Have a hairy old time

Nothing much but hair in this post! I needed a catch up, so a catch up I have for you ūüôā

New @ Truth

Truth has 6 new hairs out, shown above in all their glory! Not only are there the new styles, there are new textures too. ¬†The hair now comes in different colour packs and they are named like brown03, brownfade03 etc, so you do lose a few of what may be your fave¬†textures, but I’m sure you’ll gain a new fave! ¬†The top I am wearing is from FreshTrash is is a new store I’ve not heard of but omg it’s adorable! It comes in so many colours both solids and stripes, and you can just about see the little elbow patch stitched detailing! ITS SO CUTE! I love it, definitely one for jeans or a skirt and spring, summer, autumn or winter wearable! ūüėÄ

New @ Exile

Exile have three new styles out today! ¬† All of them are for the longer hair loving ladiiiiies, all with a bit of a kink and twist, a curl and a furl… and all stunning! ¬†I really love Kavars new textures too, the HUDs are just AMAZING and they are now some of my fave textures in SL! ¬† Also worn are new items of clothing from E! Eclectic Apparel! ¬† I love love LOVE this skirt, currently available at The Boutique in oooodles of colours and it comes with a HUD to change the panel texture too, I left mine plain tho. ¬†The top is available at FaMESHed and is so darn tootin’ cute. ¬† So it’s a bit of a cutey sexy mish mash look, but I think it works! ūüėÄ

New @ Elikatira

Elikatira has THREE new hairs out at The Boutique, so it’s obvs the place to be! ¬† There are three very different styles to choose from, whether you want a longer style, a short sleek style, or cute piggytail braids, I am sure you will be tripping over yourself to try them on at least! ¬†The top I am wearing is from Tee*fy and is currently out at Collabor88, I couldn’t resist the lime green one, it is SO me ¬†and it is so pretty that my finger just slipped, but I am thankful it did ūüėÄ

New @ Ploom

Finally Ploom have 2 new hairs out! ¬† A bit of a straggling longer style and is it just me or do the thin strands make this look kinda “wet” like I just got out of a pool or the ocean!! I love it, very different… and a high, long ponytail. ¬†I love Ploom hairs because they give my hairdrobe a little fantasy look, something a lil bigger, a lil different. AWESOME! ¬† I am wearing with it a bikini top from Sakide! ¬†The Hemp Bikini does come with bottoms, and comes in different colours and fits really well for a mesh bikini! I struggle sometimes having a few curves in SL that i refuse to budge, but these fit great!

All skins are Margot by Glam Affair in America tone and all poses are from Adorkable (still having a sale guys!!!).  Eyes are by IKON!

*SLURLS can be found on the store locations page, if available

Sunday’s Post

Hi, it’s been a funny old few days, but I took these and wanted to share! I am so behind on blogging, but when rl gets busy, it happens! I hope you enjoy what I have to show you ūüôā

LoTD - Sunday Stylee

I wanted to look cute.. and casual today, but also kinda sexy. ¬† So what better than some skinny leather pants coupled with cute sneakers and a cuter top!? ¬† I love these tucked tanks from Tee*fy, they work just fine with high rise waists or ones like these, it doesn’t look odd ever with hipsters! ¬† ¬†To make the look as perfect as possible, I chose a hair that comes with a Beanie. ¬†This Lyric hair from Chemistry comes on it’s own, but you get a pack of Beanies in various colours to go with, as yellow is one of my faves, I *had* to choose Mustard! ¬† I really love this look, it’s so cuteeeee! Even if I do say so myself ūüėÄ

The skin I am wearing, as well as the ones below (the full range shown) are the skin for Zodiac from Essences this month! ¬†I’ve only shown three brow colours, but you can already see you get good options! ¬†These babies come with teeth tho, they aren’t a tattoo layer they are ON the actual skin. ¬† Essences skins are always so soft and gorgeous looking, with a flawless face and just eatable looking. Yep, EAT MY FACE. PLEASE. ¬†That’s all for now, I’m so tired! ūüė¶

