Stranger Things Have Happened!

Strangelings, the wonderful new creatures from Flying Monkey Interactive Inc.  It’s an immense and diverse world game of a genetics based pet, where you have pets that breed little critters with unique traits, a bit like other Breedables in SL, but not…  FMI is the brainchild of Ozimals and two former lindens, and this is their first product, the initial way to play will be on iPad and the web, infact I had to use my beta key with my FB account.

At present, while the game is still being ironed out, you can get this gorgeous rigged mesh avatar, which is a replica of a in game Strangelings, these are currently available at the  Magic of Oz sim and will be at the Christmas Expo 2012 when it opens to the public, along with a couple of special, exclusive items!  You can totally customize it to suit your needs, it comes with a HUD with many options, including a plethora of coats, with oodles of colours to choose from to choose for each part of the coat, including all the add-ons you can get including spines, crowns, legs, tails and more.  They also come with a few AO’s and different animations, including some very cute and funny dances!  I am not as advanced as Strawberry who posted a video over on her blog, but I did manage to capture just some of the stands/sits/ and a few mid dance moves here:


You can click through for a bigger picture, I chose some christmassy colours to showcase the horns and halo available at the Christmas Expo!  They aren’t the best pics I am afraid, but you can already tell how cute the AV is!

I threw together a few different looks for you below too, to showcase just some of the options available:


I am so in love with these, I can’t wait for it all to come out of beta and into the forefront, I can feel myself being suckered back in already!

If you would like to sign up, please be a star and use my link: