LoTD – 30/10/13

I was going to do the whole countdown to Halloween thing and post something “festive” but in the end, I decided not to.  SO THERE.  Enjoy my little LoTD post, it’s all I seem to have time for lately! BOO!

LoTD - 30/10/13

Along with my little LoTD I wanted, no NEEDED to show you the Cheeky Pea VIP Gift! Well one of them.  Shay and Kath Ball Chairs are so CUTE, I chose the one with little ears, cos i’m cute like that.   Each comes with a bunch of anims and self rezzing props, sweeeet!  My LoTD is centred around this skully dress from Epic!  Available in a bunch of colours but shown here in Red, I am wearing it with my Phat Azz and I feel as cute as a button!  It comes with a bunny hood too, score!   My hair is new from Tameless, I love how big and floofy their hairs are, makes me feel like i’ve been to the hairdressers for a pamper!

LoTD - 30/10/13 - Up Close and Personal

I am wearing a few lil bits in my ensemble that I wanted to show in a clearer way!   They include the Cute Poison Graveyard ring from Horrorfest, how intricate??! SO CUTE!     They are also 100% for charity too, so get em! They come in light and dark and are resizeable.     I’m also wearing a Blah ring, from SL Fashion week, a batty little number, available in a bunch of colours and in both regular and slink hand sizes.   My nails are new from Flair and are denimtastic!  I love them, so novel!   My skin is the new skin from FAKE – Violet.  She is shown here in Milky tone and complete with Phat Azz and SLink appliers, I did choose the no brow version in freckle and added my own Insufferable Dastard brows as they are soft and lovely and I felt like jigging around my face.   My eyes are from IKON and lasehs from Mon Cheri!

I will be back on scheduled waffle town soon! School holidays are nearly over, not that I have my kids as they’re away but still… I’m a busy bee! ❤

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Sunday Stuffs

Hi all! My RL kidlets have gone away with my parents for a few days so I have been making the most of it today and watching ALL the crappy TV!  I am here tho with a lil LoTD and some cute!

LoTD - Pure Poison Style!

Over at SL Fashion Week Pure Poison has three witches dresses and hats out!  Well technically it’s not a witches dress, it’s the Horroria Dress and it comes in three flavours, this blue beauty has a pumpkin face at the bottom, and it’s sexy and slinky and all things WOO!    I paired it up with one pair of the new LaRoo release, a full post coming about those soon, but I couldn’t resist these Spencer Pumps and the new skin matching system, this Zoul Creations (previously blogged) skin wasn’t in the system but I managed a pretty good match all on my own, go me!  You can suggest skins on the website tho, so that’s alllllll good!

Atooly Pumpkinnnn!

While I was digging about I discovered this Atooly Necklace that’s part of the Willow Street Gacha,  There are 13 to win at $L50 a pop and 5 rares in the mix, however cute are they????  I again wore the Zoul Creations skin, I think my face loves it a lot!  And both hairs worn in the blog are from Truth, eyes from IKON and lashes from Mon Cheri!

GET SHOPPING (slurls are on the Store Locations page)

SHOES… and stuff.

I am not usually a huge shoe lover, but I wanted to do something with SHOES. SHOES and other stuff, obvs.

New! Vincue @ Black Fair - Swimmy!ted

We are going with a bit of a day and night theme here, with the help of VinCue and their gorgeous items out at The Black Fair!  We start the day off with a lovely cut out swim suit, it oozes sex appeal, and comes in dotty and plain in an array of colours, I think this was one of my favs tho!     Below you see the night version, which is another VinCue item and is the Crossed Dress in Bee!   BZZZZZ!    Again there are options for this short, sexy, sparkley number.. either two tone stripes or plain!   Get your hands on and your booty into the event to pick these gorgeous VinCue items up!  Also worn in both pictures is Harley from Pink Fuel with PF Ink lipstick and of course SLink hands and footsies, cos you know, appliers!   The hairs are both new from Red Mint and I am loving the fantasy colours that are going on! YAY!

New! Vincue @ Black Fair - Dressy!

