LoTD – Cat Lady Style

Happy happy Thursday one and all!  A LoTD post today with a little added shoegasm!

LoTD - Cat Lady Style

I feel so pretty and different today, a bit of a mish mash look, but one I love. ¬† I knew when I saw this cat sweater from Shabby Cat I was going to need it, it was a massive bonus that the skirts were released too!! ¬† The draped cat style sweater comes in various colours and is a cute little belly shower, the skirt is skater style and doesn’t show your butt, but could give someone an easy job doing so, nobody gains friends without some ass tho, right?

I am also wearing one of the new Truth hairs, a lovely loose over the shoulder style with just a little wave to it, gorgeous!!!    My piercings are from Cute Poison and are part of Depraved Nations Project Limited, they could well be sold out by now, but omg I love them! I tend to go through phases with piercings, but Cute Poison are ALWAYS my faves!    All full credits below including nails, jewellery and eyes!

LoTD - Cat Lady Style - Up Close and Personal

Below is the full range of colours of the Heartbreaker Sandals I am wearing, a new release from Mon Cheri, and each one comes with a HUD that allows you to change both inner and outer sole, the bows and metals!   And there a handful of options for each of those, so many looks in one really, I think I prefer the original look though.

New @ Mon Cheri


Hair: Truth | Esperanza
Eyes: IKON | Perspective Eyes | Oxidation
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Skin: Glam Affair | Mokatana | Artic 01 *Cosmetics Fair*
Piercings: Cute Poison | Hush | Black *Project Limited*
Sweater: Shabby Cat | Huggy | Red
Skirt: Shabby Cat | Demin Skater | Camel
Nails: The Wicked Peach | Corset | Black
Ring: O.M.E.N | Ring of Passion | Red
Shoes: Mon Cheri | Heartbreaker | Ruby

*SLURLS are on the store locations page

LoTD – In the Pink and SHOOZ

SHOOZ SHOOZ! AND PINK STUFF! ¬†God, I am turning into a right girl! ¬† A little LoTD today and a bunch of shoes, now that Shoetopia has finished, some regular releases… mostly ūüėÄ

LoTD - In the Pink

This gorgeous look is mostly bought to you by Blueberry today! ¬† The skirt and top are both from there, each come in an array of colours and with options galore! ¬†The thing I love about the tops are they come as shown with cropped top and vest, or just with the cropped top, so you can choose to bare some skin, or cover up a tad more, choice is yours! ¬†The skirt is short, and sexy, but all in all both pieces make for a super cute look! ¬†Also worn are items from Glam Affair, Exile, IKON, Slink and Mon Cheri…. except for the Boots! ¬†These bad boys are from Hucci.

Hucci Boots

Just a handful and a smidge more of colours shown from both the brights and neutrals HUD, these are by far the sexiest thigh highs in SL!   The workmanship is second to none with wrinkles in all the right places, heels to die for and such a realistic, sexy shape.  They really do fit in so well with a bunch of items in my wardrobe and even manage to make sexy look sassy!  I am LOVING the teal, and the orange!  So bright and vivid.


Also, one shoe event may be over, but there are still plenty of decent shoes about!   From top left to bottom right you see shoes from Hopscotch, Shabby Cat, Intrepid and fri.day.

The flats from Hopscotch are the item for the Invitation Only Hunt! These are an exclusive colour of an future release, and the cute baby blue/pink pairing will never be available again!  The Boots are half of the Main Event item, an event which takes you to an event location, and the other half of the item found at the main store, to get main stores some traffic!   The boots are found at the main store, and you can find stockings at the event location! Sooo cute.

Shabby Cat brings us some UGG style boots, I fell in love with these on Flickr, they are part of the Winter Trend Event going on right now, I have shown one colour of snowflake, and one of grey stripe but there are also black stripes and a bunch of colours to choose from! I absolutely ADORE these, hard.  Original rigged mesh from Sophia that is simply gorgeous.

Intrepid releases are 2 pairs of boots.  On the left there is Zealous and on the right is Luminous!  Both boots come in a huge array of colour choices and are gorgeous.    A single HUD pack of 6 colours is under $L200 with the fatpack of 4 HUDS is under $L600! Bloody steal for such gorgeousness.  A more dressy pair, and a comfy pair, treat yourself to one of each at least!

