LoTD – Black Magic Woman

Chanelling the darker sides of myself today with this look made up from bits and pieces from a few events!

LoTD - Black Magic Woman

Another Slink Visage item from Adam N Eve, this time in Ethnic Tones, so pretty!!!  The heads are so perfect for pictures, so another skin applier is yay!   I love my items from Dark Style Fair from The Plastik, I always find their items to be so well textured, and as you can see from the close up of the horns, the mesh work is nothing to sniff at either! YAY!  Dark Passions have also ventured into the world of Slink by offering up some shoes, the Rusted Cross Heels are unique and fitted the look perfectly! YAY!

LoTD - Black Magic Woman - Up Close and Personal


Hair: Spellbound | Hecate *Dark Style Fair*
Horns: The Plastik | Vynn Horn | Earth Mother *Dark Style Fair*
Skin: Adam N Eve | Shona | Ethnic Tone ETA | Bare
Dress: The Plastik | Jessaline | Stag
Shoes: Dark Passions | Rusted Cross Heel | Red *World Goth Fair*
Tattoo: Sleepy Bozer | Deer Bone *Dark Style Fair*

Av Enhancements
Head: Slink | Emma
Hands: Slink
Feet: Slink | High
Nails: Dark Passions | Koffin | Ophelia’s Secret *World Goth Fair*

Rack Poses | Artemis *Tales of Fantasy Gacha – SOON*

LoTD – Horrifying Edition

Another Horrorfest centralised blog post today!! YAY!  This time a little look of the day inspired by it.

LoTD - Horrifying Edition

So yes, I am stood on a table and a effin’ excellent table it is too!  It’s the Half Deer Horrorfest Terror Table!!!!  Shown here in Black, look at it?! OH MY GOD ITS THE BEST TABLE EVER!!!!  I am so making room for this in the house.   On the table, along side me are Adore & Abhor’s Horrorfest items which are Limited Edition, more about those at the end.    But for now my look!    The Plastik have a bunch of goodies out, and I am wearing the Viviana Dress in Undeath, and the Foxxe Makeup in Wither, both gorgeous items, worn here over one of the Glam Affair Horror Edition skins, but all of those tomorrow in a skin post!   I found the Petal Appliers for SLink work just great with this tone too, SCORE!  My ring is one of the Gacha rings from Circa and there are sooooooOooooOoo many gorgeous ones to win! I am fast becoming a jewellery fan, what is going on?!   As you can see in the close ups below I am wearing some awesome Blood Drip Nails from Wicked Peach and my shoes are from TSG and are part of the spooky Lolita release!   Spinkers on your feet? THIS IS YOUR PLACE!   I must tell you the hair is Squirrel by Ploom and was yesterdays item for the 13 Days of Halloween!!! Make sure you check back each day for something new and exciting, today is a broom and pose set, GO GET!

LoTD - Horrifying Edition - Up Close and Personal

OH! My eyes are from Insufferable Dastard! and pose from Adorkable, and below you see the lil devil and witch from Adore & Abhor in their close up glory, you can use them as props or attach the hold version and cuddle their little sour faces. HUZZAH!

LoTD - Horrifying Edition - Lil Friends



I am such a slacker, I’m sure none of you care, but I’m sorry!   I’m juggling so much RL stuff atm (I know I know, NO1CURR) that SL has become a bit of a distant shadow for me the past few weeks, but I am hopefully getting on top of things now, yay!  I have a LOT of catching up to do, and I will start with a quick LoTD and some fabboooo new Jeans from The Plastik.

The Plastik - Militia Jeans

As you can see, these delicious jeans come in many options, and this isn’t even all of them!!!    The Militia Jeans come in all standard sizes and you get both a cuffed and straight option in the pack.  The texturing is AMAZING on them and the ass is just biteable (who wants to bite me?.. no? well best not anyway :P)… I really love that they  come in “regular” type washes, as well as textures/patterns… ranging from floral to animal print, sequins to dots… there are so many to choose from and the great thing is, none of them are too “out there” that they won’t look absolutely fabulous with anything and everything, I’m sure!

