous Advent Calender!    It will be available from tomorrow at The Arcade and is an interactive beauty!  The Advent Calender itself is free, it’s the keys you are playing for, and for only $L25 a pop!  The Calender is a gorgeous piece of work and after you rez your key, you get to watch the corresponding door open, the star light up and you are offered your prize!   Do remember to click accept, you won’t get a second chance at the item, you’d have to get a new key!   The doors can then be closed again so you can open and close them, keep it for decor, do what you want!  The prizes inside vary, as you can tell from just the few I opened below.  You can get lanterns, bows, snowflakes, tree decor… everything is so cute! I love this idea!  Do remember if you are trading keys if it says USED it will NOT work on your calender, once the key is used it’s pretty much useless, except for decor!

Advent Calender @ Trompe Loeil

Also on the christmas theme today… Schadenfreude have these gorgeous lil… I dunno what they are.. dolls? ornaments? wonderful things out for FLF!  It’s a little preview of the items that will be available at The Arcade, and I for one am super excited about these, because they are SO EFFIN CUTE!

Schadenfreude @ FLF

A mini look of the day from a few new thingers!  The skin is from PXL and is the Gaia With Love Hunt Gift!!  She’s a pale, pink beauty.  Maybe not your everyday skin, but definitely very lovely and best of all it’s a hunt gift so it’s super cheap!  Such a great bargain.   I paired with with one of the awesome new jacket/top combos from Blueberry, my oh my.. these are delicious!   A Leather Jacket with a Tank underneath, and each Jacket Colour… and there are a few, comes with various colours of tank too!!!  I then pulled on the sexy mini skirt that is new from Red Mint.   These are very versatile and come either alone, or with showing underwear, that you can colour via hud.  I chose to wear it solo, but the underwear is a kind of tanga style with the strings your hips, the sizing for these is different too, you get between sizes so you should find a good match to your size.   Also worn is one of Truth’s newer styles, still one of my faves, pose is from aDORKable!

LoTD - 30/11/12

Here is a brief peek at some of the colour options/combos you can find for the Blueberry Jackets, I really love the texturing on these babies, shiny but soft, not fake looking… just plain old sexy.  Pretty sure you’ll find a colour that suits you, and what you wear!

New @ Blueberry

Finally for today some eyes from Adore & Abhor for FLF!! You get all 5 in the pack and these are some starry looking beauties!   With a bit of a galatic theme, these eyes aren’t your every day eyes up close, but from a distance you can’t see the superb detailing, so it’s up to you to wear them in close ups so you get the feel of them, or far away where they look like regular, gorgeous eyes! YAY!

Adore & Abhor @ FLF

*SLURLS are available on the Store Locations page

The Key to my Heart…

… well that isn’t up for grabs! BUT… this gorgeous Key Necklace from Lassitude & Ennui is!

Jackal made this stunning piece of mesh work for the newest round of Zodiac, held on the Mint Tulip sim!  It comes in a variety of  colours, I opted for the Silver/Red (the red is the gem in the centre). This is SUCH a gorgeous necklace, and I know quite a few ppl that are suckers for anything Necklace related, so I imagine this is a huge hit!   The craftmanship is phenomenal and it’s a wonderful addition to a great Zodiac round!

New @ Lassitude & Ennui

My skin, which I have grown rather partial to, is from Al Vulo and was the Limited Bazzar item! I am not sure if there are any left, but I know that I am glad I got one! Soooo pretty, and hauntingly beautiful and pale!   I thought the A:S:S “Tears in your Eyes” set would look great with this, and I was right.  It comes with Tear tattoos and you can probably click through to the bigger picture to see a better picture of those!  Finally, I needed a dress and some hair, I could think of NO better hair than the Teeloh hair from Wasabi Pills to obtain the look I was going for, and the stunning mesh “Cry Baby” dress from Schadenfreude for Collabor88 in this striking Blood Orange colour!  To top the look off nicely I finished with the Mandala Mesh Ears, which had a gorgeous orange metal and stone to match my freshly squeezed look!

SLURLS found on the Store Locations Page


Hair:  Wasabi Pills | Teeloh | Iceberg
Eyes:  A:S:S | Tears in your Eyes | Umber
Tears: A:S:S | Tears in Your Eyes
Ears:  Mandala | Steking
Skin:  Al Vulo | Eleonor | Vampire Doll | Unreal Pale *LIMITED BAZZAR*
Dress:  Schadenfreude | Cry Baby Leopard Dress | Blood Orange *COLLABOR88*
Necklace:  Lassitude & Ennui – Scorpio Key Necklace | Silver/Red *ZODIAC*
Pose:  *Frooti

Happy Birthday, GUS! <3

Happy Birthday, Gus <3

It was Gus‘ birthday yesterday, but I couldn’t post this in time 😦  But still, the credits are below of all the cute goodies i’m wearing, I love the shoes from MonCheri that I picked up from Swagfest, along with the FANTASTIC piercings from Cute Poison (if you go to flickr and blow up the pic, you’ll see them better, but I plan on wearing them a lot!) and I couldn’t stop buying the Schadenfreude Ballons from the Gacha Machine at the Starlust Monster Beach Party!!

I think the picture says it all, really!

SLURLS are on the Store Locations page at the top of the blog unless linked in the post!

Hair: Alice Project | Rachel (coloured with Halloween HUD)
Skin: Candydoll | Windy
Eyes: IKON | Sunrise
Piercings: Cute Poison | Tipsy *SWAGFEST*
Undercrackers: Mon Cheri | Wild Things | Yellow *SWAGFEST*
Shoes: Mon Cheri | Mesh Peep Toe *SWAGFEST*
Balloons: Schadenfreude | Jerry Balloons | Pink/Teal/Purple *GACHA ITEM*