2 Verrryyyy different looks!

Hallo, Ratfans!

I thought i’d come back tonight with 2 different looks for you!  One entirely made up of Vintage Fair 2012 (well, almost, I still have to go back to get me some SHOOZ) and one made up entirely (again, almost) from Collabor88 which opens it’s doors a midnight SLT! (I think).

A majority of what I’m wearing here is from Bilo!  You have the Betty Blouse paired with the Donna Skirt, I love these! I love how mix and matchable the colours are too.  They are all mesh and come in all the regular sizes and area GREAT fit.  The blouse is a “puffy” style blouse, so you might find some poses don’t work as well arm wise, but it’s a totally adorable shirt, classy but in a sexy way!    The skin is also from Bilo and is the VF12 Exclusive: Leena!  She only comes in one tone/makeup, and the lips are a lil pouty on me, but it’s a lovely skin!   I popped on the Delia hair from Adore & Abhor, which also comes in an array of colours (an ombre shown here), a really cute updo!   Weeeee… I look kinda classy, how odd.

Willow Zander - Vintage Fair 2012 - Bilo | A&A

Now we have some sneaky peeks of some Collabor88 stuffs! The theme this time is Baroque!   This bodysuit from Willow captures it perfectly.   I’m not entirely sure what one is supposed to do with a bodysuit, so I put on some of the Fleurir shades that will be available from Pididdle!   They are mesh but resize scripted, so you can fiddle around with sizes, and they come in a range of colours, as do the bodysuits!   I paired it off with a TB skin and a Lamb hair and pulled a funny face, as you do!  Collabor88 opens SOON and here is your Taxi

Collabor88 - Willow | Pididdle

All poses here are from Adorkable and are available at Vintage fair! There are a good 5 or 6 packs out (my mind escapes just how many) but they range from cute poses to more retro poses, and they all come with mirrors too! Adorkable Poses are SUCH a steal, i’ll do another feature on them another day!

Vintage Fair Homes and Stuff!

So, VF12 isn’t just about clothing, or hair, or makeup… there are some pretty neat homes/furniture around too!  Focusing on those in this post:

Funky Junk has a gorgeous house avec garage out!  The Salinas is a beauty. It comes with2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a sunken style lounge, a kitchen/dining area.. a back patio type area and you can get it with, or without a garage!

It’s a lovely, spacious home, and while I was snapping pics my friend Laura cropped up (as you can see below) and we both commented how we’d like to live in a house like this, with no clutter.. ok I haven’t decorated yet, but I kinda like it like this… it’s so.. open and spacious!  You can click through the picture to see a bigger one, and I do plan on putting some decorated pictures up at a later date, but I really wanted to scream *LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS HOUSE* at you all.  I love love LOVE the living area, with it’s slightly sunken look and fire place in the middle of the hall/living area.  I also love the carpet throughout, it’s so plush looking!  It’s definitely a great home, and I adore it!

Vintage Fair 2012 - Funky Junk - Salinas

What Next has this gorgeous study type set out.  You can purchase it as a set, or buy the bits you want separately.  It comes with desk, chair, rug and all the bits and bobs you can see including desk, memo board, phone, notebook, pen, typewriter… oh the list goes on!  What Next stuff is always so well made it makes me SQUEE with delight.   This picture below shows how it comes “out of the box”…

Vintage Fair 2012 - What Next

This shows how I put it together.  A little bit… mish mashy.  But hey, it’s how I roll, everything has it’s place and NOTHING is in it!  It feels a lil more… “me” tho :p

Vintage Fair 2012 - What Next 1

Finally, from Hanaya! A gorgeous couch, chair and vase of flowers!  The couch comes with 12 anims and can seat up to 3 people, and both the couch and chair are available with or without the roses, i’ve shown both options here.  The chair has 4 anims!  The vase is gorgeous… but it’s 55 prims, which isn’t really low, but if you want something super pretty, it’s your thing.  All of the items are quite primmy, as they are sculpt… but they are really pretty and girly!