LoTD 05/05/13

As you can see I worked a more regular wash into my LoTD!    The cuffed ones really look great with a nice pair of heels, these are some of my older shoes from The Secret Store, but always a nice staple because they’re utterly adorable.   I thought a lovely top to go with them would be what Truth (yep.. TRUTH) has out for FaMESHed’s Birthday Bash!!! This gorgeous corset is available in many colours and is just delicious.   You can wear it with more formal attire, or like me, don some jeans and still look sexy and cute!   Out at FaMESHed is also this Sunny hair from Wasabi Pills, a lovely little side piggie dealio with straight, blunt bangs… a perfect addition to look that is teetering on cute/sexy!    My skin is one of the Belleza Best Buys and that is always a fave part of the month, I hope you got yours!  My pose is from Adorkable and that is all for this post, folks ❤

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page.

And on the Eleventh Hour…

.. she had some new furniture! 😀   Eleventh Hour, by the very talented River Stromfield is a new mesh store and has some wonderful goodies out! It’s not full to the rafters, but it’s quality for sure

Eleventh Hour - Goodies!

As a shopper/blogger/hoarder/collectorofeverything it’s nice to find a new store that sells such amazingly crafted items!    All the items from Eleventh Hour are stunning,  this couch you see (that has a PG or Adult option) is just so yummy I could eat it, yes it’s just a couch, but a perfectly crafted one!  With lovely animations and a very comfy look, this couch is the perfect piece for a cozy corner of the room, or a stunning centrepiece!    Everything you see here, except the skybox (which is from The Loft) is from Eleventh Hour, the Love Bookend (you can get Lust too), the love words decal, the cute little bookcase and the table, and that isn’t the extent of what you can get! You NEED to go and check this store out and keep a close eye on it, I predict big things.

LoTD - 08/04/13

In my LoTD today, I decided I wanted to show you a few of my recent purchases! I tend to buy stuff then forget to blog it, then I always think it’s too late cos it’s been out a while, but if you’re anything like me, you like to read about things a bit later incase you forgot to go and buy them 😀    This dress is new from The Plastik and it comes in so many textures!   Everything at The Plastik comes in a billion options usually, which proves costly, but it’s all so gorgeous.    This laced corset side style spaghetti strap dress is just delicious.   I paired it with a skin I picked up from the Skin Fair 2013 from Amacci!!! I was so stumped because I wanted to fatpack but a girls got to watch her wallet in dangerous places like that.  BUT the good news is, any skin you buy from Amacci comes in the makeup shown, a “bare” skin, and a bunch of cosmetic tattoos! So it’s a wonderful deal, and I really do adore this skin on me, I may have to visit the main store and purchase some more 😀    The hair I have blogged previously and is from Wasabi Pills at FaMESHed!  Pose is from Frooti!

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available

10 of 365 LoTD & EARS!

Mhhmmm, EARS.  But first… the LoTD!

Day 10 of 365 LoTD

On Day 10, I decided that I wanted to wear my Tango’s again.  I have such a hard job with them that I figured to practise wearing them more.   I can’t seem to get them as small as I’d like and look good, but with side shots it makes it a bit easier, so Adorkable poses came to my rescue!   Happy Undead recently released this short hoodies, complete with appliers for Tangos, so I opted for a nice blurple type of colour and popped them on, I still had my Artic skin tone on from yesterday, but I swapped over to a Cassiopea skin in the same tone, a bit more of a fresh, pure faced look to this one.   I then decided that the blurple didn’t really go with traditional denim, so I searched my inventory and found these gorgeous Lavender High Rise Jeans from The Secret Store and i’d found my look.   Couldn’t resist wear in the horns from Plastik again, or my Izzies mesh nails OR my Ikon eyes!   I think I look kinda cute!

Under the gorgeous DeLa hair i’m wearing above, I was wearing the new mesh ears from Zombie Suicide, but I swapped to a short style from Wasabi Pills for these shots, and the America Skintone from Glam Affair, as i’m a recolouring noob (nearly 9yrs in SL ppl, and i’m still crap), and I couldn’t quite get the match I wanted for the Artic, but that didn’t stop me loving them!   They come in various sizes and are unisex, and by sizes obviously I mean the gauge hole size!   They also come with both L-R ears complete with simple plug or without anything, because not only do they have ears, they have loads of plug add-ons too! I took shots of 12 of them here, and each of the plugs themselves come texture change with tons of options!  For example the day of the dead plug comes with 12 textures, the bling tunnel comes with 7… options GALORE!