Essences @ Zodiac

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

Hair:  Chemistry | Lyric w/Mustard Beanie
Skin:  Essences | Taurus 01 *Zodiac*
Eyes:  IKON | Sunrise | Deep Turquoise
Top:  Tee*fy | Tucked Tank | Glasses
Pants:  Maitreya | Leather Skinny Pants | Paynes Grey
Shoes:  COCO | Distressed Leather Sneaker | Two Tone
Pose:  Adorkable

Day 11 of 365 & New LaRoo

Wow, I’ve made it nearly 2 weeks without failing or ragequitting! GO ME!

Day 11 of 365 LotD Posts

This is another LoTD! Day 11, some of it Collabor88 again. ¬† The top and skirt both come from Tee*fy and go perfectly in the same colour, or different colours for a bit of a mix and match! ¬†The top comes in both solid and sheer, this is the sheer version, so obviously you can’t wear with an alpha, so I just adjusted my tatas and voila! ¬†I love the soft look of them, so cute and sexy! ¬†The hair is from Tableau Vivant and is also from Collabor88 like the outfit, shown here in Azure Dip, it’s available in many colours and is unisex too, as it comes in 2 sizes, so men that like longer hair, go forth…. PURCHASE! ¬† The Necklace is from Maxi Gossamer and is also a Collabor88 item, available in both Gold and Silver, and Long and Short versions, this necklace is detailed and intricate, and isn’t the only item MG have out for your perusal!

The skin I am wearing is new from FAKE and is the MIEL skin. ¬†It’s shown here in Pale, which I think for some people would probably equate to Tan.. but that’s what demos are for… It’s a really nice skin that comes with a lot of options including no brows, coloured brows, freckles, no freckles and complete with cleavage tattoo layers! ¬†She is available with 5 makeup choices and an array of tones! ¬† ¬† A real beauty and one I will be featuring again in the near future, with more makeup options shown!

Also worn are the new and highly detailed mesh shoes and feet from LaRoo!  The Sparta shoes come complete with mesh foot, so you can paint your toes and change your skin tone and your feet will match perfectly and no more ugly linden toes! I guess that must be a bummer for mesh shoe makers, nobody wants gorgeous mesh peep toes with ugly linden toes! So glad LaRoo hopped on the foot board (ha! hopped! feet.. no? ok).   They are a gorgeous sandal with such amazing detailing.   You need to zoom in close to see it all perfectly, there is a little ruched side detailing, metal studs and rings holding the shoe together and straps and omggg details to the max!   They come with a HUD with all the colours shown below, and you get tons of nail options, including a few patterns!   You can change the tone of your shoe to the preset ones (6 to choose from) and I found that my tan looked almost perfect without even fiddling!  But there is also a colour grid for you to choose and play with too.  GET THEM, THEY ROCK!

New @ LaRoo Shoes

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page for both Events and Stores, if available


Hair: Tableau Vivant | Lythrum | Azure Dye *Collabor88*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Lagoon
Skin: FAKE | Miel Skin | Pale Tone | Freckles/BlondBrows *NEW*
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Erzulie’s Love Charm | Short | Silver *Collabor88*
Top: Tee*fy | Ana Slouchy Satin Tank | Creme *Collabor88*
Skirt: Tee*fy | Emily Mini Flare Skirt | Creme *Collabor88*
Nails: Izzie’s | Spring/Summer 2012 Nails
Shoes: LaRoo | Sparta Pumps *NEW*
Pose: *Frooti

LoTD – 22/10/12

Just a simple LoTD for this post, I feel kinda.. summery in this, which is odd considering it’s now Autumn going on Winter but THERE YOU HAVE IT, the joy of SL!

I knew before I even put this look together that I had to wear the new High Rise Skinny Jeans from The Secret Store, they are available in several colours, but I fell in love with Mint, Green and Yellow are my favs and these are just lovely! ¬†The badonkadonk on them is also amazing, but I’ll leave you to find that out for yourself.