Finally the fri.day releases! ¬†The two pairs of heels are actually from the Geeks n Nerds Fair, and the boots were at Shoetopia, but I think they’ll be out in the main store soon enough! ¬† The heels work with SLink feet and ugh, they are divine. ¬†The Bowtie.Pumps come in a range of colours and a little HUD that changes the bow, I chose cats but there are 22 options!!! ¬† Stunning. ¬†My fave has to be the Raggedy.Man Heels, Dr Who inspired feet for everyone, a cute suited heel and a Tardis, and yes they are supposed to be mismatched! LOVE THEM! The River Boots are the Shoetopia release and although there were limited colour release at the event, I am hoping for more in the main store!

Thankkkks and enjoy your Monday ‚̧

A Little Sneaky Peek!

So, Elika has been working despite being super busy in RL, and the fruits of her labour are ALMOST upon us! ¬† There will be a new store (eventually).. but to be released REALLY soon are a bunch of new hairstyles (also the ones from TLC) and exciting new textures and better still… they come with a HUD! ¬†YAY! ¬† ¬† ¬†All old styles have been retired, but I can happily say these new ones rock, and the textures? OH.EM.GEE!

Elikatira - Coming Soon!
Elikatira - Coming Soon!

There are the new styles, a little bit of everything except a boy short style, or any boys… but I am sure there is plenty more to come! The HUDS come with the textures on the pack you want with over a handful on each, and if there is an accessory you click a button and it pops up a little colour HUD! AWESOMESAUCE. I do love that Elika has gone the HUD route, I find it much easier and inventory friendly… there are the regular colour packs for Blondes, Browns, Reds, Whites, Ravens.. and there are Dawn and Sunset colours too, each colour set comes with 12 solid colours and 6 dip dye or ombre or whatever you want to call them! ¬†OH! HAIRBASES! THERE ARE HAIRBASES TOO! OMGGG YAY

They should be out REALLY soon, but no definite time/date.. just SOON… and also there is a small price raise because of the extra textures, but they will only be around $L300 a pack! Which is a small raise for so much more stuffs! YAY

I leave you with all the colours (actually most, I didn’t snap a couple, but it’ll be like a nice surprise)… enjoy, I know you will ‚̧

OH my top is from Shabby Cat, a gorgeous hooded number, more about that another day, and the skin is the new Cho from Essences, but more about that another day too ‚̧

Elikatira - New Textures!
Elikatira - New Textures! - Coming Soon
Elikatira - New Textures! - Coming Soon
Elikatira - New Textures! - Coming Soon
Elikatira - New Textures! - Coming Soon
Elikatira - New Textures! - Coming Soon

We <3 Roleplay

We ‚̧ Roleplay is not a new event, but it’s new to me! ¬†It’s an event that focuses on something a lil different, something for the whimsical loving of us, those that love history or just want to roleplay their little hearts out! ¬†Everything at the event is 25-50% off normal price and some of it is AWESOME, well all of it is awesome, obvs.

We <3 Roleplay 2

I fell in love with the skin from La Petite Morte! ¬†A lot of people always raise a brow at skins with any form of bruise, or cut… but they are perfect for roleplay purposes, infact the ad for this one was a boxer! ¬†I just wanted to wear it as is tho, no bells or whistles. ¬†It comes in two tones and is just perfect if you want to look like you’re a boxer or you’ve just beaten someone for stealing the last limited edition thing at that event that took you 500000 tps to get into! HUZZAH! ¬† Also worn in this picture is the lovely new choker from Shabby Cat (matching bracelet available and can be used as RLV or not) and the hair is from Discord Designs and was one of their awesome Hair Fair hairs! I never got around to blogging them after picking them all up, but I am now! YAY!

We <3 Roleplay 1

At the event there are lots of dresses similar to the above, well a few, not lots.. but I loved this one as it came in pieces rather than one big dress. ¬†The Matriarch Gown is available in 3 colours and each colour comes with 2 bodices and 2 skirts, for your mix and match pleasure. ¬† I did find that I had to pair the XXS skirt with the S top because of overlap in some poses, but thats ok! It looks finnnnnnnne to me. ¬†I am wearing it with the Shabby Cat Choker again, and one of the 2 new Truth hairs! ¬† It does look all demure and damsal like, doesn’t it?! ¬† Also worn is one of the new Collabor88 skins from Izzies! ¬†There are four available, and I picked one with luscious red lips to match my gorgeous gown!

Make sure you check out the event before the round closes, as well as everything else.

*SLURLS can be found on the store locations page

Unicorns don’t care if you believe in them any more than you care if they believe in you..

.. and that seems like a very wise, and clever quote, and it is apt for today, as I am wearing a horn, although it is a Kirin Horn, not Unicorn, but close, right?

Unicorns don't care if you believe in them any more than you care if they believe in you.