Mesh Ears & Plugs @ Zombie Suicide

Not only are there plug add ons, there are piercing ones too!  Four piercing sets, shown here, all the gems touchable for colour change and all sweeetttt!  Please do check them out and the demo’s and see what you like! I am not a gauge ear lover usually, but I’m actually quite partial to these! YAY!

Mesh Ears & Plugs @ Zombie Suicide | Piercings

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page for Events and Stores, if available

Credits for LoTD

Hair: DeLa | Carly | Baby Blue Pink
Skin: Glam Affair | Cassiopea | Artic (13)
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Lagoon
Top: Happy Undead | Short Hoody | Blue & Sky *Tango’D*
Jeans: The Secret Store | Rise Skinny Jeans | Lavender
Nails: Izzies | Spring/Summer 2012 Nails
Poses: Adorkable Poses

Day 9 in the BB House..

No wait, Day 9 of 365 LoTD Posts and some Horns too!

Day 9 of 365 LoTD Posts

The Plastik released a metric effton of Horns and I knew I had to centre a LoTD around them today!   So I decided to pop onto the marketplace and check if DeLa had new hairs and my oh my, I was about 4 styles behind!  This is the lovely and quite new, Vanessa in one of the dip dye colours, I always get the dip dye pack because it’s such a bargain!   I then got a colour scheme in my head and a lightbulb clicked, the new Sn@tch bodysuit would match perfectly, so I yanked that on and decided hey, now that Glam Affair has appliers for their skins, why not wear my mesh boobs and a Glam Affair skin, so I did! I chose Amberly in Artic with a reddy brown lip to match the rest of the look.   My look wasn’t complete without my Izzies nails and a bit of a tattoo from dEVOL, Adorkable provided me with the perfect pose, Ikon with the perfect eyes and I was good to go!

There are 2 new horn sets out at The Plastik, the ones I am wearing above are the Renne Horns. They are 100% MESH and are HUD driven spiral horns with 20 variations, or many more if you included the options and HUD included (you can see that at the bottom of the post).   These come with a wrapped linen string, and you get two sets of horns, one called recolour that you can use the 2nd HUD (not pictured, but it just has a colour wheel) to colour your strings, or the pattern option, which come with the HUD shown below, with 15 different patterns, so really you get way more than 20 variations!   They are unrigged so you can resize, YAY!

Renne Horns @ The Plastik

These are the Valus Horns, they come in EXACTLY the same options as above, variation and texture wise, but I only snapped a few of these.  The difference with these, is, obviously, they are a side horn!  You attach both L and R so you can always mix and match if that’s your thing!  I  really love these horns!!!

Valus Horns @ The Plastik

Horn HUD @ The Plastik

*SLURLS for Stores and Events can be found on the Store Locations page, if available


Hair: DeLa | Vanessa | Red Baby Pink *NEW*
Skin: Glam Affair | Amberly | Artic 12
Eyes: IKON | Kaleido Eyes | Molten
Horns: The Plastik | Renne *NEW*
Bodysuit: Sn@tch | Xenon Girl Latex Bodysuit | Oxblood *Tango’d* *NEW*
Nails: Izzies | Classic Nails
Tattoo: dEVOL | Celtic Code Tattoo
Pose: Adorkable Poses

A Whole Lotta Love!

Hii! It’s SUNDAYYY, which is the day I tend to play catch up, if I can! Lazy RL day = GET ALL THE THINGS BLOGGED!

Here is a handful for you ❤

First up the Secret Store has new goodies out, as does Truth, Glam Affair and Al Vulo! What better way to show them than ALL TOGETHER! I have pieced together two looks using two of the new secret store skirts, and there are a wholllle bunch of them, all adorable and all very different!

This one I opted for has a picture of a sunset on it, cute pinks and punchy purples, this skirt could only be paired with the new Blake Shoes from Glam Affair, you can’t see how much they kick ass, but the spikes at the sides could kick your ass into next week!  One of Truth’s new hairs and the new Livia skin (I blogged the full paler release already: here).  This is one of three newbies from Truth, and all three are miiiiiighty fine!  This is Havana. I  popped on the tucked Tee*fy Tank and felt I was done.

