Doubling Up

I am doing a double post today, hell i’d do a triple if it wasn’t almost bedtime!!!   Some more skins from the Skin Fair 2013 that I’ve been able to grab and snap, I have a lot of blogging to catch up on, it won’t all be skins over the next week, promise ❤

Tuli @ SF13

First we have a brand new skin from Tuli! Elyse is the prettiest picture.  She comes in two packs: Elementary and Sultry and each pack comes with 5 makeups, 2 different versions of skin with and without dimples, 4 eyebrow choices, 30 lipstick tatttos, subtle and boost cleavage enhancers, nail concealer (for prim/mesh nails) and  bonus mod shape!   I think I love the dimple version of Elyse more than I probably should, I actually went D’AWWW when i put it on cos it made me look so cute!  Obviously I haven’t shown all the lipstick colours available, but each colour comes with a gloss version too, so really it’s like 15 colours in two versions.  So prettttty!!!  You can also get boob appliers and even some pretty girly tattoos for your tatas too!

Glam Affair @ SF12 - 1

LOOK, it’s GLAM AFFAIR!!   Zara is just… I can’t, its amazing.   I love GA skins like the best of you, but everytime a new one comes out and I think I won’t love it as much as the last, I do. I DO.   Zara comes in all the usual gorgeous GA tones, shown here in Artic because I wanted to show just how beautiful lighter tones can be when they aren’t washed out or gothic white.  There are all the usual options too, so really I am just here to say OMG LOOK AT THE PRETTY!!!!   There are 12 makeups to choose from and I have shown the blonde brows because they match my new Truth Hair perfectly!  Yep this hair is new and ISN’T from SF13!  😛

Glam Affair @ SF12 - 2

As you can see there is a nice range of natural looking makeups mixed in with more wild ones, but each of them is stunning whether you want to look like you’re up for a night on the tiles or a quiet night at home just looking fabulous!   Also worn in the two GA pictures you can see the new eyes that are available NOW from IKON for The Liaison Collaborative.   UNF, they are also stunning, it’s like everything in these pictures made me go UNFFFFF repeatedly while I put it on, which is probably a bit TMI but there you have it.  IKON eyes always amaze me, every time there is a release I go I HAVE TO HAVE ALL THESE, then I don’t buy them all, because that would be terrible hoarding, but you know, I own a fair amount and I just love them all. LOVE.  So much, I may go and buy some more <,<

Information about the Skin Fair 2013 can be found here, other SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page ❤

Day 29 of 365 LoTD – SL Fashion Week Style

Yep, we’re doing this thing SL Fashion Week STYLE, YO!

Day 29 of 365 LoTD

I finally got my ass on over there to pick up the shoes i’d been eyeing up, as well as the jewellery!  I ended up going on a bit of a spree.  Full credits are below but here is my blurb:   I love the shoes from BSD!  A store I think I’ll be visiting very often. The mesh is original and creative, and it comes with a nifty swifty little hud that allows you to change both skintone and nail polish really quickly!  It seems i’m turning into something of a shoe hoarder! :O.   The dress is from AUTRES and compliments the shoes wonderfully, I got it in black but there were a handful more colours to choose from, the shoes, by the way, came in a billionty (ok a few less than that) choices, yayyy!  My fave pieces of the whole ensemble have to be the Mr Me Stashing Set from Olive,  you can buy it individually in gold or silver, but I just got the fatpack, the gems are colour change and it comes with bracelet, necklace and ring.   WEEEE!

New @ Tuli

Tuli is BACK BABY! YEAHHH with a new main store on the brand spankin new and redone Cupcakes sim, I am sooo happy she is!  Here you can see Helena in Powder with all the skins plus a variation of lip glosses/mattes that are available, but not all because there are 30!!!  Four skins are available, Helena is just one of them which we saw a sneak peek of at The Dressing Room!   I always loved Tuli Skins because they are well texured, realistic looking without being scary and make you look mature enough to not be a teenager but young enough to not be old.. if that makes sense.   There are a variety of tones available, with more on the way AND appliers, so I hear!   A stunning comeback, Tuli… we are glad to have you back ❤

*SLURLS, if available are on the Store Locations Page


Hair: Magika | Now
Skin: Tuli | Helena | Powder | 09 Dimples w/Sheer Nude Gloss Lips *NEW*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Leather
Dress: Autres | Titian Dress | Blaq *SL Fashion Week*
Jewellery: Olive | The Mr.Me Stashing Set | Silver *SL Fashion Week*
Shoes: BSD | Top Model | Blk Quilted – Colour 1 *SL Fashion Week*
Pose: Adorkable

Day 5 of 365 LoTD Posts!

Weeee, FIVE DOWN! 360 TO GO!

Day 5 of 365 LoTD Posts

Today’s LoTD is a bit girly and very beautiful, imo!   I saw this dress at FaMESHed and wanted them all, but told myself to just buy ONE and savour it, so I did (probably go back, this is me we’re talking about).  This is the Xai Dress in Smudge and she’s sooo lovely, with a ruched top and a silky look, it’s the perfect little not black dress.   My Clutch is new from TDR Fusion and is by Glow, you can choose from 2 colour packs, the other had a black bow,  but I loved these girly colours and I think it matches quite well really!   My hair is the Whimsical style from Magika, perhaps because of the cute little standy up strand, love it… totally a bit different!   My nails are from Izzies and are her Glitters, changeable with HUD if you don’t already know, but i’m sure you do.   The pose is from my own store, Frooti, my eyes are from the delectable IKON and more about the skin below!

Tuli @ TDR Fusion

The skin I am wearing both in the LoTD picture and below is from Tuli! YES! Tuli is BACK!  With 2 new special skins out at TDR Fusion there was a collective SQUEE across the grid.  Both skins are just gorgeous, as you can see above, you get to choose from a nice pastely coloured eye and lips to a more neutral, smokey eye and lip.  Both are under $L100 too, so there is literally NO excuse for you not to try them!   So glad to see you back, Tuli!

That’s all she wrote for now, folks.

*SLURLS can be found, if availble, on the Store Locations page


Skin: Tuli | Helena | Powder | December 31 *TDR Fusion*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Pool
Hair: Magika | Whimsical
Nails: Izzies | Glitter Nails
Dress: Hucci | Xai | Smudge *FaMESHed*
Purse: Glow Studio | Simple Clutch Z| Girly Blue (Pose 2) *TDR Fusion*
Pose: Frooti