I, then, of course, needed a top that fit with High Rise Mesh Jeans! I went to my old buddy staple top for these occasions from Tee*fy, one of my most fav tops EVAH.   I knew I wanted to wear the new Mina Hat/Hair that is currently available at My Attic too, a gorgeous style with a big floppy hat,  and that went just wonderfully with the Hodgepodge Satchel from Evolve.

LoTD - 22/10/12

So, I got myself half a look! ¬†To finish it I wore this gorgeous Starfish Choker that will be available real soon from the lovely Caelan! She’s been working hard and making jewellery and this piece is just divine, I fell in love with it and was having a bad day and she gifted it to me! I was sooooOoooOooo touched, lovely thought, ty Cae <3!

My skin is from Lara Hurley and is the Joy skin that is currently available for FAIR only! ¬†I chose to wear the Pale but it’s available in three tones, and each tone has a handful of makeups! ¬†This is pink, she’s a beauty!

To top it off I wore Izzie’s Flower Flats, my Slink hands and popped and locked it in a !bang pose!

**All Store/Event  SLURLS can be found on the STORE LOCATIONS Page located at the top of the blog**


Hair:  Mina | LENTEhat *My Attic*
Skin:  Lara Hurley | Joy | Pink/Pale *FAIR*
Eyes:  Ikon | Sunrise
Necklace:  Cae | Starfish *Coming Soon*
Top:  Tee*fy | Tucked Tank | Gray
Bag:  Evolve | Hodgepodge Satchel | Dirt
Hands:  Slink | Mesh Hands
Pants:  The Secret Store | Rise Skinny Jeans | Mint *NEW*
Shoes: ¬†Izzie’s | Flower Flats | Black
Pose:  !bang

A Whole Lotta Love!

Hii! It’s SUNDAYYY, which is the day I tend to play catch up, if I can! Lazy RL day = GET ALL THE THINGS BLOGGED!

Here is a handful for you ‚̧

First up the Secret Store has new goodies out, as does Truth, Glam Affair and Al Vulo! What better way to show them than ALL TOGETHER! I have pieced together two looks using two of the new secret store skirts, and there are a wholllle bunch of them, all adorable and all very different!

This one I opted for has a picture of a sunset on it, cute pinks and punchy purples, this skirt could only be paired with the new Blake Shoes from Glam Affair, you can’t see how much they kick ass, but the spikes at the sides could kick your ass into next week! ¬†One of Truth’s new hairs and the new Livia skin (I blogged the full paler release already: here). ¬†This is one of three newbies from Truth, and all three are miiiiiighty fine! ¬†This is Havana. I ¬†popped on the tucked Tee*fy Tank and felt I was done.

New @ Secret Store | Glam Affair | Truth | Al Vulo!

I tried to swerve onto a totally different look with skirt two, but I think I failed.  I had to wear the Emery Top I found at SWAGFEST which probably would of looked ok with the Blake Shoes, BUT.. fear not, Glam Affair also released these biker style boots complete with MOAR SPIKES!   I felt that the Mayim style from Truth was the one to fit perfectly with this look and I gotta admit, I think I look kinda adorably not put together but totally put together.  I love this look.

New @ Secret Store | Glam Affair | Truth | Al Vulo!

The Gambit Dress from The Plastik is the next thing I had to blog! ¬†This dress comes in 20 variations and this is just one of them! I love the vivid greens and pinks in this one and ALL of them are brightly coloured with some super funky patterns! ¬†I decided to wear the new Essences TDR skin with this one, she’s hauntingly pale and beautiful and has purple eyeshadow, so was absolutely perfect for this shot when paired with the Rachel hair from Alice Project (coloured with the Halloween HUD available from the DEAD COOL event)… Alyona is coming soon and you are going to LOVE her!