New @ Secret Store | Glam Affair | Truth | Al Vulo!

I tried to swerve onto a totally different look with skirt two, but I think I failed.  I had to wear the Emery Top I found at SWAGFEST which probably would of looked ok with the Blake Shoes, BUT.. fear not, Glam Affair also released these biker style boots complete with MOAR SPIKES!   I felt that the Mayim style from Truth was the one to fit perfectly with this look and I gotta admit, I think I look kinda adorably not put together but totally put together.  I love this look.

New @ Secret Store | Glam Affair | Truth | Al Vulo!

The Gambit Dress from The Plastik is the next thing I had to blog!  This dress comes in 20 variations and this is just one of them! I love the vivid greens and pinks in this one and ALL of them are brightly coloured with some super funky patterns!  I decided to wear the new Essences TDR skin with this one, she’s hauntingly pale and beautiful and has purple eyeshadow, so was absolutely perfect for this shot when paired with the Rachel hair from Alice Project (coloured with the Halloween HUD available from the DEAD COOL event)… Alyona is coming soon and you are going to LOVE her!

Plastik @ Swag Fest

This is a close up of the face. SEE. GOING TO LOVE HER.  (Also, told you I’d wear my new Cute Poison piercings I got at Swag Fest.. LOVE THEM)

New @ Essences - TDR

Also, I have a ton of Mons Makeup to blog, there are currently items out at Zodiac, Fair and Swag Fest!  The eyeshadow and lipstick below are available at Swag Fest and I think you’ll agree are just… something else!  The eyes I love with the powdery look (and they come in oodles of colours) and the lips.. THE LIPS! Who doesn’t want a bit of leopard skin on their lips.. huh?? HUHHH???  Not usually something I’d probably think to wear but omg I fell in love!

Mons @ Swag Fest

As usual (hopefully) links are either linked in the post under the store/event name or can be found at the STORE LOCATIONS page, if you click on the link at the top of the blog…

be back with more.. later ❤

Satuuuurdayyyyyy is for…

I don’t even know where I was going with that heading!!!

Anyway, FAIR is almost upon us!!  It opens in just around 4hours!!  Here are just a few more things you can find at FAIR, and then some:

In this pic you can see various FAIR items, including the gorgeous skin, which is the offering from Rozena Skins! I am usually not drawn to these, they are beautiful, but not… “me”… I felt like something different, soooo there you go! I think it’s kinda cute, in a not me way!  The jewellery set is one of two that will be available from GLOW studios, such a bargain is this Bubble Pearls set! You get Silver and Gold and you get Earrings, Rings and Necklace! They are colour change too!!  I love them.  The long sweater is from Zenith and comes in three colours, this is nude! It comes with socks too! 😀

The hair is a Cheer No hair, I recently started trying them, even though they are majority made for men in mind, I like this one!  And the horns are from The Plastik, more about those at the end of the blog! ❤

FAIR LoTD 1 - 22/09/12

The second look today is made up mostly by the items available from Baiastice at FAIR.  This gorgeous satin top and these cropped trousers are to DIE for, seriously!! They come in an array of colours, but I opted for a classic look with the silver top and black trousers.  I love the sharp pleat line at the front of the pants, so crisp and clean looking, I paired this with the Glam Affair clutch available at the Dressing Room, this one is black, it’s available in more colours tho, and one of the gorgeous new hairs from Exile, more about those tomorrow!  This one is “She’s So Mean” but.. I don’t look mean, do I?!  Exile is rocking the mesh so hard, talent ahoy!

FAIR LoTD 2 - 22/09/12

Now, these are just four sets of the new horns available at The Plastik – The Druzi Horns.    The horns are pierced and come in various piercing styles, or you can wear without.  You also get two HUDS with piercing colour options too!  I absolutely must insist you go and buy at least one set of these, especially the rainbow ones (bottom left) if you are a rainbow lover!!!   Skin seen is Essences ❤

The Plastik - New Horns

All poses used for these looks are from the awesome aDORKable poses!