Now in both the pictures above I am wearing new shoes, a weird thing for me,  shoes and I have a love/hate relationship, but since people started making shoes to fit on SLink feet, ~I am SOLD!  First we have some goooooorgeous strappy heels from CandyDoll!   They come in a plethora of colours and patterns, a fistful of which can be seen below!  Each colour comes with a HUD so you can change the heel/sole to various textures, so you can make the shoes your own, well to a certain point anyway.   I love how robust these shoes look, a lovely thick heel with a thick sole and texturing to die for! YAY!

New @ CandyDoll

Also released for the flat SLink feet by Cute Poison for SL Fashion Week are these cute flip flops!    Your basic necessity for the beach, plain black but each with a coloured flower, so you can match your swimming costume or your nails, or your eyes, or just wear whatever colour you feel like!

Cute Poison @ SL Fashion Week

I am going to the beach in RL with my kids and parents (or 4 kids really) tomorrow for a week! I hope my partner in crime WillowC will takeover the blog and make it her own, but it might be like a ghost town around here for a week or so, but I will return, fresh faced and ready to blog my buttocks off!


Yay Sunday!   I have a little LoTD for you today with some new goodies, and then a little sneaky peek some some deliciousness!  Although not really a sneak peek, more a LOOK AT THIS GO BUY IT!

LoTD - Epic Style

I swung by Epic today to see what goodies I have been missing and found a bunch of separates that make up a sexy little outfit that was new, made my day!   The Moto items are sexy, cool, and cute.. what more could you want?  The top comes in black only (atm.. who knows for future!) and the skirt and boots both com with a HUD so you can change textures/colours!  I left the boots black, because I think they fit the theme more, but I wanted the skirt to be a cute, girly colour, so in came hot pink!  I took a few snaps of a few of the other colours/textures you can see below, not all are shown.   I do love Epic items, always so well made, well textured and super cute to boot!

Epic Moto Skirts - Options

Here you can see a little close up of the look, because I’m wearing several new things!  Firstly the skin… it’s one of the Belleza Best Buys for August and is gorgeous as always, really pale and muted makeup, lovely for a barely there look, which is always nice on a pale skin!   The hair is new from CatWa and I’m wearing it in one of the pale ombres that I fell in love with “Christina”!   The piercings I am wearing are the Anathema Piercings from Cute Poison, and there is a HUGE array of piercings for you to choose from in the store,  you can’t go wrong!   They come with a HUD so you can change colours.. well metals in this case.  LOVE THEM.  The Necklace is also from Cute Poison and is this weeks SL Fashion Week item!   A cute beaded skull necklace that comes in Gold, Gunmetal or Black… a really intricate piece that just looks perfect with this look, for sure!


Close up of LoTD - Epic Style

Finally we have some items from Circa!  They were out for Food Fair, but they are now out in the main store now that the fair has ended.   Circa always comes up trumps with the goodies, well made, wonderfully textured, cute as a button and these just made me sooooo HUNGRY!   Well, the plates on the wall and tables didn’t but the food surely did!    It all looks so realistic and wonderful! I fell in love with the Macaroon Tower and the Cookies!   But everything caught my eye because it’s fun, realistic and just perfect if you want to scatter some edible (or just plain rad) decor around.

New  @ Circa Living

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page ❤


I’m sorry, back to work in RL so things have been a bit up and down with me logging into SL!   But I am BACK and here are some new goodies 😀

LoTD 16/04/13

This gorgeous new dress from Immerse is so flowy and pretty and I love the colour combination and comes complete with an attachable flower.   It comes in different colours but this one really stood out to me, the beautiful girly pink with the lovely teal type of blue.   There are a lot of new releases at Immerse so make sure you check!!    It makes for a pretty picture, does it not?!   I wanted to blog it with some of the stuff from my HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE to blog list, but I got changed once and then 3 relogs later I still couldn’t take anything off. SO. SORRY.

Magical Necklace of MAGIC

Also worn in the pictures here is the Essences Opera Skin, available from TDR and one of the other makeups (I blogged one just a few days ago)!  Always so soft and smooth looking, Essences skins, I adore them!    The main focus of the picture is this gorgeous Antler and Ring Necklace from Half Deer and is available at SL Fashion Week, this is the pink one and there are many more colours to choose from, such a lovely, boho looking piece from one of my fave stores EVER!   Make sure you get them this week while the event is running! EEEE!