Plastik @ Swag Fest

This is a close up of the face. SEE. GOING TO LOVE HER. ¬†(Also, told you I’d wear my new Cute Poison piercings I got at Swag Fest.. LOVE THEM)

New @ Essences - TDR

Also, I have a ton of Mons Makeup to blog, there are currently items out at Zodiac, Fair and Swag Fest! ¬†The eyeshadow and lipstick below are available at Swag Fest and I think you’ll agree are just… something else! ¬†The eyes I love with the powdery look (and they come in oodles of colours) and the lips.. THE LIPS! Who doesn’t want a bit of leopard skin on their lips.. huh?? HUHHH??? ¬†Not usually something I’d probably think to wear but omg I fell in love!

Mons @ Swag Fest

As usual (hopefully) links are either linked in the post under the store/event name or can be found at the STORE LOCATIONS page, if you click on the link at the top of the blog…

be back with more.. later ‚̧


Ok, so I go on holiday tomorrow for a week, so today is JAM PACKED full of some new stuffs I picked up! ¬†Bear with me it’s image heavy! I’ll make a cut after the first one (hope it works on the feeds) just incase you don’t want to read, but you’ll be missing out! ¬†There are items from SO many people! I’ll try not to waffle, all SLURLS will be the store/event name annnnnd I tried taking pics with Ambient Occlusion on so sorry if they’re not on par!

This is look one! I got these BOOM Linen trousers and needed to work them into a couple of looks! ¬† I paired this Cobalt pair with the Baiastice ruffled anchor top, available from TDRb. ¬† The trousers are something to behold, they are SO SO gorgeous. ¬†Boom are coming out with some fantastic mesh, as are Baiastice! ¬†The hair is the new Skye style from Wasabi Pills and it’s a lovely short do, I think this one would look perfect on a petite, and it’s non rigged, so you can try to fit it! ¬†The skin is the TDRb offering from Atomic, and is another gorgeous piece. ¬†Shoes are Celoe but we will talk about them later ūüėõ

LookBook 18/08/12 - 1

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The Lions are Not What They Seem!

I dunno about that title, soz.

This pose is from Exposeur and is from the Zodiac Event, which is still running, so you can go and get it! ¬†It’s one of three available, and I really like it! ¬†Also in the photo are new items from FaMESHed and Vintage Fair! ¬†My skin (which you can’t see, but obvs is there) is one of Izzie’s three skins from the VF! ¬†Sooo pretty (honest). ¬† The shirt I am wearing and shorts are from FaMESHed, as is Gus’ jacket! ¬† My top is from BOOM and says Argentina, which is, of course, where my baby is from.. (or Mexico, whichever takes my fancy) and the shorts are by Tee*fy and are the most adorable high waisted shorts! ¬†Although I did find they clipped my legs in some poses, but they’re too cute to pass up! ¬† The jacket that I got Gus, cos I’m super awesome, is Epicosity and I love that you could send it as a gift! I reallyyyy love that feature ANYWHERE, so I couldn’t resist!

I did want to blog other things, but my eyeballs were falling out of my head (literally when I put any mesh on) so I turned off SL in a huff. Other credits below ‚̧



Hair: LoQ | Gingerbread | Chocolate Copper
Skin: Izzie’s | Eliza | 80′s Yellow *VINTAGE FAIR ITEM*
Top: BOOM | Twenty-Three Tee | Argentina *FaMESHed ITEM*
Shorts: Tee*fy | Abbey Highwaist Shorts | Used Denim *FaMESHed ITEM*
Shoes: J’s | Studded Long Boot

Skin: Hermony ‚Äď Kriz ST3
Hair: Redgrave ‚Äď TYLER
Jacket: {EPIC} Leather Jacket
Sneakers: *fac*sneaker B&W
Jeans: L&B Mesh Jeans ‚Äď Oiled BootCut
Belt: MS Punk Belt (w/ Suspenders)
Shape: My custom shape 4

Pose: Exposeur *ZODIAC ITEM*