The location for FAIR will be revealed when it opens, when I will update my post, but I’m sure you guys will be there without my assistance!

Any other SLURLS can be found on my Store Locations Page at the top of the blog, or linked here!<3

Meshy Things!

A few new meshy things for you guys today.  I wanted to do a LoTD but Mon through Weds are my busiest RL days and I can only snatch bits of time here and there sooo you are stuck with a couple of pics of new things instead 😀

Mons recently released 2 “Back to School” Mesh items!  First we have this BtS Dress.  It’s soooooo freaking CUTE!!!  It’s not normally something I’d look at, because it’s fully covering up my bits (hohoho, literally?) but omg, I adore it! It’s soooooooo cute!   It comes in 5 colours and is only $L200!!

New @ Mons - 1

This is the BtS Coat!  Again it comes in 5 colours and is only $L200.  Again this is adorable!!!   It’s a wrap around coat with bow, as you can see, and I am naked underneath it.. I mean that is TMI but I am!  I think both of these items are SO worth the money and come in such gorgeous colours that you will need them all! Of course I paired them with a Lamb hair and the new Kumi skin, which helps me look even more awesome, right?!

New @ Mons - 2

Now we have a gorgeous new corset from The Plastik! The Mechanika Corset comes in various colours/patterns, I chose a love deep red one, you really do need to see these in world as the darkness of it kinda takes away the awesome detailing in the picture I took,  they come in standard sizing and come with matching rigged pocketwatch that comes with a HUD with over 20 metals, clock faces and rope colour picker!

A lil bit steampunk, a lot of sexy!

New @ The Plastik

Other Credits

Skin – Pink Fuel | Kumi | Vanilla
Hair – Lamb & Elikatira
Pose – *Frooti

New Goodies

Hi everyone! Feeling a bit drained today, so just some new hair and horns! 😀

Four new hairs from Exile!

Quiet Dream might be my fav of the release, a gorgeous loose ponytail style with colour change band, this hair is just ADORABLE.  It’s so cutesy! and this texture is my all time fav, so so beautiful!

New Exile -  Quiet Dream

Skin | Izzies – Clothing | Mon Cheri

Next is Sober!  A short, chic but cute style.  The perfect pixie cut!  It frames the face beautifully and is going to be a big hit, I can tell!  Probably could work for you boys too, go on, give it a shot!

New Exile - Sober

Skin | Izzies – Clothing | The Sea Hole (C88)

About Last Night is the next beauty!  Perfectly swept to the side, this hair is a must for photographers, or models, or both!  I really love styles that have some “movement” to them, not flexi type.. you know the type, where you can put them in a picture and they just look perfectly captured in motion. LOVE this.

New Exile - About Last Night

Skin | Izzies – Clothing | Tram

Finally I went all out on the pink for Into Dust.  Another gorgeous style, this time longer and over the shoulders, with perfectly framing the face loose bangs.  I do love a versatile style and this is, hell they ALL are this time around! All are rigged mesh except Sober, so do try demos!  Also the skin i’m wearing in each picture is the new Elena Skin from Izzie Button!   Izzies has some of my fav skins and they are always so beautiful AND reasonable! This one cost just over $L1700 and came packed with tattoo layers galore!  Eyeshadows, freckles, lips.. it’s all there, and you get eyebrow options too!

New Exile - Into Dust

Skin | Izzies – Clothing | Schadenfreude

Next we have some new (ish) horns from The Plastik!  The Arachzis horns are 100% Mesh, and come in grand total of 25 variations.  Nearly every last part of these wonderful creations are controlled via HUD, so they really are customizable beyond belief!   You can also get additional “Opal” addon HUDS that give you even MORE options!    They come with matching Circlet, which you don’t have to wear, but you can, and it also works with the HUDs!

Plastik - Arachzis Horns

These are just two of the kinds of looks you can get with these horns, they really are bloody great!   Perfect for roleplay or just those of you, like me, that like to get horny (arf arf).  The texturing on these babies is just.. so realistic, and the depth and clarity of the opal textures? I can’t even describe… there aren’t just jewel “opal” textures, there are ALL sorts.  It’s like christmas up in the HUDs, srsly!!  Make sure you go and check them out.

Plastik - Arachzis Horns