Vintage Fair 2012 - Hanara

Also check out this Seraphim SL post, it lists a good chunk of what you can find at the VF12!

Monday Morning Vintage Fix!

Goooood Monday morning/afternoon/evening… whenever you might be reading this. A few more Vintage Fair 2012 things here, I still have a shopping list as long as my arm… I just have to get back IN to the fair now lol. Anyhoooo:

Ploom released a lovely new style!  It’s poofy, it’s big, it’s got a headband… I’d put this one in the… 60’s? maybe?  I dunno, but I know I love it!   I love the bangs on this one, I often find on mesh hair the alpha on the bangs makes my eyes/lashes disappear, but this one didn’t do that, so it’ gets extra points!  The band can change colour, and obviously dependant on what color pack you buy, you’ll get a hud to change the colour too, I MUCH prefer my hairs done that way!!  LOVE!   I paired it with some 2 of the new Maxi Gossamer sets available, and 2 of the new Sassy! dresses!  The dresses are texture, but with a mesh panel, and the jewellery comes with earrings and short/long version necklaces. They ARE mesh, and I did have an issue selecting them for colour change, but my whole SL was meh yesterday, so it might of been me!

Vintage Fair 2012 - Ploom | Maxi Gossamer | Sassy

Belleza has some new skins out! There are FOUR new and exclusive VF12 makeups in all the tones available at the fair, when you buy the exclusives you get ALL tones in them.  I love that, so you can mix and match your look/tone for occasion in just one purchase! Some really sultry looks going on here, one from each era of the 20’s, 50s, 60s and 70’s.. I think

Vintage Fair 2012 - Belleza

There are also 10 other makeups available, that you can see below.  I think they fit into the theme well!  You get a great range of reds/pinks/nudes… some wonderful cat eyes.. ugh such a lovely selection.  I really love this Belleza skin, I think it looks wonderful on!

Vintage Fair 2012 - Belleza 1

Finally I paired the 2 new Alice Project hairs with some of the Glitterati poses available and strutted my stuff!   I love Alice Project hair, I love that you get so many options in the hud, it really is the most choice I have EVER seen in my LIFE, even on the mini HUD!  I need to get me the extremes next, for the more wild looks.  All the hairs come as “Infinity” and you buy the HUD you want and voila!  You can use any HUD with any hair! WEEEE!  The poses are lovely too, they come with the fans to hold, so burlesque your face off!

Vintage Fair 2012 - Alice Project | Glitterati

Annnnd here is the SLURL list

Happy Sunday!

Hiii everyone!  I had a great weekend so far! Met up with a couple of SL/Plurk buddies, we had food, drinks, talked until 2am then died.. or went to sleep, whichever… and today I am back and I’ve got my blog on!  A few more bits here for you today from the Vintage Fair and a new Elikatira release!

Firstly one of the new Elikatira hairs!  This is Unfold.  She is such a looooovely piece! No bangs on this one, just all swept back into a medium/long style, I don’t normally suit forehead showing styles, but I super love this.  It comes with a colour change (HUD based) flower, omg it’s perfect! It’s my new fav accessory and the best thing is that it looks GREAT with the other hair too!!!  I’m going to be trying it with ALL THE HAIRS.  The dress i’m wearing here is from Geometry and is another of the VF releases, it comes in various colours, and comes with the flowers (top and bottom) attachable separately.

Vintage Fair 2012 - Geometry | Candydoll | Elikatiar

The skins you can see in all the posts are from Candydoll and are the Vintage Fair releases.  SO CUTE is all I have to say, I love my face in them!  I did find, when naked, the nipples were a little bit high, so probably wouldn’t be able to wear with a super low cut top, but the faces more than make up for that, at least for me! So smooth and sultry.   This is one of the dresses from Sakide.  I chose black and it’s a lacy little number, with ruffles!

