Through Darkness, Comes the Light

A couple of decor pics today, usually a little darker than i’d do, in the actual brightness sense, not like chopping peoples nads off or something, but I am trying to do at least one Decor post a week from now on so excuse my rusty and pathetic skills!

Through Darkness, Comes the Light

Some items are from past events such as The Arcade, and The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, others are from events still going on such as Oh My Gacha, and The Liaison Collaborative… make sure you check them out and if they are older items (not marked with an event) get on over to the main stores and check out there, you may still be able to play the gacha machines, YAY!

Through Darkness, Comes the Light - Again

Plethora – Counting Pages (white) *Oh My Gacha*
Alouette – Antoinette Floor Length Mirror *The Liaison Collaborative*
Alouette – Repurposed Book Clock – Vintage
{B.C.C}YumYum Mochi Tea coffee set tray
{vespertine -used suitcase books}
DIGS – Easton Daybed – Adult [MESH]  *The Liaison Collaborative*
Plethora – Word Tiles Wall Decor
Sway’s [Enchanted Branch] Lantern
Sway’s [Valerie] Fireplace . shabby-medium
Sway’s [Magic Potion] – Various
*MishMish* Candlelish Holder (rez)
Alouette – Alpine Hideaway

The Age of Innocence

Hello all! A lovely little LoTD today with a bit of a homey twist too!   I am in love with the LoTD part of this tho! Super cute, that is how I feel! ❤

LoTD - The Age of Innocence

Full credits are below but I have to say this cute ruffled school outfit from Epic is divine! And it comes in so many colours, pastels and more vibrant ones alike!   The hair from Truth comes with a detachable bow, but I wore it with one of the Mango Cheek Gacha Headbands from the new, cute event Where the Wild Things Are.   To mix up the look a little, I added an upcoming item from Cubic Cherry Kreations, The Void Band, worn across the cheeks for a totally different look!   These cute high wedges from CandyDoll are the latest Kustom9 item and come in a plethora of colours and you can change the wedge material and of course the chain metals!   A post is upcoming with the eyes/skins!

LoTD - The Age of Innocence - Up Close and Personal

The Seasons Story is coming to a close, but you can still go and find this gorgeous and massive cottage from Vespertine, and the recycled sink!   The other two items were Lazy Sunday items, so you won’t get them for a steal now, but they are well worth the money from Plethora and Alouette respectively ❤

LoTD - The Age of Innocence - Home Style


Hair: Truth | Lala
Headband: Mango Cheeks | Animal Headband | Deer/Cambridge RARE *Where The Wild Things Are*
Skin: Glam Affair | Rose | America | 06B
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Shine | Soft | Sage
Face Band: Cubic Cherry Creations | The Void *Hunt Item – 1st August*
Dress: Epic | Ruffled Summer School | Sherbet *Luvvy Jubblies*
Shoes: CandyDoll | Raviosa | Nude *Kustom9*

Av Enchancements:

Hands | Slink
Feet | Slink
Nail Appliers: Wicked Peach | Harvest Gold


Cottage/Kitchen Sink | Vespertine *The Seasons Story*
Paper Butterfly Lights | Plethora
Repurposed Window Photoframe | Alouette

My Garden from The Garden!

The Liaison Collaborative opened it’s doors again, and this time… to The Garden!  I haven’t been around much this week so have been rather slack, but here I am to show you some lovely goodies with many more to come ❤

My Garden from The Garden

As you can see I’m having a little bit of a party in my yard!  How could I not with this gorgeous Garden Cafe caravan set from What Next? Complete with little table and iced tea dispenser… this is the perfect addition to your garden for the spring months that will creep up on us soon, hell it’s already been sunny for a whole DAY here, I know.. calm yourselves.  Also shown are various pieces from Second Spaces, Barnesworth Anubis, Vespertine and more!   Whether you’re after tables, chairs, food, drinks and even plants, all of the above stores have something for you at The Garden!   The Second Spaces stuff is just… so pretty, with all the little pots on the bottom of the table… oh and the plants from BA, so cute! Maybe a bit more whimsical than your regular garden plant, but sooo lovely.

Weekend - LoTD!

I wanted to throw together a look of the day too, Sakide has SO much newness out that I can’t keep up, but this dress really caught my eye, the gorgeous satiny straps, the short but not showing too much length of dress, and the panelled camo is just gorgeous, it comes in many colours but this beigey sand colour really made me smile.  I threw it on with a Chemistry hair and a Glam Affair skin and IKON eyes to set it all off! I feel so cute! ❤

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page, if available

Goody Goody Gumdrops!

I love holidays in SL, it brings forth an array of events, not all sales or special prices, but just some good old fashioned fun.

The first Event I am SQUEEEEEEEEing all over town about at the minute is the Christmas Fair hosted by Vespertine!.   On the Pure Dreams sim from the 15th through to the 31st this small and quaint fair is full of gorgeous goodies. It’s a small event, and includes stores such as Cheeky Pea, Noodles, Floorplan, Lame and MORE… including my new fave store Half-Deer!    I took a stroll around this AM and was floored by the stuff there, it may be a small event but it’s awesome!

Christmas Fair!

As I strolled through the gates I was like OMGGGGG and UGGHHHHH I NEED LINDENS and /DEAD at how pretty it was all set out, for such a small area it sure packs a great punch.   There are so many cute goodies that I fatpacked three things as I walked through the door, despite the promise I made myself that I would spend NOTHING until after Christmas after spending my SLifesavings at Together for Sway, but what the hey, that was a good cause and so is this… because this one makes me pretty!  Make sure you go and check it out and take your boyf, I mean wallet with you!

Christmas Fair - Stalls

Also happening as we speak is the 12 Days of Christmas at Ploom!  I mentioned a few posts back that Auxiliary is doing one, and then I remembered Ploom was too!   1 new awesome hair a day, and one new pose/prop too, I have these and I need to snappity snap pictures, but I wanted to post a reminder that you should check them out too!

12 Days of Christmas @ Ploom