Today I have decided to be a bit mish mash, I knew that I wanted to wear some awesome stuff for FaMESHed, i’m not an official blogger, but I sure do like to frequent the joint! ¬† Both the hair and top in this look can be found there. ¬†Fay by Wasabi Pills is a gorgeous, to the side style that comes in all the regular colours and gorgeousness, a simple do that screams class and decorum, but is a great hair for the cute amongst us too! ¬† The top is the Carly Hoodie by Erratic, and there is also the Carly Skirt available too, they come in various colours/patterns and are simply divine! ¬† I really love this multi coloured one, it leaves so many options for you to put it with anything and everything! ¬† My jeans are an older item from Intreprid from Christmas, and they have a lil snowflake on the tush.


My gorgeous skin is from Essences and is part of TDR Fusion this time, you get a choice of makeups, this one is super cute and girly pink tho, so I chose this. ¬† My Kirin Horn can be found at SL Fashion Week by the lovely Halogen of Half Deer!!! ¬†I do love everything this chick makes, it’s all ADORBS!! It comes in various colours/patterns but the Magic 2 was whimsical and cute, so that is what adorns my bonce. ¬† ¬†Also worn is a new Jewellery set by Shabby Cat! ¬† I think my ring fell off (thanks SL), but you can see the Necklace, isn’t it a beauty?? ¬† For one of her first made mesh items this is just wonderful, I suspect we will be seeing a lot more!

New @ CandyDoll

These shoes are also new from CandyDoll… The Botina Boot comes in various different colour packs, one isn’t shown here, but the rest are, in vertical lines you can see 5 of the ¬†colour packs! ¬†These are some gorgeous little booties, and I love that they come with a HUD to resize and colour change, it’s so quick and simple, and i also love them cos you don’t have to match your skin tone. ¬†Lazy Willis is LAZY! ¬† The texturing on these bad boys (or girls) is amazing, really sharp and well done. ¬†There are demos, so make sure you check them out!


Hair: Wasabi Pills | Fay | Pancake *FaMESHed*
Eyes: IKON | Kaleido | Crystal
Skin: Essences | Wednesday | Candy | Pale Dust *TDR Fusion*
Horn: Half Deer | Kirin Horn | Magic 2 *SL Fashion Week*
Top: Erratic | Carly | Hoodie | Multi *FaMESHed*
Jewellery: Shabby Cat | Jeweled Cross Set *Jack or Jill Hunt*
Jeans: Intrepid | White Christmas Jeans | Snowflake Blue
Shoes: CandyDoll | Botina Boots *NEW*
Pose: Frooti

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page

Day 22 of 365 LoTD – Get yer Shabby Cat on!

Hallo… Day 22 is calling!

Day 22 of 365 LoTD

Today I’ve gone casual with my new items from Shabby Cat and my gorgeous new Tattoo and Skin! ¬† We’ll start with my attire. ¬† Both my top and jeans are new from Shabby Cat and come in various colours/washes and of course, all to standard sizing, I really love the top, it’s lose, comfy looking but sexy too, and it’s studded!! ¬†Who doesn’t love a bit of a stud? Hmmmm? ¬† The jeans are also loose fitting with a hugely comfy and casual look to them, with a cross belt and I found they fit over my E-Wings just perfectly, which is always good, because I don’t own many shoes that fit under baggy jeans, or jeans that fit over my shoes! ¬†Make sure you visit Shabby Cat and demo, then purchase ALL THE THINGS!

I am digging my new tattoo from Half Deer, ¬†It is currently only $L35 and is available at that special price for The Retreat¬†and it will be $L50 after, so still very reasonable. ¬†I am wearing the “Keyhole” tattoo, but you can also find a matching “Key” one too! ¬†They are trans so you can buy one for your loved one(s) and hand them out like candy, who wants the key to your hole? Hmmm? Who gains special access? ¬† Who knows! All I know is that it’s super cute!

Also worn is my new PXL Vip Group Gift Skin! ¬†This is Sophia Decadance and she’s a little emo beauty. ¬† I’m probably crying because I have nobody trying to ram their key into my hole, why would you be crying? ¬†Maybe you’ve just been caught in the rain… the world is your oyster with this skin if you want to take pics with a smidge of feeling to them, beautiful!

PXL Vip Gift

*All SLURLS, if available, can be found on the Store Locations page if not linked!


