LoTD 27/12/12

Hello everyone, I trust your merry was christmas?? I won’t change it, it’s bad luck to correct yourself, right?

LoTD - 27/12/12My Christmas was wonderful, I was well and truley spoiled with an Alienware laptop that is so pretty I could cry, amongst other things, but I spent most of it along with my family having fun, playing games, being merry and… hacking up a storm.  Yep we all had the dreaded winter bug!  Thankfully the kids weren’t too bad, but it’s been a bit of a testing time for sure.  I thought my look of the day should mimic how i’ve been spending a fair few of my days this Christmas, dressed casually and with a bright red nose!   This oldie but goodie skin is from Curio and is the Winter Sniffles version, complete with rosy red cheeks and rudolph nose, it mirrors my RL face right now!   I’ve also been seen lounging about in sweat pants, a sweater and a lose top over the top because I keep going from hot to freezing.   So the Tres Blah Neato Sweatshirt paired with Apple Mays little New York Crop Sweater were perfect, especially with the Grixdale sweats (an old pair).  My hair’s about this length in RL, maybe a bit longer and I’ve been wearing it like this pretty much, except I have a full fringe in RL, so this Willows hair from Clawtooth is aptly named AND perfect.  I just tinted it a bluey/black shade to match my RL hair.  So there you have it. RL meets SL for the LoTD today.

Essences has moved (the SLURL on the Store Location Page is updated) and has a new gacha!!   There are four makeups to collect, and four sets of eyebrows, so you may have to play a few times to get the combo you desire, but all of them are super pretty and for people like that like a fuller brow, these are for you!  I really love the RARE of these skins, which are the bottom right, so pure and beautiful!  Make sure you check them out, who doesn’t like a good gacha gamble??

New @ Essences | Gacha

I always tend to be a bit all over the place with my blogs, I don’t photoshop the crap outta my pictures, I prefer them to be as they are taken so that people can see what goodies look like, they aren’t masterpieces, which allows me to blog a fair big, I see a lot of people saying they are going to aim for quality over quantity on their blogs in 2013 and I wondered if I should do the same, but I figured i’d do what I always do, which is what I feel like!  I try to blog at least once a day, of course when RL gets super busy I can’t, but I hop on SL before the kids are up in the morning, and if Mr W is studying at night, that’s what my new Alienware is for, so I can’t promise more quality, less quantity or anything for my blog, it’s just going to keep on trucking in the way it always has.. just.. whatever and I hope you continue to join me in the journey ❤

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page, if available.


Kinda like Henry the Eighth, but totally not.


OH MAH GODS ELIKATIRA HAIR!!!! OH MAH GOOOODS… is all I have. She is running a *bit* late and was lucky enough be able to participate due to a last minute cancellation, so has been working her tush off for the last couple of days and then there were storms etc YADDA YADDA… but she threw these at me (like literally, hence the same colour) so you can see what you will be going to get! THEY WILL BE OUT SHORTLY!

Elikatira - HF 2012

Skin by LAQ | Clothing by Sn@tch

Slink have three very different styles out, all mesh! I am in love with the short, chopping boy cut though, like srsly in love. I wish I could afford a fatpack but at $L2k a pop, sadly I cannot justify it!

Slink - HF 2012

Skin by Lara Hurley | Clothing by Sn@tch

Ploom has four styles out, although the far left and far right are both from the Deviant Kitties label!   Totally adorable, all of them and I can’t get enough of the dip dyeing,  I really can’t! There are some skull bow attachments for the first hair, but I am a noob and forgot to put htem on.

Ploom - HF 2012

Skin by Ploom | Clothing by Sn@tch

Lamb is out I REPEAT THE LAMB IS OUT.  Four styles, well and a boy one but I didn’t pick that up.   These are just ADORBS.  I love the flowingness (totes a word) of them all. Digging the ombres and dyes again,, yessss!

Lamb - HF 2012

Skin by Tres Blah | Clothing by Sn@tch

These are two of Decoys three styles, I couldn’t get the other one to sell to me, but I did crash shortly after.   So cute!  Mesh too… love the updo AND the side pony, really simple, stylish styles!

Decoy - HF 2012

Skin by Izzies | Clothing by Sn@tch

Finally, Letluka, I am unsure as to whether these really suit me, or it’s just the old skin I decided to put on, but again, I am a suck for the two tone hairs, and the left one comes with “streak” option pack too! That particular colour of hair has 2 streak styles for each hair! Lovely idea

Lelutka HF 2012

Skin by Letluka | Clothing by Sn@tch

Here is a blog post by Darkley with all the SLURLS on – SHOP MY PRETTIEs, SHOP.. well.. soon ❤