New @ Insufferable Dastard

Finally, the eyes…. all from Insufferable Dastard and just 2 of the new packs available.   The top picture are the Mermaid Eyes which are some watery looking gorgeous eyes, a little glazed over look to them with lovely pastel colours and brights… the eyes below are the Soulful V2 Eyes… they come in the colours shown below and then some “brights” too!   The thing I love about ID eyes is that they come with the plain old normal eye, and then with mesh addon’s so you can mix and match colours to, always a bonus!

New @ Insufferable Dastard 2

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page

Big Bo.obies!

Yeah, I guess I should post some big bo.obies now in this post, but i’m not gunna, I’m SFW today guys, sorry!   I will bring you some stuff from the Big Bo.obies Event tho! If you want to see some great boobs, head on over to Flirting with Fashion!


This shirt is from DCNY and is the FLF item for today!   So if you want a great mesh item, casual and cute for just $L50, you can get this up until midnight slt, it’s well worth it!  I love the lovely minty cream combo it comes in, but then I am a sucker for anything minty!    The hair is new from Wasabi Pills and is the delectable Lily!  It’s not for an event, or cut price it’s a regular release and it’s stunning!  It’s a long style with strands over the shoulders, which do a really great job of hiding nipples, btw… and swept to the side bangs.   I loveeeee it!   The pose I am using is another from Adorkable for the Pose Fair, there are so many awesome poses from Adorkable and many others, you guys will love it!  Now onto the skin.. which is the Big Bo.obie Show item!

New @ Essences!

Meet Operate from Essences, making her debut at the BBS in all of the tones you see above… they range from milky white to a darker, more sunkissed colour.   All skins comes with appliers, obvs.. it is the big bo.obie show! and they come with various brow options, I think I’ve managed to showcase them all… you  get blonde, brunette, brown  and ginger, so whatever your hair colour you can find your option, well technically not if you are grey, or pink.. but you get the drift.   I really love how great Inka makes my face look with her skins, Essences has become a brand I love and fall back on whenever I feel like I need to look like me, she is my face! SHE IS! THEY ARE! OH I DON’T KNOW!  All I know is that you should check these babies out!

New @ SFW from Cute Poison

Finally, I am wearing these earrings in the pictures above, but the hair hides them.  They are the SL Fashion Week item from Cute Poison this time around, all fantastic original mesh FOXY earrings!!!   They come with a HUD with various colours including the ones above, so you can mix and match to your hearts content, or you can go with one colour like the bottom left pink, it still works, they don’t look flat cos the colours mesh really nicely and look slightly different hues!

The Big Bo.obie Show opens on April 1st, so slurls will be updated then.  Any others can be found on the Store Locations page ❤


… hammertime.. no wait that isn’t right.   I logged in today and had these awesome goodies waiting for me, and couldn’t resist a lil collage of awesome.

New @ Truth & Half Deer

Truth released three new awesome hairs, all very plain and simple, although one of them (Tenille, on the left) comes with 2 versions, you can wear it with or without a giant mesh bow, I wanted to wear my Half Deer veils that are available at SL Fashion week!   They are so cute and just in time for valentines day, so look cute AND classy!  I’m also wearing a new skin from TAPS and a new dress from Cynful, but I shall be back to blog about them at a later date.

So.. in the NO1CURR STAKES…. I will still be logging in, trying to blog at least once every few days/once a week and keep on top of stuffs, but after 9yrs I think I need a bit of an SL holiday, and with Elikatira closing and stuff happening in RL, it seems like the perfect time to try and get myself sorted and get myself back to a place in SL where I have fun and stuffs, if I can. This isn’t a huge announcement like OMG I QUIT or anything like that, I just think SL, for me, has become a bit of a chore of late rather than a place I enjoy and have fun or relax, so time to try and jig that up, what does that mean and why should you care?  Well it doesn’t really mean anything other than I may not be the blogging machine I have been known to be, and you shouldn’t care, but just incase you wondered why i’d started posting less, or not logging in as much, now you know!… and also I’ve started a blog in RL about my cake endeavors.  I’ve always wanted to make cakes, like… decent great big stonking Ace of Cakes type cakes, that ain’t ever happening, but I would like to utilise the equipment and tools I have and try to at least step up and do something I’ve always wanted! When I have it up and running properly, anyone that’s interested, i’ll give a link to!    You can see my disasters and hopefully some triumphs.