Vintage Fair 2012 - Sakide

This is another of the Sakide items, a really cute, flowery mesh halter dress.  Really simply, plain and girly… A great summer number with a vintage look to it, and still rocking the Candydoll skin and Elikatira hair too.. perfect matches!

Vintage Fair 2012 - Sakide 2

This is the other Elikatira style – Figure! A non rigged short style.  So stylish, I can’t even with this one, I love that one side is longer than the other, it’s a super cute short do and being non rigged you can fiddle with it to your hearts content!  This is another of the Candydoll skins too, a bit more.. pink tho!  The top is from Kunglers, and although I love it, I found that the sizes didn’t fit me well, infact I had to put on the large and it was a still a bit small!  I don’t care what size I am, as long as something fits me, but you might have that problem too 🙂

Vintage Fair 2012 - Kunglers | Elikatira

Finally this is the DCNY exclusive for Vintage Fair.  It’s a cute set of jeans with cuffs and a mesh top with a cherry on it!  Perfect with the short new hair for a sassy cute look.

Vintage Fair 2012 -DCNY | Elikatira

Vintage Fair SLURLS
TP to Elikatira

Today is the DAY!

Vintage Fair opens it’s doors today at 4pm SLT to everyone!  You can find ALL you need to know here.  I didn’t think i’d get the chance to do a final “teaser” post, but I got up extra early to take one more look around before the gates open and the place is flooded.  I’ve seen teasers of things I still want, but they’ll have to wait! But here are a few more bits:

Atro Patena isn’t a store i’ve heard of, but their cute lil bun with bow is what you’ll see in the next few pictures!  A style we’ve seen done before, but it’s always nice to see someones new, fresh take on it!    This first picture is mostly Aura! I DO LOVE AURA!   This top is just divine.  Everything is mesh and wonderful.  The top comes in various colours, but I love the brownie top with just the pop of teal and orange, the belt around the waist is super cute too!  The Luna Jeans are some funky bell bottoms with a worn look.  Probably not best paired with heels, but I am no fashion maven!

Vintage Fair 2012 | Aura

Sn@tch have two exclusives out, this is the June Party Dress, it comes in oodles of colours, and as per Sn@tch greatness, you get ALL the colours in the pack.  I think this one was my fav though.  My fav thing about Sn@tch is how much detailing goes into Ivey’s texturing.  This is just THE cutest dress!  It’s not mesh either, so you non meshies… lap it up!

Vintage Fair 2012 | Sn@tch

The other offering from Sn@tch is this Lamour Sarong set.  Now this IS mesh, so be sure to demo and get your right size, as you STILL get all the colours, but you only get one size of mesh. DON’T FORGET THAT.   I love the lime green version of this, I do love me some green!   It comes with texture bikini and of course, mesh sarong.

Vintage Fair 2012 | Sn@tch

ASDFLASJFASDLF is all I can say about the next few things.  Atomic has TWO exclusive skins out and Wasabi Pills has TWO hairs (well three, there’s a male one too). ASDFLAJSFALSJF!   This is the Iona Skin with the Veronica Hair and my oohhh myyyy <3.  This hair is retro goodness, but totally makes its way into the hearts of today too.  Such a lovely style, simple, elegant, but sexy too.  The skin is so smooth, vibrant.  Is there NOTHING these two creators cannot get right!?

Vintage Fair 2012 | Atomic & Wasabi Pills - Veronica

This is the Sakura Skin and Gloria hair and once again: ASDFAKLJSFA!  This might be my fav skin from Atomic in a LONG time.  I adore it, it’s so effin cute! THE NOSE.. I want to bite it!!  Really loving the softness of the lips too.  Gloria is a gorgeous style also, non rigged so you can resize etc, a cute side bunpony that just matches the skin perfectly, get me a hair flower and my sarong and i’m off on holiday!