Skin: PXL | Sophia | PA Decadence Skin *VIP Gift*
Hair: Alice Project | Wonderland SE
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Sapphire
Tattoo: Half Deer | Keyhole Tattoo *NEW*
Top: Shabby Cat | Siouxsie Studded Crop Top | Teal *NEW*
Jeans: Shabby Cat | Gemma Jeans | Dark *NEW*
Shoes: 2REAL | E-Wings
Pose: *Frooti

It’s the End of Another Year…

..and what is going to happen? ¬†Who knows what 2013 holds in store, 2012 has been an ok year for me, so I can’t complain!

W.Winx @ My Attic

Most people celebrate seeing in the New Year with a drink, with friends, with food… some prefer solitude. Me? I’ll be sharing a drink with RL Mr Willis and telling the kids to go to bed a billionty times, I was invited out with work bestie and was given a pass from the Mr, but to be honest, I am a homebody at heart now, and I love the silly TV Programmes at New Year, it looks, however, that Willis is ready to partayyyy! ¬†This WinxBox is available at My Attic but that ends TODAY! ¬†Whimsy made a lovely prop/pose box with all the New Year Trimmings, and it comes with all the poses you see, it’s also able to hold more than one person, so it would make for some lovely group shots! ¬†Make sure you check it out BEFORE the New Year kicks in! ¬†She added in extra years, so it’s totes reusable, GOOD JOB, WHIMSY!

The dress I am wearing is the gorgeous new number from Shabby Cat! A glittery goddess of a dress, not too short but not too long that you’re tripping over, and it comes in some really lovely sparkly colours as you can see below (the multi is a VIP special, I believe). ¬† It’s a lovely item made entirely from Mesh and is perfect to get your partayyyy on with. ¬† ¬†The boots I am wearing that you can just about make out in the above picture are the Fringed Boots new from SAKIDE! I have a lot of new Sakide goodies to blog, but one thing at a time, eh?! ¬† Hair is from Alice Project and is one of the newer styles, there has been a bit of a deal going on for NY that I only just caught on to, new styles are being released in a NY countdown, with whopping 50% discount! Don’t fear if you’ve missed them, they are available Jan 1st with a 25% discount instead, which you cannot snub! ¬†Also worn is the Amberly skin from Glam Affair and the poses are from *Frooti! ¬†Yep *Frooti is still alive, just… hasn’t been updated in a while, i’ve been preoccupied, but who knows how long the poses will remain, you should visit! ūüėõ

New @ Shabby Cat

I hope to do another post before the year ends, but if I don’t man age it. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.. and Happy 25 Days of Poses to YOU!

One of the people I admire most in the pose making world is Adorkable Peapod, she’s so nice and positive, always on hand for a hug or just to pep talk you and I don’t bother her nearly as much as I’d like to. ¬†She’s beyond generous and is one of the most lovely people I know, and that I’d like to get to know better.

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 1-5

Every year she does a whole 25 Days of Poses, where you get a free pose every day and if you miss them, they are sold for a discounted price afterwards, here are 20 of the 25 along with a few different looks. ¬† The first 5 I paired together with a gorgeous Group Gift from Happy Undead! ¬†A really gorgeous knit dress, together with some new Ruby slippers from AlaskaMetro. ¬† I had to wear the new Exile hair for My Attic cos it comes with Tiara pin and it’s my BIRTHDAY, therefore I am a princess, duh. ¬† The skin I am wearing is upcoming from Essences for TDR Fusion, so be ready for that!

The next poses I am again wearing Happy Undead!  This is their Tube Dress in Candy Cane!  Paired with the Red Combat Boots from Monso that you can find at Collabor88, this is a kick ass christmas look!   I topped it off with new Red Mint hair with a bit of a windswept look and the gorgeous new skin from Adam N Eve, but more about that below.

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 6-10

The next 5 I have tried to show from a few angles, so that you can see the awsesome work that’s gone into the new Blueberry Cardigan. ¬†With a lil cute bow and hood at the back it’s the perfect cozy knitwear for your wardrobe. ¬†I wear a Shabby Cat dress underneath it that now comes with appliers for your e-boobs! ¬† Topping it off with one of the 12 days of Christmas hairs from Ploom and the most gorgeous skin from Essences upcoming for the Capricorn Zodiac! ¬† I can’t forget the boots, new from Ispachi and some of the best boots I’ve clapped eyes on.

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 11-15

For the final five I went for a bit of a bright look with a billionty things going on! ¬† My hair is another12 days hair from Ploom, this time a more quirky style! ¬†It’s paired with one of the three skins available from Al Vulo for the Holidays, all three of which you need. ¬† I’m wearing the Leather Skirt from Blueberry that was released along with the cardigan above and under that the Shabby Cat dress again, but in a pink this time! ¬† My top is from Phosphenes and is the new Ombre Dip sweater, shown here in a vibrant yellow but available in other colours too. ¬† ¬†To top it off I have some of the new Waist High Tights from Izzies on, available in both a natural and colours pack these babies are to die for! ¬† I couldn’t take my Ispachi boots off either, so you get them here in black. PRAISE BE TO THE HUD!

