U&R Dogs @ FAIR

Hi! Another quickie (ooerrrr) this time bringing you the GORGEOUS item from U&R Dogs, again from the last FAIR event!

I saw this and I knew I had to have it (much like anything then, eh?) but see, I do not accessorize well, or a lot and that is something I am trying to rectify, but this workmanship was just delectable, so of course it was a must!

U&R Dogs @ FAIR

This ring/nail combo is available with soooo many options.  First off, it’s MESH. YES. MESH! which is a bit of a bummer when you’re trying to edit the nails separately and it won’t work, but you do have the ability to hide them, I found they didn’t fit quite right, even with resizing and jigging about, but no harm no foul, I just hid them!  When you click the ring a menu comes up, which has various submenus with all the options available.  You can resize/move the ring/nails around with the menus, but that’s not the best bit!

You can SEE the best bit! It’s not just one ring, it’s 6!! Yeah, there are only four there, gotta leave some surprises eh??  (The other two are just the clock as a ring, and a heart shaped solitaire).  I am deeply in love with the two bird options on this baby, one with a lil opening that makes the ring/clock look like a locket, the other is a bird on some foliage!   The wreath style option is a great festive styling and the other giant crystal looking one gives you some bling!

I would recommend you definitely check this baby out before FAIR ends and just take a look at it, it’s really something!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page to all Stores and Event Locations if available, ty.