Vintage Fair 2012 |  Atomic & Wasabi Pills - Gloria


Retro, baby <3

Okkkk, so… I am being visited in RL tomorrow by two of my dear SL/Plurk friends and i’m not sure if i’ll be sober around enough to blog.. so I am getting tomorrows post in, today!

[CM] (Cracked Mirror) has some AMAZEBALL dresses for you!  This is the GoGo dress in “Swirl” it comes in various colour options, but I went for a Monochrome look with the GOS Curvaceous Boots and one of the new Truth styles – Froukje!  The dress is a lovely, short, retro dress that is obvs Mesh and comes in all standard sizes, it’s totes adorbs.  The hair is one of my favs from Truth in a long time, a really thick and luscious braid!

[CM] GoGo Dress - Swirls - Vintage Fair 2012 | Truth Hair

The GoGo dress also comes in “Wool” and again, in various colours.  I opted for a brown number this time, nice and understated little number, this one.  I put it with the Mons Masha skin (as I did with all the looks) from the Zodiac event, it’s still going, so make sure you swing by!

[CM] GoGo Dress - Wool - Vintage Fair 2012 | Truth Hair

The Audrey dress is a classic, and a staple.  It’s SO lovely, it moves like a dream!  It also comes with a lil cut out back but you can’t see that cos I forgot to snap it!   I chose one of the brighter colours for my first look, it’s available in many!   I paired it with the other new Truth hair – Liberty!  She comes with a HUD and a bow that changes colour and EVERYTHING!  Your basic SL side pony.

[CM] Audrey - Vintage Fair 2012 | Truth Hair

This is Audrey in black, totally named after Hepburn, amirite?!  This is a super classy look, imo.  The dress comes with two alphas, one for “feet” and one for “without feet”.  That’s why it swishes against the floor, cos my feet are gone!

[CM] Audrey - Vintage Fair 2012 | Truth Hair


Lil bit of thiiisss, lil bit of thaaat…

A bit of a mish mash of things in this post!

First we have the VF offerings from Undefined Lillies AND new Wasabi Pills hair from FaMESHed!  The necklaces from UL are absolutely gorgeous Mingle Mangle and Grandma’s Renewed are so CUTE.  Mingle Mangle actually comes as TWO necklaces, but I wore them both together and they look stunning, such wonderful detailing, and Grandma’s Renewed is just sodding adorable! Pearls, Pink (and blue option) and Bows! WHAT MORE COULD A GIRL WANT?   Really lovely things.   The hair is a cute ponytail from Wasabi Pills and is available at FaMESHed, so make sure you check that out!

Undefined Lillies | Wasabi Pills

This hair isn’t from any event, it’s just a new MESH hair from RedMint!   It’s totes adorable and a bit wacky, which is nice for a change!  It comes in so many colours, I chose deepest black I could find to go for a more “startling” look, but it comes in some super nice blondes and cute pastels too!


Next we have the Adam N Eve Hair and Skin from the Vintage Fair and some super cute aprons by Apponos Aprons (marketplace link here).  I thought they kinda looked like they’d go for a 50’s ish housewife look!  The hair is a cute, blunt bob style and comes in so many colours, I do love the textures from Adam N Eve!  The skin is also adorable, more about that below tho.    The Aprons are mesh, and come in various sizes and SO many different colours/patterns. and they are ONLY $L80 each!!!!  Of course my plan was to wear them in my kitchen with a rolling pin in hand, however, I decided to wear them almost butt naked instead, Gus was surprised when he logged in 😛

Adam N Eve | Apponos Aprons

More about the skin now!  The Vintage Fair skin comes with so many tattoo addons, I think I’ve paired all of the eyes with all of the lips, with the “bare” skin in the middle.   This means you can mix and match colours ALL freaking day long!  I also put on the Blonde Brows for a change, they come with standard dark brows as seen above.   I think the skin makes me look more mature than some of my skins, in a grown up way, not an old way 😛 perhaps its the colours of the makeup layers, all very vivid!  But all tres cute!