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 16-20

Finally here is a quick peek at the Meghan Skin from Adam & Eve I mentioned earlier! ¬†This is tone 2 and all of the makeups, aren’t they beautiful? ¬†¬†Definitely¬†a more “real” feel to this skin than most of the skins I wear. ¬†She comes with oodles of options, tattoos and layers for cleavage, freckles, dimples, eyebrows and more! ¬† I really love the makeups in this pack from the cat eye and ruby combo to the peachy lips and pink eyes. ¬†So gorgeous!

New @ Adam & Eve | Meghan

*SLRULS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page!

Sunday Stuffs

Hello, and happy Sunday… I have a LoTD for you today, and a few lil random bits that I have been meaning to show for a while now, and not a whiff of an event in sight… much ūüėÄ

Prism is one of those stores that has a bit of everything, ¬†whether you want full sets for your living room, or little knick knacks to place about the house, Lilly really does cater for all tastes, and all occasions… Christmas is no exception! ¬†These are just a handful of the Christmas/Yule items you can find at Prism this year. ¬† The gorgeous bench comes with both couples and singles poses, and as you can see it comes with snow built in, and the cute lampost with wreath. ¬† If you want your wreath separate, you can find many different styles from traditional pine to¬†poinsettia, with bells and more! ¬†The angels are just divine, them come as the pair both holding their own mini wreaths, and of course Christmas isn’t Christmas without a Poinsettia in a pot! ¬† Make sure you get on over to Prism and check everything out!

Christmas @ Prism

Breno is a new store to me, I came across the flickrstream and fell in love, I have been trying to put together a look with one of their prefabs but I haven’t managed to perfect one yet, so instead here is a lil peek at two of the wonderful items they do! ¬†These space invader wall art pictures as sooooo cute! ¬†They are only 1 prim each and a steal at $L49, whether you just want something a lil different, or you’re a sci-fi geek, you’ll love these! ¬† Also something I fell in love with was the Cloud 9 Lamp! ¬†It hangs from the ceiling and is just gorgeous. ¬†The lamp is scripted to give you complete control over the look so you can adjust the Intensity, glow, color and other settings too, and it’s resizable! ¬† Do love this store, keep an eye out for more awesome stuff very soon!


My look of the day today is simple and casual, and I had to work a look around these super Arm Socks that Shabby Cat released in both Black and White! ¬†A different take on the traditional arm warmer, these are fantastic! ¬†I paired them with nearly an entire look from SAKIDE including a knitted mesh tee, corduroy jeans and black biker boots! ¬† The top I love because it’s so simple and comfy looking, the jeans come in an array of colours and you get both cuffed and non cuffed version to choose from, and the boots… what can I say? I love a good black boot! ¬† Both Shabby Cat and SAKIDE are releasing so many awesome items lately, it’s hard to keep up, but I’m always super excited for the next release! ¬† I am still wearing my Morgan hair from Wasabi Pills and the skin is the new Sunny skin from MONS! More about that below.

LoTD - 02/12/12

Here are the colours of Arm Sock available, in the black pack! ¬†You can mix and match it to almost any outfit, I’m sure… except perhaps that slinky evening gown ūüėõ

Colours of Arm Socks @ Shabby Cat

MONS new skin, Sunny.. is a freckled affair! ¬†Of course you don’t have to have the freckles, there is a freckleless version available and each makeup comes with two cleavage options as well as with/without freckles! ¬† The eyes on this skin are lovely! With four different types of liner, ¬†they make your eyes stand out, in the most subtle of ways, and each skin has a plain style lip, very neutral looking, nothing too over the top. ¬†There are makeups available, so you don’t have to stay a semi plain jane. ¬† Each skin also comes with a variety of brow options too, something for everyone, yay!

New @ Mons

*SLURLS on Store Locations Page

Credits for LoTD

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Morgan | Wild Honey *FaMESHed*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Leather
Skin: MONS | Sunny | Light | Spring *NEW*
Shirt: SAKIDE | Open Knitted Tee | Sand
Arm Socks: Shabby Cat | Arm Socks | Black & Blue
Jeans: SAKIDE | Slim Corduroy Jeans | Black
Boots: SAKIDE | Leather Army Boots
Pose: *Frooti