Have a great rest of your weekend ❤

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

Day 29 of 365 LoTD – SL Fashion Week Style

Yep, we’re doing this thing SL Fashion Week STYLE, YO!

Day 29 of 365 LoTD

I finally got my ass on over there to pick up the shoes i’d been eyeing up, as well as the jewellery!  I ended up going on a bit of a spree.  Full credits are below but here is my blurb:   I love the shoes from BSD!  A store I think I’ll be visiting very often. The mesh is original and creative, and it comes with a nifty swifty little hud that allows you to change both skintone and nail polish really quickly!  It seems i’m turning into something of a shoe hoarder! :O.   The dress is from AUTRES and compliments the shoes wonderfully, I got it in black but there were a handful more colours to choose from, the shoes, by the way, came in a billionty (ok a few less than that) choices, yayyy!  My fave pieces of the whole ensemble have to be the Mr Me Stashing Set from Olive,  you can buy it individually in gold or silver, but I just got the fatpack, the gems are colour change and it comes with bracelet, necklace and ring.   WEEEE!

New @ Tuli

Tuli is BACK BABY! YEAHHH with a new main store on the brand spankin new and redone Cupcakes sim, I am sooo happy she is!  Here you can see Helena in Powder with all the skins plus a variation of lip glosses/mattes that are available, but not all because there are 30!!!  Four skins are available, Helena is just one of them which we saw a sneak peek of at The Dressing Room!   I always loved Tuli Skins because they are well texured, realistic looking without being scary and make you look mature enough to not be a teenager but young enough to not be old.. if that makes sense.   There are a variety of tones available, with more on the way AND appliers, so I hear!   A stunning comeback, Tuli… we are glad to have you back ❤

*SLURLS, if available are on the Store Locations Page


Hair: Magika | Now
Skin: Tuli | Helena | Powder | 09 Dimples w/Sheer Nude Gloss Lips *NEW*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Leather
Dress: Autres | Titian Dress | Blaq *SL Fashion Week*
Jewellery: Olive | The Mr.Me Stashing Set | Silver *SL Fashion Week*
Shoes: BSD | Top Model | Blk Quilted – Colour 1 *SL Fashion Week*
Pose: Adorkable

Day 25 of 365 and Breno!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Day 25 of 365 LotD Posts

Today has a cutesy LoTD with a sneak peek at the upcoming SL Fashion Week item from Half Deer! The Jackalope Ears and Antlers will be available in two new exclusive colours!  I am wearing only the Antlers here but you are going to love them!   I’m also wearing one of the new Ploom hairs, Mookie (cute name!).  She’s a pile up bun style and it looks awesome in the dipped/tipped version, like a swirly ice-cream delight!  I’m also wearing a new skin from TAPS, the shading isn’t overly powerful but the face is super cute!.   All other credits can be found below! 🙂

Also new today is this gorgeous Hammock from Breno.  It comes with various colour/texture change options with just three shown below.  The Corfu Hammock also includes  a bunch of poses for both singles and couples, yay!  It’s a perfect addition to your beach whether you want a dark looking wood with a manly black and blue look (calm down girls, I like black and blue too!) or a nice bleached white look overall, this is definitely one piece you will not want to be without, and it’s a steal at only $L350!  Alphawolf does some stunning work and is a lovely person to boot!  Get on dowwwnnn.

New @ Breno

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page

Credits for LoTD

Hair: Ploom | Mookie | Tipped
Skin: TAPS | Anna | Princess | Cat Eye *NEW*
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | City Lights | Gold & Green
Antlers: Half Deer | Jackalope Antlers | Dusk *SL Fashion Week*
Dress: Razorblade Jacket | Sequin Party Dress | Pink
Nails: Izzies | Cracked Nails
Pose: Adorkable Poses