Adam N Eve

All SLURLS to Vintage Fair can be found HERE.. but remember, it doesn’t open to the public until August 4th ❤ ONE MORE DAY GUISE!

Homeystuffs at Vintage Fair 2012!

Ok, so I held out for a few hours, but i’m back with some more stuff!  Here are few of the more “homely” things you can find at the VF!

Sways has a HUGE array of goodies out for you.  The Sways “Sixty” Set comes as separates, or in actual sets in various colours.  It’s a living room set, and I love that you can mix and match.  It’s all copy and partial mesh!  You can see in this picture “Her” chair (with or without pillow available, 4 texture options) and self rezzing props), “His” chair (with and without pillow, 4 texture options) and again, props, a floor and a ceiling lamp, one of the 4 vintage prints available, table, magazine, candy bowl, book with glasses and rug!  I really love this, soooo vibrant and with so many options too!

Vintage Fair 2012: Sways

HopScotch have released a ton of stuff, this is just one of my favs.  This is the Puckman prop! It comes with ooooodles of poses. It can seat up to 4 avatars at once, so you can play solo (like me, sob sob) or with a friend.  Not all poses are shown below either.  I love the one with the foot on the machine trying to pull hard on the lever, and the one at the side of the machine, there is a mirror one to that, so two friends can play and two can watch.  My fav HAS to be the spraycan pose tho (comes with spraycan prop) changing the P to an F. I lol’d!!!  Great stuff ❤

The dress I am wearing is one of Ducknipples VF offerings and is a lovely plain mesh dress!

Vintage Fair 2012: Hopscotch

Finally two things from Baffle, the first is a lil skybox/garden thinger and OMGG LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I love anything whimsical like this, Baffle is one of my all time fav stores in SL for such things.  It comes with everything you see including the working lamp!   SO cute I could squee.  Also available are these paper butterflies that you hold, releasing them from a jar, I can imagine this prop is going to get some AWESOME snaps taken of it!   The dress/top is from Leri Miles Designs and is one of the few they have out for Vintage Fair, lovely and bright, colourful and chic! LOVE!

Vintage Fair 2012: Baffle


More Vintage Fair and a Lil Propsicles!

I still have SOOO much to blog, it’s insane!  I think tomorrow might be a day of props and furniture and poses and stuff, or clothing.. or all of them, omg I dunno! Anyway here are few more things from Vintage Fair 2012 and then a lil bonus prop piece from Bent!

First another lil lookbook:

Vintage Fair 2012 - Lookbook 2

  1. Razorblade Jacket: RJ is fast becoming a store I love for the grungier side of my persona.  This dress is not to be sniffed at, it’s mesh, it’s gorgeous, it’s well textured.  It was MINE.
  2. !Eclectic Apparel:  Some really cute 50’s style dresses out, with matching cardigans (available separately).  Mix and match your colours, or go for the same, LIKE ME!  Retro fantasticalness (it’s a word).
  3. DCNY: A really cute slinky dress, with prim collar and bow!  It comes with mesh crotch flap (and non mesh) and is a sexy little piece, I paired it with one of the Pomme D’Amour hairs available, I feel like LuLu!
  4. Jack Spoon & Glow Studio: A gorgeous texture/mesh combo from Jack Spoon, I chose the yellow, it comes in more! I paired it with the birdy set from Glow, who DOESN’T love a duck????
  5. Purplemoon: Available as separates, this skirt and top are gorgeous, oh and the glasses, I feel like Jackie O!  Really nice mesh pieces, well textured, great size options! LOVE LOVE, bit demure for me, but love still.

The skins I’m wearing in that pic are all VF skins (apart from League in RJ Pic) and are from Shine and Heartsick!   I love the Shine skin, the lips are so kisseable, maybe a bit overglossy for some, but for me.. I like!

coldLogic are at the Vintage Fair and have 7.. read SEVEN new items out!  You can see them all below, click through for a bigger picture.  It’s a mix of retro, mostly a 60’s type feel to me tho.  Ranging from the more sensible chic option in the first picture, to the more baggy/loose option avec belt in the second (in awesome colours, if I may say so), then a cute gogo style dress for three of the them and a couple of mish mashes of the others!  All in all, there are three styles of dress, but in 7 styles. Do I make sense? I do to me!

I love love LOVE this release, it’s not entirely “me” but it made me feel fun to dress up and play around outside of my comfort zone and after all, it IS a Vintage Fair!!!!   The skins I’m wearing in this pic are all from Heartsick, who have some wonderful skins out!

Vintage Fair 2012 - ColdLogic | Heartsick

Finally! I have seen (and picked up) some of Bent’s items for Vintage Fair, but I have seen them blogged a fair bit too, so although I do intend to blog them, this is the Bent offering for Fluid this time around! It’s a Matrix prop and it is GORGEOUS.  I am going to be ignorant and say I haven’t really seen much of Bent, but then when I was in full flow with Frooti, I didn’t tend to visit other pose stores.. now i’m on a break i’m having a HOOT of a time!!   It comes with 10 poses in the prop and although it’s a bit of a dark picture (soz) you can click through for bigger!  Wearing items from Sn@tch and Elikatira in there ❤

Fluid - Bent! Matrix Prop

Finally a close up of one of the oOo Studio poses… this is sooooo gorgeous, and this snap is raw from SL.. thanks to my baby for posing with me ❤

raw from SL


Vintage Fair 2012 – Thrice!! and.. FaMESHed.

Hiii, not just VF today you guys, I am also here to say stuff about FaMESHed!!  So let’s start with that, incase I’ve Vintage Fair overloaded you!

These two looks are straight outta FaMESHed, one is from Cracked Mirror (CM) the other is from Geometry!!  The CM Mambo Jeans and Rita top come in an array of colours and all come in various sizes too.  The Rita tops come in three different versions per colour: full block colour, white top/colour bottom, black top/colour bottom!  The colours realllly compliment each other on all the items and I effin LOVE these jeans!!!   The Geometry Rorschach also comes in a great choice of colour options, I chose this understand duo as mine to show case though.  Very pretty and perfect paired with my new Elikatira Studio hair! LOVE LOVE!

FaMESHed - CM and Geometry

Ok, now I turn my hand back to Vintage Fair!  These dresses from Ingenue… are just… unf I can’t even describe, they are floaty, they are poofy and they are just soooo awesomely textured.  I chose just two, but I want the entire lot!  I chose the Lime Dot, and the Songbird.  They really are amazing dresses, and so well executed, I predict these will be HUGE sellers, I know I am going back for more!!!  The Songbird one is my fav, such little pops of colour, subtle but sweet.  I look and feel ADORABLE.

Vintage Fair 2012 - Ingenue

STOP THE PRESS. BEST RELEASE EVER FROM BAIASTICE.  I cannot even explain to you how in LOVE I am with these.    The Corsage Halter Neck and Lian Longuette Skirt come as separates and you can mix and match colours, or have a solid and look like a dress.  These are some of the most stunning pieces I have seen in mesh, and Baiastice amazes me more and more each day.   You can choose from 10 colours in each and they all come in various sizes.   I love that you can mix and match these, or wear as a whole… although i’m not entirely convinced about my Lime and Gold combo, but eh… experimenting.  Also, I have it on good authority (Gus!) that the ass is “sweet” 😛

Vintage Fair 2012 - Baiastice Montage

A gratuitous shot of Coral and Lime because I look SO EFFIN DELICIOUS! (ps there is a flower corsage, but I didn’t see it, because i’m an idiot and didn’t even think about the name of the top)

Vintage Fair 2012 - Baiastice

Have YOU saved enough?!